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  • almost 3 years White place if crop is max to right
  • almost 3 years Getting position and Current scale of the image
  • almost 3 years I find sth Question by use this With Glide,and setViewportRatio(1f) aslo has some Question
  • about 3 years does scissors require READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission?
  • about 3 years How can I make cropView's corners round ?
  • about 3 years W/EGL_emulation: eglSurfaceAttrib not implemented, W/OpenGLRenderer: Failed to set EGL_SWAP_BEHAVIOR on surface 0xe0162fc0, error=EGL_SUCCESS
  • about 3 years Show grid view around cropped view
  • over 3 years has a broken link to the java code styles
  • over 3 years Support cropping based on original image size
  • over 3 years How can I get coordinates?
  • over 3 years Crop View only configurable via XML
  • over 3 years Add callback to image loading?
  • over 3 years Guidelines over the image
  • over 3 years Image does not load + selecting an image loop
  • over 3 years Support for rotation
  • over 3 years Broken snapping when bitmap is smaller than viewport
  • over 3 years Add support for double tap drag to zoom

scissors closed issues

  • almost 3 years reset transform
  • almost 3 years Image not centered wrt viewport
  • almost 3 years Viewport Ratio not correct when setImageURI is used.
  • about 3 years Hello ,Why not support fresco?
  • about 3 years Your page is incorrect
  • about 3 years pickUsing method does not support fragments
  • about 3 years cropviewViewportOverlayPadding
  • over 3 years Image loaded from Galaxy S6 rotated with 90 degrees
  • over 3 years It doesn't work when trying to pick picture from camera.
  • over 3 years Extensions more trouble than worth it
  • over 3 years Sending to intent goes wrong
  • over 3 years cannot set width height ratio dynamically from code
  • over 3 years Proguard Setup
  • over 3 years Support for rotation and crop + save callbacks(OnCroppingComplete? OnCropImageSaved?)
  • over 3 years Want to t support more CropMode?
  • over 3 years Cannot load file into cropView
  • over 3 years Question - Is it possible to load image from camera and not only from Gallery?