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:evergreen_tree: Modern Web Application Framework for Node.js.

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Statistics on trails

Number of watchers on Github 1716
Number of open issues 68
Average time to close an issue about 1 month
Main language JavaScript
Average time to merge a PR 3 days
Open pull requests 30+
Closed pull requests 24+
Last commit about 2 years ago
Repo Created about 4 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 568 KB
Organization / Authortrailsjs
Latest Release2.0
Page Updated
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Trails is a modern, community-driven web application framework for Node.js. It builds on the pedigree of Rails and Grails to accelerate development by adhering to a straightforward, convention-based, API-driven design philosophy.

Getting Started


$ npm install -g yo generator-trails
$ yo trails


Trails uses Yeoman to generate scaffolding for new applications, and to create resources inside the application.

$ yo trails --help

  yo trails


  Create New Model
    yo trails:model <model-name>

  Create New Controller
    yo trails:controller <controller-name>

  Create New Policy
    yo trails:policy <policy-name>

  Create New Service
    yo trails:service <service-name>


Once installation is complete, begin your journey!

$ node server.js

Happy Trails!


Trailpacks extend the framework's capabilities and allow developers to leverage existing ecosystem tools through a simple and well-defined API. New features, behavior, APIs, and other functionality can be added to the Trails framework through Trailpacks.

Many Trails installations will include some of the following Trailpacks:


  • Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Node 7.0 and newer


See for complete documentation.

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We love contributions! Please check out our Contributor's Guide for more information on how our projects are organized and how to get started.



trails open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Upgrade i18next to 4.x series
  • about 3 years Combine trailpack-core with Trails itself
  • about 3 years Test against node 7
  • about 3 years Trails should be tested with yarnpkg in addition to npm
  • about 3 years What about 2.0 LTS?
  • about 3 years lib.Pathfinder Lifecycle #isComplete should execute in under 5ms
  • about 3 years Make Trails TS compliant
  • about 3 years Transpile to ES5
  • over 3 years Camel Case trailpack names
  • over 3 years Uniform ORM trailpack event
  • over 3 years Cannot render view without a views manager configured
  • over 3 years yo trails
  • over 3 years Footprints to controller false doesn't disable controllers
  • over 3 years Session Config
  • over 3 years validate logger level
  • over 3 years feature-request(chore/readme): Add the link of the documentation into the readme.
  • over 3 years Trails docs are not accessible
  • over 3 years Add snyk to travisCI to search for vulnerabilities
  • over 3 years Have the possibility to use multiple ORM
  • over 3 years remove duplicates from trailpack prerequisites
  • over 3 years Footprint delete http request on multiple items
  • over 3 years Generating new app prints a warning about Jade
  • over 3 years Trails instrumenting in Production
  • over 3 years Trails should include a generator-trails test
  • over 3 years add startup and shutdown timeouts
  • over 3 years need to quiet down greenkeeper
  • over 3 years Help needed: File upload examples for various size of file
  • over 3 years Add content negotiation to support multiple response formats
  • over 3 years use Map() for storing config tree
  • over 3 years Have a way to retrieve app url
trails open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Allow to call log as function
  • splitting out handlebars and jade configs
  • added some defaults for view
  • Remove web.js archetype
  • Install & configure Istanbul
  • Provide .get(), .set() helpers, refactor config
  • Use require.main to determine paths.root
  • Fix linter errors
  • eslint@2.5.3 breaks build ⚠️
  • eslint@2.5.1 breaks build ⚠️
  • eslint@2.5.0 breaks build ⚠️
  • Use strict everywhere
  • smokesignals@1.0.13 breaks build ⚠️
  • smokesignals@1.0.11 breaks build ⚠️
  • smokesignals@1.0.10 breaks build ⚠️
  • Update index.js
  • Basic issues
  • [fix] Ensure tests environment is initialized properly
  • Update dependencies archetype
  • allow to disable trailpacks on config
  • Move the performance cases to another new performance test suite
  • Config trailpacks in app
  • Upgrade Mocha and Eslint
  • Added postinstall script
  • 2.0 rc
  • v3
  • Docs typos corrected
  • Add backers and sponsors from Open Collective
  • [WIP] v3 config merge fix
  • Npm pkg cleanup
trails questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Query when value trails with .b decreases speed by 30x-100x
  • Trails of Objects in PyGame
  • Drawing path trails between two points
  • How to add a User in Grails Bootsrap with Audit Trails on?
  • How do I design my application such that audit trails cannot be edited or deleted?
  • paper trails objecat_changes to show in readable form
  • Draw object's trails on a SurfaceView
  • Transalation animation on Android 4.4 glitchy / leaving tracers / trails
  • How can I clear the trails left by moving an SVG line?
  • How to make drag trails (or snail trails) using Composition target.rendering
  • How to clear trails when drawing rectangles on an HMTL5 canvas
  • Moving view leaves trails when using stroke style
  • Audit Trails for Adding/Modifying Fields, Tables, Layouts, Scripts in Filemaker 13
  • Drawing smoother pixel trails with as3
  • Implementing Audit trails in Web Forms based on the observer pattern
  • Is a quality control system proper use of the rails Paper Trails gem?
  • Strange Animation Pixel Trails
  • AS3 - Coloring bullet trails
  • A potentially dangerous Request.Form value was detected from the client for audit trails
  • Star trails image stacking in python
  • Google Maps - remove ski trails?
  • Audit trails and implementing HIPAA best practices
  • Using Oracle Streams to implement audit trails
  • CSS - Website trails off the screen on iPad
  • Drawing leaves trails when resizing window
  • Create an AspMvc Route for Slug that leaves no trails
  • Using mysql to track "tip trails" from source user
  • Java: What does "a method trails another method" really means?
  • How to join correctly join words that trails or heads of dashes? - python
  • three.js canvas won't clear - particle trails
trails list of languages used
trails latest release notes
2.0 2.0 Final

Release Notes

Changelog Summary

  • Built-in Trails Error objects are global.
  • Built-in Trails resource classes (Model, Controller, Service, Policy) are now global
  • trailpack-core functionality merged into Trails core. trailpack-core is deprecated and will be removed in v3.0. trailpack-core 2.0 is a no-op trailpack.
  • trails-model, trails-service, trails-policy, and trails-controller are merged into Trails core, and made available via require(). The individual modules are deprecated and will be removed in 3.0.
  • the trailpack subtypes merged into trailpack core interface.
  • Configuration now accessible via Map interface.

Potentially Breaking Changes:

  • The Trails constructor now requires config, and api properties to be set. These properties can no longer be sent into the start() method. This is not an issue unless using a custom server.js to launch Trails.
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