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Work in progress. Under active development. Pull requests welcome.


Running a simple dev environment and readying assets for production should be super easy and trivial. This is an attempt at a basic template for faster performing websites. Performance matters, but we shouldn't have to constantly pick low-hanging fruit. It should be as easy as hitting a button. Hopefully this can become that button.

Getting started

Set up the project by cloning the repo, navigating into it, then installing the necessary dependencies by running:

git clone git@github:mrmrs/trim.git
cd trim
npm install -g gulp browser-sync
npm install .

To run the development environment

Once you've run npm install just run this very complicated command in your terminal to start gulp

npm start

This will watch the sass directory and do the following on file change: Compile scss files down to css/trim.css Run autoprefixer on css/trim.css (this allows you to keep vendor prefixes out of your css) Run csslint and spit the output to your terminal window where you are running gulp Run an instance of browser-sync. With the chrome and safari extensions, you can see changes in the browser without hitting refresh

If you are including js - you'll still need to change the references in your html to the minified files.


Trim comes with a number of simple css utilities that you might find helpful. More documentation later.


  • Show how to dictate order of js when compiling
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