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Pipe in and out of $EDITOR

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Pipe in and out of $EDITOR.

Finally your editor is a real unix fellow, even if it doesn't support pipes at all!




$ npm install -g juliangruber/vipe


This is a lightweight bash only version. For the original impementation in Perl, check https://github.com/madx/moreutils/blob/master/vipe.

Power combo with gist and cipherhub

With those functions in your ~/.bash_profile (change username):

  cipherhub juliangruber | gist -pR | cut -d/ -f1-5

  curl -sL $1/raw | cipherhub | vipe | cipherhub juliangruber | gist -u $1

Store some secret data in a gist:

$ echo some secrets | cipherup

And edit it again:

$ cipheredit <GIST-URL>



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  • Add -x flag so vipe.sh can be used with xargs.
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