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The "REST With Spring" Course:

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The REST with Spring Classes

After 5 months of work, here's the Master Class of REST With Spring:

And here's the Master Class of Learn Spring Security:

Spring Tutorials

This project is a collection of small and focused tutorials each covering a single and well defined area of development. Most of the tutorial projects are focused on the Spring Framework (and Spring Security).
In additional to Spring, the following technologies are in focus: core Java, Jackson, HttpClient, Guava.

Working with the code in Eclipse

Any IDE can be used to work with the projects, but if you're using Eclipse, consider the following.

  • import the included formatter in Eclipse: https://github.com/eugenp/tutorials/tree/master/eclipse

CI - Jenkins

This tutorials project is being built >> HERE

tutorials open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 4 years Getting NullPointerException using CassandraAdminOperations
  • about 4 years Hystrix Dashboard ?
  • about 4 years Caused by: org.springframework.beans.BeanInstantiationException: Failed to instantiate [javax.sql.DataSource]: Factory method 'dataSource' threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Error looking up JNDI datasource
  • about 4 years spring-security-mvc-basic-auth: I dont see this is working example and dont have required JSP's inplace
  • about 4 years Error when build
  • over 4 years how to create login ajax with authorities?
  • over 4 years IntelliJ on OS X 'No plugin found for prefix 'cargo' when doing cargo:run
  • over 4 years java.lang.ClassCastException: com.mongodb.BasicDBObject cannot be cast to com.mongodb.BasicDBList] with root cause java.lang.ClassCastException
  • over 4 years spring-data-mongodb - Please correct the pom.xml dependencies.
  • over 4 years Failed to execute goal on project jackson: Could not r esolve dependencies for project org.baeldung:jackson:jar:1.0: Failed to collect dependencies at com.fasterxml. jackson.core:jackson-databind:jar:2.7.1-1
  • over 4 years querydsl - Unresolved compilation problems: The import org.baeldung.entity.QPerson cannot be resolved
  • almost 5 years Invalid derived query! No property customize found for type MyUser!
  • almost 5 years Getting an issue while deploying the war
  • almost 5 years spring-katharsis: doesnt work with the latest version of Katharsis
  • almost 5 years Caused by: java.security.cert.CertificateException: No subject alternative names present
  • about 5 years How to make Jackson marshal an Object that contains an interface with n implementations
  • about 5 years Do you've any idea why CORS filters blocks the AuthenticationEntryPoint to execute?
  • over 5 years Abort HTTP connection
tutorials open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Jasper reports with spring project
  • RestEasy Tutorial Code
  • initial commit for json-path
  • Configure Spring with Apache Camel
  • Source code for the article "Java - zip and unzip a collection of files"
  • Source code for Intro to QueryDSL article.
  • Java8 and Java 7 sorting scenarios
  • mockito vs easymock
  • Grails Introduction
  • Add form tag example
  • Content Negotiation Strategy
  • initial commit for jackson annotation extension
  • initial commit for jackson inheritance
  • Add test cases with different query types
  • XStream - Object to xml
  • -Added code for "Intro to Spring Data REST" artice
  • Java Date Time API Usage Unit test case
  • Added publish subscribe example using redis
  • Add file upload example
  • Added new example
  • Spring HATEOAS – API Discoverability
  • Code for the article "A Guide to the Fork/Join Framework"
  • Create first tests for @PostFilter annotation
  • Caching tests with abstract classes
  • Channel security
  • Rest-docs
  • scopes examples
  • Spring jpa multipledatasource
  • Sending media in response body using Spring MVC
  • - Added code for JUnit 5 article
  • 2nd Spring Data Couchbase Article
  • basics of spring autowire - first cut
  • added xml folder in jackson module,have no idea what am doing :)
  • Added examples for enum
  • Re-clone Spring-rest-docs
  • Create Spring Security Expressions tests
  • Core java enum examples
  • A Quick Guide to Spring MVC Matrix Variables
  • Java8 date time
  • Introduction to XPath
  • java8 collectors example
  • findByFirstName should return only one person names john but it seems to be returning both john and foo
  • Added guava set+function=map tutorial and tests
  • Added log4j project
  • Add JJWT tutorial code to the tutorials repo
  • Minify Javascript and CSS files by using YUI compressor Maven plugin
  • WebApplicationContext example added to spring-mvc-java
  • BAEL-65 A Guide to Constructor Injection in Spring
  • Spring JSONP with Jackson
  • webjars demo project added
  • Binary Data Formats in a Spring REST API
  • cxf-spring refactoring
  • Correction added
  • Removed unused coed
  • latest change
  • JIRA BAEL-167
  • BAEL-175: Integration Testing in Spring
  • BAEL-228: Introduction to HtmlUnit
  • Hibernate second-level cache.
  • Cachable static assets with Spring MVC
  • BAEL-150 Introduction to DeltaSpike
  • Added jackson/gson serialize/deserialize updates
  • Logging using Spring MVC Handler Interceptor
  • Reverts server side back to xml
  • Spring MVC Email application added.
  • BAEL-255: Read Java File from different locations - resources, classpath, jar file and URL.
  • Created config with different service group name to avoid unit tests from failing when ran as a whole.
  • Add code examples for Random List Element mini-article
  • Add code examples for String to int mini-article
  • Add code examples for Char to String mini-article
  • added code to mapstruct tutorial
  • Craedel shell commands
  • Craedel spring cloud eureka
  • Craedel spring boot docker
  • PR for sorting Example
  • TrungP - String conversion
  • Parth md5
  • Spring integration with Tiles
  • BAEL-11: Intro to Feign
  • BAEL-314 Spring Cloud Bootstrapping
  • BAEL-86: An Intro to the Spring DispatcherServlet
  • Custom userdetailsservice
  • BAEL-325: Craedel enterprise patterns/intercepting filter
  • Created project "spring-mvc-web-vs-initializer" for the web.xml vs Initializer article.
  • BAEL-221 - Guide to Hazelcast
  • Added slf4j project
  • BAEL-305: enterprise patterns/front controller
  • Source Code for Wicket Intro Article
  • Rewrote the whole collections joining and splitting class to add more tests
  • Add ElasticSearch Module
  • BAEL 298 | Intro to Selenium with JUnit / TestNg
  • Spring Data Rest Validators introduction
  • some minor cleanup
  • WebJars Source Code Added
  • Source Code for Wicket Intro Article
  • Added stream close snippet
  • Removed unnecessary code and SOP statements
  • Ehcache code
  • Created an example about custom AccessDecisionVoters in Spring Security.
  • Modify test cases for About Page
  • custom user repository and test
  • BAEL-315 Spring Cloud Bootstrap Securing Config and Discovery Applications
  • Spring Integration Intro
  • Added relevant articles by updating README.md files
  • Filter hierarchy for the article
  • BAEL-223 - Integrate DynamoDB into a Spring Boot Application using Sp…
  • BAEL-243 - Spring Batch using Partitioner
  • Top 7 mistakes when implementing REST API
  • Bael 29 string conversions
  • Writing a Custom Filter in Spring Security
  • Test cases for examples in article "A guide to Java 8 forEach"
  • BAEL-276: Review comment changes
  • BAEL 317: Setting up EJB
  • BAEL-41: craedel-log4j2
  • Apache CXF Aegis data bindings
  • BAEL-86: craedel-spring-dispatcher-servlet
  • fixed imports for sslcontext for apache 4.4
  • PR for "Improve Logging With Mapped Diagnostic Context"
  • BAEL-228
  • Proposing declaring variables in a @Before function in Sorting Article
  • BAEL-426: Guide to JSP
  • aspectj introduction
  • Remove try-catch from Test classes
  • Merge pull request #1 from eugenp/master
  • GeoIp Article PR
  • RabbitMQ-Introduction
  • BAEL-425 - Introduction to Java Servlets
  • Spring Boot Fat Jar
  • Updated test
  • BAEL-417 Spring HandlerAdapters
  • BAEL-7: Join and Split Collections from and to String
  • Added BAEL-425 Intro to Servets module named javax-servlets
  • update to ltest spring boot version
  • Code improvement
  • PR
  • BAEL-112 | Spring MVC Validation - a Custom Validator
  • Update FileCopyConfig.java
  • BAEL-276: Added different URL parts for encoding and decoding
  • Spring Integration Intro
  • Created README.md files and added relevant articles
  • BAEL-583: Difference between findFirst() and FindAny() in Java 8 Stream API
  • BAEL-390: JSON Processing in Java EE 7
  • BAEL-587 Guide to Bimap
  • JAX-RS Client [BAEL-595]
  • Code sample for string to char array and vice-versa
  • Intro to PMD
  • BAEL-548: Intro to Dropwizard Metrics
  • BAEL-137: Intro to Jhipster
  • BAEL-260 Create PDF in Java
  • Bael 19 jackson inheritance
  • Bael 382 kotlin
  • BAEL-519 Introduction to LMAX Disruptor
  • Spark Java Article BAEL-498
  • BAEL-21 - Exploring the new HTTP Client in Java 9
  • Spring 5 reff
  • [BAEL-829] Number of occurrences of a char in a String
  • Add unit test for File path article - BAEL-827
  • hikaricp module
  • String split tests
  • BAEL-798 - Apache Camel with Spring Boot
  • BAEL-786 Refactored code after feedback
  • adds serialization code
  • @BAEL-252 - Initial checkin
  • BAEL-797 Angular App For Cloud Series
  • Refactor to spring-rest-simple from spring-rest
  • Custom Repository in Spring Data MongoDB
  • Merge task for BAEL-596 web vs init into spring-mvc-java
  • First pass of changes for the merge.
  • Pull request for the article - Logging Incoming Requests (Spring)
  • New Guice Project Directory
  • BAEL-755 Spring Boot Kotlin
  • BAEL-936 code for akka_streams article
  • complete example code by smatt382@gmail.com
  • BAEL-768 Introduction to Netty
  • BAEL-833: How to get last element of a Stream in Java?
  • Structurizr
  • First share of SpringBeanInjection example project files;
  • BAEL-917: README
  • Update README.md
  • BAEL-923 init class not managed by Spring with Spring Bean
  • [BAEL-872] map and flatMap difference
  • BAEL-885 - How to merge two Java streams?
  • Hibernate5 multitenancy changing to hibernate.properties config file.
  • EJB Session Beans
  • guide to uuid generation in java
  • Update README.md in Spring Autowiring.
  • BAEL-871: What is serialVersionUID?
  • BAEL-318: updated activation page
  • fixes a close stream exception in serialiaztion test
  • Support module for Article: BAEL-794 Template engines for Spring
  • Spring YAML Configuration
  • Bael 1497
  • Add data structures as a separate module
  • BAEL-1327 Java Threads: notify and wait
  • Added Example for Spring Constructor and Setter DI
  • evaluation article, different types of bean injection.
  • BAEL-1204
  • Code for eval article - Bean injection in Spring
  • spring di types (annotation and xml projects)
  • Evaluation article code implementation
  • pratishtha
  • BAEL 1269 Intro to JSON-JAVA
  • Service Locator pattern
  • Bael 113
  • BAEL-1068
  • BAEL-1267: programmatically create, configure and run a tomcat server
  • Article for Baeldung
  • Added few config about KIE With Spring boot
  • Ocheja #2
  • BAEL-1464 Guava Memoizer
  • Instance profile credentials example.
  • BAEL-1409: Rxjava2 Flowable Tests
  • BAEL-1456 - How to implement task prioritization in Java
  • BAEL-1276 | Adding example of ActiveJDBC
  • article 66672
  • 1. BAEL-1343 article example code added to spring-mvc-java module
  • Bael 1196 junit test annotation
  • SOAP and REST in MULE
  • BAEL-1298 - How to create a Sudoku solver
  • BAEL-1278
  • [tlinh2110@gmail.com] BAEL1377 - Recursion in Java
  • Issue #3628 - BAEL-86: Unclosed Input Stream
  • BAEL-1275 Intro to ActiveWeb
  • [BAEL-1542] - Simple Tagging with JPA
  • BAEL-1343 MVC Architecture with Servlets and JSP code
  • BAEL 1498 - Printing Sum of Money in Words
  • Method Overloading and Overriding in Java - BAEL-1507
  • BAEL-1530 - Guide to java.lang.System
  • Update VavrUnitTest.java
  • Add complete codes for an article about deep copy
  • BAEL-1489: New Password Storage In Spring Security 5
  • Eclipse MicroProfile
  • BAEL-1510 - RxJava - Combining Observables
  • rename projects
  • [BAEL-1536] A Guide to the Resource Bundle
  • BAEL-1509 jpa attribute converters
  • Bael 1496 flyweight
  • Bael 1381
  • Bael 1540 classloader
  • added article link
  • Java8 stream
  • Bael 1490 the checker framework and java pluggable type systems
  • Priorityjobscheduler
  • BAEL-1525: Check if a String is a palindrome
  • Spring-DITypes
  • custom dsl ex
  • BAEL-1524: Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern in Java
  • antonyomeri@gmail.com (bean injection)
  • BAEL-1539 shuffling collections
  • BAEL-1441: Method Handles in Java 9
  • Bael 1487
  • BAEL 1338 - Programmitic Configuration with Log4j2
  • BAEL-1533 Session Attributes in Spring MVC
  • BAEL-1417 Spring Data with Spring Security
  • BAEL-1586 Sum and Average in Java Array
  • [BAEL-1575] Advanced tagging implementation with JPA
  • BAEL-1519: add GitHub implementation and improve article
  • Example for Article "Mapping LOB Data in Hibernate"
  • BAEL-1178: changing variable type from String to Integer
  • Bael 1556
  • BAEL-1484: Intro to OpenCSV
  • Solidity Smart Contract
  • Bael 1269 Intro to JSON Java
  • added article link
  • RxJava Maybe samples added.
  • Bael 1501
  • BAEL-1534: Detect the OS from Java
  • BAEL-1462 Kotlin DI with Kodein
  • Issue BAEL-1417
  • Added changes basing on review comments
  • Mulesoaprest
  • BAEL-1599
  • Bael 1611
  • Bael-1601: move servlet redirect vs forward to spring-boot-bootstrap module
  • BAEL-1484: Synchronous OpenCSV
  • BAEL-1202: java keystore
  • advanced rest assured
  • @Lookup Annotation Code
  • BAEL-1576 Guide to unirest
  • Add code for article "Mapping LOB Data in Hibernate"
  • BAEL-1592
  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md
  • Update README.md
  • Bael 1585
  • Request for BAEL-1584
  • Add zookeeper module to main build.
  • BAEL-1226 Checkstyle introduction.
  • Code snippets related to evolution article about types of DI in Spring.
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