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  • about 3 years Allow testing purescript-drawing code
  • over 3 years Scrolling past the end
  • over 3 years Further interaction with Gists
  • over 3 years Structured error format
  • almost 4 years Add foreign module editor

trypurescript closed issues

  • over 3 years Don't use color codes in error messages
  • over 3 years Update Thermite and Flare data for 0.9 release
  • almost 4 years Button to toggle auto compile
  • almost 4 years See generated JavaScript
  • almost 4 years Save code buffer
  • over 4 years Update UX to be more code focused
  • almost 5 years typeclasses example generates JS with ReferenceError
  • over 5 years Random example is broken
  • over 5 years Update theme to match