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Swift 3 API Guidelines Review

This repository is part of the Swift 3 API Design Guidelines effort, which helps evaluate the effects of applying the Swift API Design Guidelines to Objective-C APIs through improvements to Swift's Clang importer.

This repository contains the Swift projections of Objective-C APIs for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch across the four Apple platforms (iOS, OS X, watchOS, tvOS) as well as sample projects that use those APIs. It is intended to allow anyone to explore the effects of Swift 3's changes to the Clang importer, both to the APIs themselves (are they closer to matching the Swift API Design Guidelines?) and to sample projects that use those APIs (is the code clearer and more Swifty?). This repository contains two major branches:

  • swift-2: This branch provides the baseline Swift 2 projections of Objective-C APIs along with sample projects that compile in Swift 2. This branch will evolve only when the source inputs change, e.g., the addition of new sample code or updated SDKs when a new version of Xcode becomes available.

  • swift-3: This branch provides the Swift 3 versions of the APIs and code in Swift 2, branched from swift-2. The swift-3 branch will evolve along with the implementation of the aforementioned improvements to Swift's Clang importer, and rebase from swift-2 whenever swift-2 changes.

Aside from documentation and scripts, all of the content in this repository is drawn from other sources, either auto-generated from those scripts and the Swift tools or imported from external sources.

Xcode version used to generate the current data: 7.2

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