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3D mesh simplification in Go.

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3D Mesh Simplification

Implementation of Surface Simplification Using Quadric Error Metrics, SIGGRAPH 97, written in Go.


270,000 faces vs. 2,700 faces (1%)


go get -u github.com/fogleman/simplify/cmd/simplify

Command-Line Usage

Usage: simplify [-f FACTOR] input.stl output.stl

$ simplify -f 0.1 bunny.stl out.stl
Loading bunny.stl
Input mesh contains 270021 faces
Simplifying to 10% of original...
Output mesh contains 27001 faces
Writing out.stl

API Usage

// Use LoadSTL (ASCII) or LoadBinarySTL
mesh, err := simplify.LoadBinarySTL(inputPath)
// handle err
mesh = mesh.Simplify(factor)


Iteratively simplifying by 50% until only 16 faces remain

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