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Web Components specifications

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Statistics on webcomponents

Number of watchers on Github 1878
Number of open issues 48
Average time to close an issue 8 days
Main language HTML
Average time to merge a PR 1 day
Open pull requests 10+
Closed pull requests 14+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 5.91 MB
Organization / Authorw3c
Page Updated
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Web Components

Web Components are a new browser feature that provides a standard component model for the Web, consisting of several pieces maintained in different places:

Abandoned features:

webcomponents open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Add an assignedElements() method
  • about 3 years Node and Element prototypes need to define their relevant custom element callbacks as no-ops.
  • about 3 years Allow customizing base of a shadow root
  • about 3 years Synthetic click activation steps should state whether the event is composed or not
  • about 3 years [Idea] Distant ShadowDOM.
  • about 3 years integrity attribute in <link rel="import"/>
  • about 3 years [Shadow] Slotting indirect children
  • about 3 years [imports]: Use cases for HTML Imports
  • about 3 years How should autofill work for inputs generated inside shadow roots
  • about 3 years createElement needs [CEReactions] because it sets is=""
  • about 3 years Status codes for HTML Imports
  • about 3 years accessibility considerations: states and behaviors
  • about 3 years Is there a way to retrieve the localName from a custom element constructor?
  • about 3 years Is <slot> a replaced element or not?
  • about 3 years [IDEA] deferred upgrade for Custom Elements.
  • about 3 years How to wait for will-be custom elements to be upgraded?
  • about 3 years Shadow host with its .tabindex property -1 would be skipped for focus navigation
  • about 3 years Extensibility: How should we best support accessible Custom widgets and interactivity with ARIA?
  • about 3 years Should ARIA 2.0 have a role corresponding to every HTML element?
  • about 3 years [idea] childConnectedCallback and childDisconnectedCallback
  • about 3 years "The problematic position" when Custom Elements throw errors?
  • about 3 years Better custom event support for custom elements would be great
  • about 3 years Polymer encouraged incorrect document.createElement() usage
  • about 3 years Broken wikipedia link for "Green Eye"
  • over 3 years ShadowRoot.styleSheets should return an empty StyleSheetList if the shadow root is not connected
  • over 3 years Add <a> to safelist of elements that can call attachShadowRoot
  • over 3 years shadow tree -> iframe <- contentWindow.frameElement encapsulation issue
  • over 3 years How can a custom element detect when it is transcluded into a shadow tree (slotchange)?
  • over 3 years Alternative proposal for closed shadow DOM
  • over 3 years Umbrella bugs for shadow DOM related issues in other specifications for v1 API
webcomponents open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Proposed change for Focus Navigation
  • Proposed change for active element algorithm.
  • Update attachedCallback to connectedCallback.
  • Fix #556, make focus navigation work when shadow host's tabindex is -1
  • Change Bob's coffee drink from "green eye" to "red eye"
  • Add implementation links
  • Fix typo: change naive to native
  • fix example so that attachShadow does not throw an exception
  • aggravate => aggregate
  • Remove "Style processing with Imports" section.
webcomponents questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Shared Polymer/webcomponents
  • Polymer Dart Stagehand - how to use webcomponents?
  • In Polymer 1.0 why does my vulcanized page not show in IE when using webcomponents-lite.js
  • Polymer webcomponents data binding an js object/array
  • Polymer using webcomponents.js instead of webcomponents-lite.js breaks app
  • HTML5/webcomponents: Call prototype function from template code
  • Dynamic innerHTML in WebComponents ES6 style
  • ReferenceError: obj is not defined using webcomponents & polymer
  • Oracle Apex - WebComponents Polyfills
  • Using Facebook page plugin in webcomponents
  • Polymer/WebComponents Auth Component
  • Object.getNotifier() part of Polymer webcomponents polyfill?
  • Handling non-block html elements with angle bracket components (webcomponents)
  • AngularJS custom directives and webcomponents are Same?
  • Polymer webcomponents cross-browser compatibility
  • Responsive google-analytic-chart webcomponents
  • WebComponents: Remove cloned template
  • JavaScript Encapsulation with WebComponents/ShadowDOM
  • Accessing the raw Maps API Polymer & WebComponents
  • Is there a way to integrate grails with webcomponents technolgy (like Polymer)?
  • Binding between two webcomponents: Google map + geo-localisation
  • Mutating Prototype webcomponents js
  • WebComponents/Polymer - Lifecycle Callback Ordering in Trees
  • WebComponents App Architecture
  • Is it possible to declaratively bind a CustomEvent handler when using Dart Web UI WebComponents?
  • Dart wrong compiles WebComponents
  • Handling clickevents from webcomponents inside of other webcomponents
  • Trouble when trying to access instances of webcomponents in the dom in Dart?
  • How does dart library/import mechanism work with WebComponents?
  • dart web ui webcomponents extending off html elements in future
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