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A Swift client library for the IPFS API.

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standard-readme compliant

A Swift client library for the IPFS API.

For more information about IPFS or the API commands click the links.

The Swift IPFS API shell/client is an asynchronous library that provides native calls to an IPFS node.

Table of Contents


In the root of your project:

  • Add a Cartfile (or use an existing one) with the following: github "ipfs/swift-ipfs-api" "master"
  • To fetch and build the dependencies, type:

carthage update --platform Mac


carthage update --platform iOS


carthage update

if you want both platforms.

For more information on how to install via Carthage see the README


Add the required frameworks to your project in Xcode:

  • In your target's build phases tab.

  • Click the + in the upper left corner and pick the New Copy Files Phase from the drop-down.

  • Select the Destination Frameworks and click the + to Add Other... buttons.

  • Navigate to the Carthage/Build/Mac directory in your project root and select all the frameworks in the folder.


In your code:

import SwiftIpfsApi

/// For brevity we are not catching failed try's. You should.
let api = try! SwiftIpfsApi("", "5001") 

try! {
    (idData : JsonType) in

    print("Yay, I've got an id: "+ idData.object?["ID"]?.string)

The Swift IPFS API client is asynchronous, but if you want to use a command synchronously (eg. if you run it in its own thread) you can always use dispatch groups:

let group = dispatch_group_create()

let multihash = try! fromB58String("QmXsnbVWHNnLk3QGfzGCMy1J9GReWN7crPvY1DKmFdyypK") 

try! api.refs(multihash, recursive: false) {
    result in
    for mh in result {


dispatch_group_wait(group, DISPATCH_TIME_FOREVER)


Swift 3


Feel free to join in. All welcome. Open an issue!

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.



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