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Simple polyfill for URLSearchParams standard

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This is a polyfill for the URLSearchParams API.

It is possible to simply include build/url-search-params.js or grab it via npm.

npm install url-search-params

The function is exported directly.

var URLSearchParams = require('url-search-params');

MIT Style License

About HTMLAnchorElement.prototype.searchParams

This property is already implemented in Firefox and polyfilled here only for browsers that exposes getters and setters through the HTMLAnchorElement.prototype.

In order to know if such property is supported, you must do the check as such:

if ('searchParams' in HTMLAnchorElement.prototype) {
  // polyfill for <a> links supported

If you do this check instead:

if (HTMLAnchorElement.prototype.searchParams) {
  // throws a TypeError

this polyfill will reflect native behavior, throwing a type error due access to a property in a non instance of HTMLAnchorElement.

Nothing new to learn here, just a reminder.

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