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Welcome to the beginnings of Tufte LaTeX package to help you produce Tufte-style handouts, reports, and notes.

Quick Start

Try typesetting sample-handout.tex with the following sequence of commands,

pdflatex sample-handout
bibtex   sample-handout
pdflatex sample-handout
pdflatex sample-handout

The result should look like sample-handout.pdf.

The sample book can be compiled with the following:

pdflatex sample-book
bibtex sample-book
texindy --language english sample-book.idx
# or makeindex sample-book.idx
pdflatex sample-book
pdflatex sample-book
pdflatex sample-book


If you encounter errors of the form,

! LaTeX Error: File `paralist.sty' not found.

you will need to obtain missing packages from CTAN. For package installation instructions and answers to many other questions, see the UK TeX FAQ or search the comp.text.tex group.

The following packages are required:

  • chngpage or changepage
  • fancyhdr
  • fontenc
  • geometry
  • hyperref
  • natbib and bibentry
  • optparams
  • paralist
  • placeins
  • ragged2e
  • setspace
  • textcase
  • textcomp
  • titlesec
  • titletoc
  • xcolor
  • xifthen

The following packages are optional and will be automatically used if installed:

  • beramono
  • helvet
  • ifpdf
  • ifxetex
  • letterspace (in the microtype package)
  • mathpazo
  • soul


For kudos, feature requests, patches, or support requests that you feel are particular to this Tufte-LaTeX package, i.e., not a general LaTeX issue, please use this project's issue tracker available at https://github.com/Tufte-LaTeX/tufte-latex/issues.


Patches and pull requests are most welcome via the issue tracker! Submit a series of high quality patches, and you'll find yourself a developer on this project.


Copyright 20072015 by Kevin Godby, Bil Kleb, and Bill Wood.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the License); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an AS IS BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

tufte-latex open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 4 years 100 consecutive dead cycles error
  • over 4 years Extra space above \newthought below a section or subsection
  • over 4 years List of figures and tables modified even with notoc option
  • over 4 years Inform caption package about margin floats
  • over 4 years Inform nag package about tufte captions
  • over 4 years XeTeX breaks headers in Tufte-handout
  • over 4 years Enumerations spanning two or more pages
  • almost 5 years Compile error
  • almost 5 years \nocite{*} broken with biblatex?
  • almost 5 years fullwidth issues
  • almost 5 years error when using `\cite` with page number
  • about 5 years Package conflict tufte with amsmath - amssymb
  • about 5 years Cite behavior
  • over 5 years Citations in sidenotes don't print in-text citations.
  • over 5 years No space after a table
  • over 5 years Number of Chapters
  • over 5 years Sidenotes and marginnotes change color when hyperlinks break over a line
  • over 5 years Longtables don't have sidenote captions
  • over 5 years tufte-book documentclass, on sharetex, pdflatex compiler, gibberish first page before coverpage
  • over 5 years Numbered citing
  • over 5 years package subcaption - environment subfigure
  • over 5 years Enhancement request 'citep/citet' behaviors
  • over 5 years Does not compile using Texify
  • over 5 years Abbreviated citations, abbreviate all the citations except the first
  • over 5 years re-factoring? Separation of Content and Presentation. Allow "outlining" with sectioning content without throwing errors?
  • over 5 years Beamer and Beamer article support during refactoring?
  • over 5 years figure and lstlisting positioning
  • over 5 years ** WARNING ** Failed to convert input string to UTF16...
  • over 5 years How to start new footnote(=sidenote) counter with chapter?
  • over 5 years Use of marginfigure produces unwated indentation
tufte-latex open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Issue 87: compatibility with listings, subfigure and subcaption packages
  • Issue 112: respect notoc option also for lists of figures and tables.
  • Issue 110: inform caption package about margin floats.
  • Issue 108: inform nag package about tufte captions.
  • Some minor improvements
  • Try fixing issue #64
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  • Using the Tufte-Latex class in Sweave
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