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  • almost 3 years sbofind: Exact matches?
  • almost 3 years Local git repo as REPO is chowned to root
  • almost 3 years Error when parsing file
  • almost 3 years sbocheck says openoffice needs updating
  • over 3 years Make it more straightforward to build from git

sbotools closed issues

  • almost 3 years sboinstall/sboremove disagreeing if something is installed
  • about 3 years tp_smapi and vhba-module
  • about 3 years Sbocheck shows newer (than in repo) SBo packages as 'needs updating'
  • over 3 years Problem with parallel builds
  • over 3 years SBO::Lib - preserve node status of slackbuild when rewriting
  • over 3 years Get code coverage statistics
  • over 3 years Support templates for rapidly configuring multiple systems
  • over 3 years sbofind: allow searching through TAGS.txt
  • over 3 years sboconfig: test that it behaves correctly
  • over 3 years Handle when a slackbuild exits with 0 without creating a package
  • over 3 years Add 14.2 to version hash when SBo finalises the 14.2 tree
  • over 3 years sboinstall -v errors
  • over 3 years Add testing of multilib things
  • over 3 years Add testing of build variables and commands
  • over 3 years Adding resume support to sboinstall and sboupgrade
  • over 3 years Using already built packages by sboinstall and sboupgrade
  • over 3 years Consider all installed packages when listing prerequisites
  • over 3 years sbosnap should do updating of a git tree differently
  • over 3 years displaying download speed and download progress for sbosnap
  • over 3 years compat32 needs to be thoroughly tested
  • over 3 years Also do testing of download fails
  • over 3 years Improve testing of fails
  • over 3 years distfile symlinks get left behind after a build is finished
  • over 3 years sbocheck: notify about different versions on LO and SBo
  • over 3 years Add tests for new features
  • over 3 years Add Travis CI support
  • over 3 years sboinstall: document that -r|--nointeractive doesn't do dependency resolution
  • over 3 years If a dependency can't be found, alert the user
  • over 3 years Tell the user if something is coming from a local override
  • over 3 years Better error handling if a .info file doesn't look like we expect
  • over 3 years Change sbocheck's output for local overrides
  • over 3 years sboupgrade doesn't detect dependencies
  • over 3 years sbocheck and sboupgrade should consider local overrides
  • over 3 years sbocheck should list package names without versions to make selecting for upgrade easier
  • over 3 years Support "upgrade-all" a la slackpkg
  • over 3 years Feature request: support local overrides
  • over 3 years Feature request: support alternate mirror for sources
  • over 3 years Feature request: support ponce's -current SBo
  • over 3 years Slackbuilds with more than one source download only downloads the first source
  • over 3 years Error when installing more than one slackbuild while TMP is set
  • over 3 years perl 5.22 compatibility
  • over 4 years Parsing SlackBuild $ REQUIRES