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scripts for system administrators

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Scripts for Linux system administrators.



  • checklists/server-checklist.sh - base checklist, draft version.
  • linux/getswap.sh - get current swap usage for all running processes.
  • linux/showcrons.sh - show cron tasks found in the system (system-wide and per-user cron tasks).
  • linux/bashrc - my version of bashrc
  • postgresql/pgbackup/clonepg.sh - create basebackup of postgresql server cluster and perform validation if required.
  • postgresql/pgbackup/basebackup-validation.sh - perform basebackup validation.
  • postgresql/psqlrc - my psqlrc version
  • postgresql/pgbouncer-log-analyze.sh - lightweight pgbouncer log analyzer
  • postgresql/postgresql-log-bite.sh - cut part of postgresql.log with specified start and end time
  • postgresql/postgresql-log-stat.sh - show various stat of postgres log
  • postgresql/sql/ - sql snippets

  • service-configs/ - well-turned configuration files for services.

  • misc/megafon-ural-service-guide.sh - script which show the Megafon account status information.

  • misc/zbx-freebsd-shell-hell.sh - ad-hoc stat collector

  • misc/zbx-linux-shell-hell.sh - ad-hos stat collector

  • misc/megafon-ural-service-guide.sh

  • benchmarking/gnuplot/ - gnuplot scripts

  • benchmarking/pgbench/ - pgbench scripts

  • cheatsheets/ - linux command cheatsheets

  • old-stuff/ - trash

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