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Host Shiny applications over the web.

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Shiny Server

Shiny Server is a server program that makes Shiny applications available over the web.


  • Host multiple Shiny applications, each with its own URL
  • Can be configured to allow any user on the system to create and deploy their own Shiny applications
  • Supports non-websocket-capable browsers, like IE9
  • Free and open source (AGPLv3 license)
  • Pre-built installers for select Linux distributions.


At this time, Shiny Server can be run on Linux servers with explicit support for Ubuntu 12.04 or greater (64 bit) and CentOS/RHEL 5 (64 bit) or greater. If you are using one of these distributions, please download the pre-packaged installers from RStudio:

Download Shiny Server Installers.

These installers will provide a majority of the prerequisite software and will provision all the necessary directories for you.

If you are not using one of the explicitly supported distributions, you can still use Shiny Server by building it from source, see the instructions for building from source.


Shiny Server will use the default configuration unless an alternate configuration is provided at /etc/shiny-server/shiny-server.conf. Using the default configuration, Shiny Server will look for Shiny apps in /srv/shiny-server/ and host them on port 3838. If you plan to host your apps in this directory, you can either copy an app you've already developed to that location:

sudo cp -R ~/MY-APP /srv/shiny-server/

Or you can copy some or all of the examples provided with the Shiny package. (The location of the R library varies from system to system. You can use the command R -e ".libPaths()" --quiet to print the directory of the R library.) For instance, on Ubuntu, you could execute cp -R /usr/local/lib/R/site-library/shiny/examples/* /srv/shiny-server/.

Now start a web browser and point it to http://<hostname>:3838/APP_NAME/

If the browser is not able to connect to the server, configure your server's firewall to allow inbound TCP connections on port 3838.

To customize any of the above, or to explore the other ways Shiny Server can host Shiny apps, see the Shiny Server Configuration Reference for details on the various ways Shiny Server can be configured.

Documentation & Contact & Support

See the Administrator's Guide to Shiny Server for more complete documentation regarding the setup and management of Shiny Server.

Please direct questions to the Shiny Community discussion board. If you're interested in Professional Support, please look at our commercial Shiny Server Pro product.

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  • v1.5: Upgrade Node, et al
  • Update to new HTTP Proxy API.
  • Update to latest node http-proxy
  • This was originally reported under issue #70.
  • Modify findBaseDir() for OS X compatibility
  • upstart/init.d scripts should all run as shiny user
  • Remove unused variable
  • Add the path to shiny-server binary and add explanation
  • Fix robust-sockjs tests
  • Remove cmake binary (checked in by mistake I assume)
  • Upgrade to Node.js v6.10.3, upgrade dependencies
  • Refactor of scheduler
  • Remove unneeded dependency on regexp-quote
  • Upgrade to Node v8.10.0
  • Update relative paths of JS lib imports
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