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A modern dialog library which is highly configurable and easy to style. #hubspot-open-source

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Statistics on vex

Number of watchers on Github 6486
Number of open issues 38
Average time to close an issue 21 days
Main language CSS
Average time to merge a PR 3 days
Open pull requests 23+
Closed pull requests 14+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 3.06 MB
Homepage http://github.hub...
Organization / Authorhubspot
Latest Releasev4.1.0
Page Updated
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vex is a modern dialog library which is highly configurable, easily stylable, and gets out of the way. You'll love vex because it's tiny (5.6kb minified and gzipped), has a clear and simple API, works on mobile devices, and can be customized to match your style in seconds.


  • Drop-in replacement for alert, confirm, and prompt
  • Easily configurable animations which are smooth as butter
  • Lightweight with no external dependencies
  • Looks and behaves great on mobile devices
  • Open multiple dialogs at once and close them individually or all at once
  • Built in CSS spinner for asynchronous dialogs (TODO)
  • UMD support



vex open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Tabbing
  • about 3 years Prompt not accepting empty value
  • about 3 years Modal dialog not working with scrollbar
  • about 3 years Deattach events while modal dialog open
  • about 3 years Autofocus in the end of input instead of beginning
  • about 3 years 3d animation
  • about 3 years vex.close()/vex.closeAll() fires as cancel
  • about 3 years Vex dialog input: conditional show or hide text
  • about 3 years Set a name to form or prevent rendering to a form?
  • about 3 years Cancel button on dialog prompt not behaving as it should
  • about 3 years vex dialog not closing when it should
  • about 3 years onSubmit callback undocumented?
  • about 3 years Open two vex modals without closing the first one
  • about 3 years About file structure changed
  • about 3 years Release vex@3.0.0
  • over 3 years "<button type=submit></button>" Not working on "vex.dialog.confirm"
  • over 3 years content shifted by scroll bar dissapear
  • over 3 years Vex Modal on iPhone (or similar mobile devices) Won't Scroll?
  • over 3 years vex.dialog.alert and data attributes with numeric values
  • over 3 years Close cross disapearring
  • about 4 years CoffeeScript to ES6 conversion
  • about 4 years vex prompt input field is disabled
  • over 4 years Vex and Pikaday don’t play nicely
  • over 4 years Question(/Bug?): Vex not added in brunch compile
  • over 4 years JQuery Autocomplete
  • over 4 years Promises support?
  • over 4 years Making dialogs moveable?
  • over 4 years More restrictive main bower entry?
  • over 4 years iPad & iPhone issue
  • over 4 years Re-apply #103 and #104
vex open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Convert Coffeescript to ES6 and replace build system with Gulp
  • make vex-close a button to help with accessibility
  • Make dialogs more accessible
  • Add new .vex-scrollable wrapper around .vex-content
  • Proposed update to default className
  • Check for animation styles on close.
  • simplify the setting of button text: { okText: "foo", cancelText: "bar" ...
  • Fix Visual Shift On vexOpen
  • Add support for Zepto.js
  • Non developer readme contribution
  • Update
  • Fix amd support and webpack
  • Remove jQuery and CoffeeScript, add plugin system
  • Tested briefly with Edge 14.
  • Focus to `select` if focus to first element in dialog
  • Apply same style to `select` as to `textarea` and `input`
  • Apply same style to `select` as to `textarea` and `input`
  • Fix links and formatting
  • Fix Safari mobile background scrolling
  • Update dependencies
  • Fix close behavior for IE11
  • Fix code example in
  • Added accessibility features for tabbing and aria labels
vex questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Controlling ports in a loop using Vex RobotC
  • and Vex jQuery
  • VEX Tech with the Raspberry pi B+ V1
  • Can valgrind output an execution trace in VEX IR?
  • Raty JS not working properly in Vex modal
  • Submit Form in Vex Popup
  • x64 MASKMOVDQU (Store selected bytes of double quadword) and VEX segment override
  • Vex prompt with multiple buttons
  • vex dialog arrive twice
  • Encoding the x64 VEX prefix
  • RobotC VEX / Lego Programming: How to make a robot run multiple reactions in parallel?
  • Send/Receive data via USB between Vex Cortex and .net
  • vex confirm dialog, cancel-action as default
  • vex confirm dialog, how can i manage the a href-event handling
  • Vex Houdini to Java?
  • Which AVX registers should I use to avoid 3-byte VEX prefixes?
  • Is it okay to mix legacy SSE encoded instructions and VEX encoded ones in the same code path?
vex list of languages used
vex latest release notes
v4.1.0 v4.1.0
  • (re)fixed #242: vex will now use unprefixed animationend events if supported, before checking for vendor prefixes
  • New yesText/noText options for vex.dialog. See the docs for more info ```javascript vex.dialog.prompt({ yesText: 'Okiedokie' noText: 'Aahw hell no' })
v4.0.1 v4.0.1
  • Fixed #233: dialogs in IE flashed on closing
  • Merged #238, adds Sass Autoprefixer for 47% smaller dist CSS files
v4.0.0 v4.0.0

Breaking DOM structure change introduced in #223. The .vex-overlay element now sits next to the .vex element, instead of as a child. This fixes scrolling issues on tall dialogs that have been in the library for a while.

New structure:

<div class="vex-overlay"></div>
<div class="vex">
    <div class="vex-content">
        <div class="vex-close"></div>
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