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Interactive Guide to Assist Managing Web Accessibility Evaluations

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WCAG-EM Report tool is an assistant that takes the user through the process of evaluating the accessibility of a website, using the WCAG-EM Evaluation Methodology. The Report Tool runs entirely on the client and so it can be used offline and in any server configuration available to you.

The Report Tool does not save files to a server or in local storage. Rather, load and save functions are available for storing an evaluation to your local file system.

Important references:

The official released version of the Report Tool can be found at An example of the latest (unapproved by EO) version is available at

See Change log for details about the latest version of the WCAG-EM Report Tool.


Before you can install the WCAG-EM Report Tool you will need to install a few components:

  • NodeJS
  • Ruby

In addition to these, you will need to install grunt cli. To do so run the following command. This will install the grunt command line interface in a global space on your machine.

npm install grunt-cli -g

Now with all global dependencies installed, the following commands will install the app and its dependencies

git clone git://
gem install compass
npm install
bower install


You can launch a development version by running:

grunt serve

To create a build in the /dist folder run:

grunt build

The build version can be hosted in on any server that available on http(s). WCAG-EM Report Tool runs in your local browser, so it only loads static files from the server.


The WCAG-EM Report Tool aims to be available for a wide audience. Much effort has been put into making translations as easy as possible. To learn about how to create your own translations read the translation documentation

Get Involved

Did you find a bug, or are you interested in working with us to create new features for the Report Tool, then get involved with the project!

Data Format

Data in the WCAG-EM Report Tool is saved and can again be loaded in a JSON format. The data format is JSON Linked Data, and uses EARL to store the test results.

Custom fields are based on WCAG-EM and are documented in EARL+JSON-LD format definition.

wcag-em-report-tool open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Unable to save in Safari
  • over 3 years Website name is not filled in in the report
  • over 3 years Step 3: Better definition of "10%" sample
  • over 3 years Abbreviations: expansions and ECMA to JS
  • over 3 years - path
  • almost 4 years Notify the user about missing permissions
  • almost 4 years Terse accessibility statement to be added to the tool
  • about 4 years Improve wording on the Start page
  • about 4 years Move bootstrap row/col definitions from classes to stylesheets
  • about 4 years Have import be asynch
  • about 4 years Switch to node 4
  • about 4 years Properly configure JShint and JSCS
  • about 4 years Switch from Grunt to Gulp
  • over 4 years Error handling for unparsable load input
  • over 4 years Step 4 or Step 5: consider "other evaluation observation" field
  • over 4 years Step 4: consider separate field to record improvement suggestions
  • over 4 years Improve the speed of entering audit data
  • over 4 years Prepopulate short names based on explore step
  • over 4 years Add a 'scope' widget
  • over 4 years Restructure "Explore"
  • over 4 years Make labels more meaningful
  • over 4 years Create an introduction for first time users
  • over 4 years Rename the tool
  • over 4 years Allow grouping of success criteria by related topics
  • over 4 years auto-complete short name
  • over 4 years Support sub-requirements
  • over 4 years Support multiple results per assertion
  • over 4 years Remove hasPart from assertions
  • over 4 years Allow for multiple reports
  • over 4 years Add support for Responsibility Breakdown in report
wcag-em-report-tool open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Update broken URLs for Translate and Developer links
  • Fix extremely thin font on Retina Mac Screens
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