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The Haskell Tool Stack

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Number of watchers on Github 2611
Number of open issues 723
Average time to close an issue 2 days
Main language Haskell
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 97+
Closed pull requests 40+
Last commit about 2 years ago
Repo Created about 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated about 2 years ago
Size 11.7 MB
Homepage http://haskellsta...
Organization / Authorcommercialhaskell
Latest Releasev1.6.5
Page Updated
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The Haskell Tool Stack

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Stack is a cross-platform program for developing Haskell projects. It is intended for Haskellers both new and experienced.

See haskellstack.org or the doc directory for more information.

stack open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years generating other files through hpack/stack
  • over 3 years gpg: BAD signature from "Commercial Haskell all-cabal-files ..."
  • over 3 years stack search
  • over 3 years Permission Denied when installing optparse-applicative (selinux)
  • over 3 years Move from enclosed-exceptions to safe-exceptions
  • over 3 years Depending on a modified Happy or Alex package requires non-trivial patching
  • over 3 years Setup of GHCJS fails on NixOS
  • over 3 years Run fetch on git / hg packages
  • over 3 years error while loading shared libraries: libgmp.so.10
  • over 3 years Stuck linking in Docker when using `run-args` in stack.yaml
  • over 3 years Can't link libcurl from external project
  • over 3 years I can't build the latest master with `stack build --profile`.
  • over 3 years Documentation should mention hpack
  • over 3 years Stack w/ docker + compiler flag puts work in old project dir
  • over 3 years stack build --file-watch, with nix: should Stack re-launch the nix-shell when we change stack.yaml?
  • over 3 years when building haddock under a docker image it suggests the wrong install option for hscolour
  • over 3 years Backport 8.0.2 Sierra fixes
  • over 3 years Docker docs don't document PATH setup, which has debatable edge cases
  • over 3 years sdist hooks are ignored when running stack sdist
  • over 3 years setup-info.ghcjs.source.*.url can't be relative
  • over 3 years Stack bash completion is incomplete
  • over 3 years Building same project in parallel can result in errors
  • over 3 years Use "extensions" field in stack's cabal file?
  • over 3 years `stack test` doesn't rebuild test correctly
  • over 3 years STACK_YAML, custom stack.yaml file location
  • over 3 years "stack haddock" gives up early on a source file error
  • over 3 years stack setup fails with: configure: error: cannot determine current directory
  • over 3 years "Stack configuration has no specified verson" - could this error be improved?
  • over 3 years Linker error makes it impossible to use a stack-provided ghc
  • over 3 years Is ghc-options not working correctly?
stack open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fix #1813: Check package.yaml and cabal file modification times
  • Allow some build options to be set in stack.yaml
  • Change 'stack ghc' to provide package context
  • Add initial prototype of `stack haddock --open`
  • Architecture-aware Windows MSYS2 path/env config
  • Use hpack (wip)
  • Detect extra-deps missing from indices
  • [rfc] only unpack package versions within preferred-versions #1391
  • Extended the interpreter to admit interpreter directives in Bird tracks
  • [WIP] Add feature to configure build plan download URL.
  • retrieve template metadata from stack-template repo
  • Add stack hoogle command (#55)
  • Mention that package names are case-sensitive
  • Make hpack default to only outputting warnings #2011
  • Use Cabal-1.24
  • Add a config option to override gcc path
  • Pretty printer + improved plan construction errors
  • Add an issue template
  • Install GHC from file
  • Print dependencies version in --version
  • Remove binary tagged
  • Fix issue #2289, apply ghc-options to snapshot pkg
  • Use less permissive types in the config monoids (#2267)
  • Run only 5 Travis jobs so they can all run in parallel
  • docs: Add cabal build with ghc-8.0.1 to example .travis.yml
  • Nix-shell no longer called with a GHC from an LTS mirror
  • Support -ferror-spans syntax in GHC error messages
  • updated nix manual link
  • stack unpack: Ignore pax headers (fix #2361)
  • setupEnv: Run some processes concurrently
  • Move code for path, setup, hoogle commands and various withXConfig utils from Main into separate modules
  • Improve logging of sub-processes
  • Avoid re-running `getLocalPackageViews`
  • Add multi-config pvp-bounds generation (#2262)
  • Allow global Stack arguments with a script
  • Inconsistency between ToJSON and FromJSON instances of PackageLocation
  • Add FAQ entry regarding system library installation (#1384)
  • Fix #1810: Unicode-normalized pkg name comparison
  • Cleanup Exception docs
  • Force UTF8 encoding for tar paths in sdist (fixes #2549)
  • eager msys windows check
  • Default to using a stack-installed, isolated GHC
  • Added `--haddock-internal` command line argument (#2229)
  • Use a shim to invoke initialBuildSteps for ghci #1364
  • [WIP] Final HLint pass
  • Initial Alpine Linux support
  • add 'qa' environment for travis
  • Allow binary upgrades #1238
  • Do not special-case programs directory on Windows
  • Allow `stack config set resolver` to accept ghc-X resolvers.
  • Implementation of "--copy-compiler-tool" #2643
  • Script command #2805
  • for 'stack ghci', don't omit hsSourceDirs that have '..' in them. #2895
  • Update on missing SHA
  • Failing when using setup --upgrade-cabal with --nix
  • Copy 01-index.tar to 00-index.tar
  • For stack solver, use old index filename #2888
  • Update travis-complex.yml
  • `--nix-*` should not imply `--nix` by default
  • #3126 Use MinGW bin folder for dynamic libraries searching
  • Fixed pid1 ownership inside fpco/stack-build docker image
  • Reword message shown when binary upgrade is skipped
  • Skip component
  • Suppress password echoing from stack upload on MinTTY consoles
  • Improve the doc on `~/.stack/global-project/stack.yaml`
  • stack uninstall: Update the static help message
  • Improve filtering of ghc messages
  • Start implementing #3006
  • Using nightly builds.
  • Add a config option to override path and add options to each PROG
  • [WIP] Fix bash completion for --[no-]* options #2737
  • Support building the sdist and upload tarball
  • Check OpenBSD release to determine correct bindist
  • Fix reference to Homebrew FAQ on compiling
  • Fix handling of missing image message with newer versions of Docker
  • Add --external flag (Needed for yesod dev server)
  • Comment out instructions for Ubuntu package
  • Use per-component build directories for ghci with Cabal>=2.0 #3791
  • Typo in cabal option --with-hc-pkg
  • Fix inheritance of category ghc-options from config.yaml #3753
  • Use packcheck for travis and appveyor CI
  • Add "lib" as an available comptype
  • [WIP] Ongoing warning/error/log output fixes and coloration
  • Doc: suggest recommended installation target for Nixos
  • 3568 add tar files option to sdist
  • Search for a newer user installed hpack
  • Fix #3812 on stable
  • Move over to the external rio library
  • Fix a cabal warning by adding Build_stack to generated-other-modules
  • Allow 'github' shorthand for extra-deps (fixes #3873)
  • Initialize a new project only when no stack.yaml
  • Switch to Cabal 2.2 (prerelease)
  • Fix stack ghci ctrl c 3821
  • Switch stack.yaml to old way of specifying extra-dep tarball #3903
  • Fixed get-stack.sh script to match manual installation instructions
  • placeholder-for-3860-better-cache
  • Add integration test docs
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stack list of languages used
stack latest release notes
v1.6.5 v1.6.5

See https://haskellstack.org for installation and upgrade instructions.

Bug fixes:

  • 1.6.1 introduced a change that made some precompiled cache files use longer paths, sometimes causing builds to fail on windows. This has been fixed. See #3649
  • Some unnecessary rebuilds when no files were changed are now avoided, by having a separate build cache for each component of a package. See #3732.
  • Correct the behavior of promoting a package from snapshot to local package. This would get triggered when version bounds conflicted in a snapshot, which could be triggered via Hackage revisions for old packages. This also should allow custom snapshots to define conflicting versions of packages without issue. See Stackage issue #3185.
  • When promoting packages from snapshot to local, we were occassionally discarding the actual package location content and instead defaulting to pulling the package from the index. We now correctly retain this information. Note that if you were affected by this bug, you will likely need to delete the binary build cache associated with the relevant custom snapshot. See #3714.
  • --no-rerun-tests has been fixed. Previously, after running a test we were forgetting to record the result, which meant that all tests always ran even if they had already passed before. See #3770.
  • Includes a patched version of hackage-security which fixes both some issues around asynchronous exception handling, and moves from directory locking to file locking, making the update mechanism resilient against SIGKILL and machine failure. See hackage-security #187 and #3073.

Thanks to all our contributors for this release:

  • Arnaud Spiwack
  • Artyom
  • Artyom Kazak
  • Charles Reilly
  • Dave Tapley
  • Emanuel Borsboom
  • Joshua Simmons
  • Luke Murphy
  • Michael Sloan
  • Michael Snoyman
  • Nicolas Mattia
  • Paolo G. Giarrusso
  • Samuel Lelivre
  • Simon Hengel
  • Thomas Broadley
  • tswelsh
v1.6.3 v1.6.3

See https://haskellstack.org for installation and upgrade instructions.


  • In addition to supporting .tar.gz and .zip files as remote archives, plain .tar files are now accepted too. This will additionally help with cases where HTTP servers mistakenly set the transfer encoding to gzip. See #3647.
  • Links to docs.haskellstack.org ignore Stack version patchlevel.
  • Downloading Docker-compatible stack binary ignores Stack version patchlevel.

Bug fixes:

  • For versions of Cabal before 1.24, ensure that the dependencies of non-buildable components are part of the build plan to work around an old Cabal bug. See #3631.
  • Run the Cabal file checking in the sdist command more reliably by allowing the Cabal library to flatten the GenericPackageDescription itself.
v1.6.1 v1.6.1

See https://haskellstack.org for installation and upgrade instructions.

Note: we are releasing a bit earlier than planned due to #3624. As such, not all the binaries have been built yet, but the commonly used 64-bit binaries of Linux static, macOS, and Windows are available.

In addition, the Windows installer and binary has not been codesigned (we are awaiting validation of a new codesign certificate), and you may see a Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting warning when you try to run them. If so, click on More info, and then click on the Run anyway button that appears.

Changes since v1.5.1

Major changes:

  • Complete overhaul of how snapshots are defined, the packages and extra-deps fields, and a number of related items. For full details, please see the writeup on these changes. PR #3249, see the PR description for a number of related issues.
  • Upgraded to version 2.0 of the Cabal library.

Behavior changes:

  • The --install-ghc flag is now on by default. For example, if you run stack build in a directory requiring a GHC that you do not currently have, Stack will automatically download and install that GHC. You can explicitly set install-ghc: false or pass the flag --no-install-ghc to regain the previous behavior.
  • stack ghci no longer loads modules grouped by package. This is always an improvement for plain ghci - it makes loading faster and less noisy. For intero, this has the side-effect that it will no longer load multiple packages that depend on TH loading relative paths. TH relative paths will still work when loading a single package into intero. See #3309
  • Setting GHC options for a package via ghc-options: in your stack.yaml will promote it to a local package, providing for more consistency with flags and better reproducibility. See: #849
  • The package-indices setting with Hackage no longer works with the 00-index.tar.gz tarball, but must use the 01-index.tar.gz file to allow revised packages to be found.
  • Options passsed via --ghci-options are now passed to the end of the invocation of ghci, instead of the middle. This allows using +RTS without an accompanying -RTS.
  • When auto-detecting --ghc-build, tinfo6 is now preferred over standard if both versions of libtinfo are installed
  • Addition of stack build --copy-compiler-tool, to allow tools like intero to be installed globally for a particular compiler. #2643
  • Stack will ask before saving hackage credentials to file. This new prompt can be avoided by using the save-hackage-creds setting. Please see #2159.
  • The GHCRTS environment variable will no longer be passed through to every program stack runs. Instead, it will only be passed through commands like exec, runghc, script, ghci, etc. See #3444.
  • ghc-options: for specific packages will now come after the options specified for all packages / particular sets of packages. See #3573.
  • The pvp-bounds feature is no longer fully functional, due to some issues with the Cabal library's printer. See #3550.

Other enhancements:

  • The with-hpack configuration option specifies an Hpack executable to use instead of the Hpack bundled with Stack. Please see #3179.
  • It's now possible to skip tests and benchmarks using --skip flag
  • GitSHA1 is now StaticSHA256 and is implemented using the StaticSize 64 ByteString for improved performance. See #3006
  • Dependencies via HTTP(S) archives have been generalized to allow local file path archives, as well as to support setting a cryptographic hash (SHA256) of the contents for better reproducibility.
  • Allow specifying --git-branch when upgrading
  • When running stack upgrade from a file which is different from the default executable path (e.g., on POSIX systems, ~/.local/bin/stack), it will now additionally copy the new executable over the currently running stack executable. If permission is denied (such as in /usr/local/bin/stack), the user will be prompted to try again using sudo. This is intended to assist with the user experience when the PATH environment variable has not been properly configured, see #3232.
  • stack setup for ghcjs will now install alex and happy if they are not present. See #3109.
  • Added stack ghci --only-main flag, to skip loading / importing all but main modules. See the ghci documentation page for further info.
  • Allow GHC's colored output to show through. GHC colors output starting with version 8.2.1, for older GHC this does nothing. Sometimes GHC's heuristics would work fine even before this change, for example in stack ghci, but this override's GHC's heuristics when they're broken by our collecting and processing GHC's output.
  • Extended the ghc-options field to support $locals, $targets, and $everything. See: #3329
  • Better error message for case that stack ghci file targets are combined with invalid package targets. See: #3342
  • For profiling now uses -fprof-auto -fprof-cafs instead of the deprecated -auto-all -caf-all. See: #3360
  • Better descriptions are now available for stack upgrade --help. See: #3070
  • When using Nix, nix-shell now depends always on gcc to prevent build errors when using the FFI. As ghc depends on gcc anyway, this doesn't increase the dependency footprint.
  • --cwd DIR can now be passed to stack exec in order to execute the program in a different directory. See: #3264
  • Plan construction will detect if you add an executable-only package as a library dependency, resulting in much clearer error messages. See: #2195.
  • Addition of --ghc-options to stack script to pass options directly to GHC. See: #3454
  • Add hpack package.yaml to build Stack itself
  • Add ignore-revision-mismatch setting. See: #3520.
  • Log when each individual test suite finishes. See: #3552.
  • Avoid spurious rebuilds when using --file-watch by not watching files for executable, test and benchmark components that aren't a target. See: #3483.
  • Stack will now try to detect the width of the running terminal (only on POSIX for the moment) and use that to better display output messages. Work is ongoing, so some messages will not be optimal yet. The terminal width can be overriden with the new --terminal-width command-line option (this works even on non-POSIX).
  • Passing non local packages as targets to stack ghci will now cause them to be used as -package args along with package hiding.
  • Detect when user changed .cabal file instead of package.yaml. This was implemented upstream in hpack. See #3383.
  • Automatically run autoreconf -i as necessary when a configure script is missing. See #3534
  • GHC bindists can now be identified by their SHA256 checksum in addition to their SHA1 checksum, allowing for more security in download.
  • For filesystem setup-info paths, it's no longer assumed that the directory is writable, instead a temp dir is used. See #3188.

Bug fixes:

  • stack hoogle correctly generates Hoogle databases. See: #3362
  • stack --docker-help is now clearer about --docker implying system-ghc: true, rather than both --docker and --no-docker.
  • stack haddock now includes package names for all modules in the Haddock index page. See: #2886
  • Fixed an issue where Stack wouldn't detect missing Docker images properly with newer Docker versions. #3171
  • Previously, cabal files with just test-suite could cause build to fail (#2862)
  • If an invalid snapshot file has been detected (usually due to mismatched hashes), Stack will delete the downloaded file and recommend either retrying or filing an issue upstream. See #3319.
  • Modified the flag parser within Stack to match the behavior of Cabal's flag parser, which allows multiple sequential dashes. See #3345
  • Now clears the hackage index cache if it is older than the downloaded index. Fixes potential issue if stack was interrupted when updating index. See #3033
  • The Stack install script now respects the -d option. See #3366.
  • stack script can now handle relative paths to source files. See #3372.
  • Fixes explanation of why a target is needed by the build plan, when the target is an extra dependency from the commandline. See #3378.
  • Previously, if you delete a yaml file from ~/.stack/build-plan, it would trust the etag and not re-download. Fixed in this version.
  • Invoking stack --docker in parallel now correctly locks the sqlite database. See #3400.
  • docs.haskellstack.org RTD documentation search is replaced by the mkdocs search. Please see #3376.
  • stack clean now works with nix. See #3468.
  • stack build --only-dependencies no longer builds local project packages that are depended on. See #3476.
  • Properly handle relative paths stored in the precompiled cache files. See #3431.
  • In some cases, Cabal does not realize that it needs to reconfigure, and must be told to do so automatically. This would manifest as a shadowed dependency error message. We now force a reconfigure whenever a dependency is built, even if the package ID remained the same. See #2781.
  • When --pvp-bounds is enabled for sdist or upload, internal dependencies could cause errors when uploaded to hackage. This is fixed, see #3290
  • Fixes a bug where nonexistent hackage versions would cause stack to suggest the same package name, without giving version info. See #3562
  • Fixes a bug that has existed since 1.5.0, where stack setup --upgrade-cabal would say that Cabal is already the latest version, when it wasn't.
  • Ensure that an extra-dep from a local directory is not treated as a $locals for GHC options purposes. See #3574.
  • Building all executables only happens once instead of every time. See #3229 for more info.

Thanks to all our contributors for this release:

  • Aaron McDaid
  • Adam McCullough
  • Alexey Zabelin
  • Andy
  • Ashley Towns
  • Chris Done
  • Chris Martin
  • d-dorazio
  • Deni Bertovic
  • Dmitry Ivanov
  • Echo Nolan
  • Emanuel Borsboom
  • Felix Yan
  • Filippo Vitale
  • Gbor Liptk
  • Ivan Lazar Miljenovic
  • Joshua Simmons
  • Judah Jacobson
  • Khan Thompson
  • Lizao Li
  • Luke Murphy
  • Martin Kolinek
  • Mathieu Boespflug
  • Matt Audesse
  • Matthias Heinzel
  • Michael Sloan
  • Michael Snoyman
  • mrkkrp
  • Neil Mitchell
  • Oleg Grenrus
  • OvermindDL1
  • Paolo G. Giarrusso
  • Rafe
  • Reuben D'Netto
  • Roman Cheplyaka
  • Samuli Thomasson
  • Schlueter
  • Scott Fleischman
  • Shea Levy
  • Simon Jakobi
  • Tom Sydney Kerckhove
  • tswelsh
  • Walter Franzini
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