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sublimious open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • over 3 years Vintageous starts in normal mode in git related windows
  • over 3 years Make keybinding helper prettier
  • almost 4 years Installing git layer fooesn't add git to spc menu
  • almost 4 years Installing Sublimerge Pro (in ~/.sublimious) fatally borks with sublimious
  • over 4 years windows support

sublimious closed issues

  • over 3 years AceJump Proposal
  • over 3 years <spc> / command is incorrectly labeled "create file"
  • about 4 years Material Theme is glitchy
  • over 4 years [JS] tern_for_sublime popup keeps appearing
  • over 4 years [Git] `g` commands are jammed
  • over 4 years Multiple popups making Sublime Text unresponsive/unusable
  • over 4 years Add option to reload changes from .sublimious
  • over 4 years Reload package control after initialisation
  • over 4 years Add option to disable the shortcut overlay completely
  • over 4 years `<spc> p f` doesn't work anymore
  • over 4 years What to do after install?
  • over 4 years Use GitSavvy (free) instead of paid SublimeGit