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The Dartino project was an experiment seeking to improve productivity when writing application code for embedded devices.

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Number of watchers on Github 297
Number of open issues 152
Average time to close an issue 12 days
Main language Dart
Average time to merge a PR 1 day
Open pull requests 0+
Closed pull requests 0+
Last commit about 3 years ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 20.4 MB
Organization / Authordartino
Page Updated
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An update on Dartino

September, 2016.

The Dartino project has been discontinued, and is no longer being actively maintained by the Dart team.

If you are interested in the source code, please look on GitHub:

The team behind Dartino is doubling down on other areas of development:

  • Making Dart webdev the most productive stack for web apps
  • Making Flutter the best way of building high-quality cross-platform mobile apps

Regards, the Dartino team

sdk open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years serial_port
  • about 3 years Show devices crashes, when Raspberry Pi Zero added to network
  • about 3 years STM32 DatagramSocket does not update automatically assigned private port number
  • about 3 years STM32 DatagramSocket.available always returns -22
  • about 3 years Consider making more board agnostic code possible
  • about 3 years core dump handling is not setup correctly on -c3 buildslaves
  • about 3 years Update layout of to match new dart sites
  • over 3 years Exception when resume from breakpoint
  • over 3 years NoSuchMethodError: method not found: 'getBeginToken' - when debugging
  • over 3 years Running samples/stm32f411re-nucleo/blinky.dart in debug mode hits GC assert
  • over 3 years Setting a breakpoint on STM32F411RE Nucleo does not work
  • over 3 years Attaching the debugger on STM32F411RE Nucleo times out
  • over 3 years Breaking the debugger on STM32F411RE Nucleo crashes the debugger
  • over 3 years Cannot reconnect the debugger if stopped at a break point
  • over 3 years Move API docs to
  • over 3 years Concurrency guide: add more immutable details
  • over 3 years Functionality for allocating 'x' bytes with repeated GC.
  • over 3 years Tests of the debugging server
  • over 3 years We should support a minimal version of dart:developer
  • over 3 years Rethrown exception from nested try can become null
  • over 3 years Why do we use objects for storing global state (like STM32F746GDiscovery)?
  • over 3 years Support UART output in x-emulate on the F4 Nucleo board
  • over 3 years Flashing crashes on Mac: Library not loaded: /usr/local/opt/libusb/lib/libusb-1.0.0.dylib
  • over 3 years Not all libc versions have the single precision transcendental functions
  • over 3 years Support HTTP proxy
  • over 3 years LCD display sometimes flickers
  • over 3 years Add strong mode test suite
  • over 3 years Allow certificate chain validation in mbedtls.dart
  • over 3 years Running without an explicit session should make a one-time session
  • over 3 years MQTT package for STM
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