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Synchronize your virtualenv quickly and exactly.

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Statistics on venv-update

Number of watchers on Github 134
Number of open issues 21
Average time to close an issue 15 days
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 5 days
Open pull requests 4+
Closed pull requests 16+
Last commit over 2 years ago
Repo Created over 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 2 years ago
Size 724 KB
Homepage http://venv-updat...
Organization / Authoryelp
Latest Releasev1.1.1
Page Updated
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Quickly and exactly synchronize a large python project's virtualenv with its requirements.

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Please see for the complete documentation.

How to Contribute

  1. Fork this repository on github:
  2. Clone it:
  3. Make a feature branch for your changes:

    git remote add upstream
    git fetch upstream
    git checkout upstream/master -b my-feature-branch
  4. Make sure the test suite works before you start:

    make test
  5. Commit patches:

  6. Push to github: git pull && git push origin

  7. Send a pull request:

Running tests:

Run a particular test:

py.test tests/functional/

See all output from a test:

py.test -s -k downgrade

Check coverage of a single test:

./test tests/functional/
venv-update open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Drop python2.6 support
  • over 3 years race condition on concurrent cache misses
  • over 3 years Add back some colors
  • almost 4 years Too long shebang causing a crash in installing venv-update
  • almost 4 years stable / development workflow is tedious
  • almost 4 years Add various levels of output
  • almost 4 years Add possibility to select custom wheelhouse
  • almost 4 years Problem when swicthing from git repository to official egg
  • almost 4 years document the maximally-complex makefile setup
  • almost 4 years Support venv mv
  • almost 4 years warn when unpinned requirements are slowing us down
  • almost 4 years make x= options additive
  • about 4 years venv-update: remove requirement on virtualenv in $PATH
  • about 4 years OSX support
  • about 4 years add a --conflict={ignore|warn|error|fail} option
  • about 4 years venv_update should probably refuse/warn when installing another version of pip-faster inside the virtualenv
  • about 4 years pip-faster may install un-available package versions due to wheel cache
  • about 4 years coverage is flaky
  • about 4 years spurious version conflict (?)
  • over 4 years can't install "-pre-1" packages
  • over 4 years Switching drop-in package removes overlapping files
  • about 5 years support pip6
venv-update open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Require pip>=1.5.5. Resolves #153
  • Remove pylint
  • rm -rf local after ensuring a virtualenv
  • let's use master
venv-update list of languages used
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