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Software to automate the management and configuration of any infrastructure or application at scale. Get access to the Salt software package repository here:

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Statistics on salt

Number of watchers on Github 8662
Number of open issues 3715
Average time to close an issue about 12 hours
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR about 16 hours
Open pull requests 583+
Closed pull requests 103+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 8 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 205 MB
Homepage https://repo.salt...
Organization / Authorsaltstack
Latest Releasev2017.7.4
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What is SaltStack?

SaltStackmakes software for complex systems management at scale. SaltStack is the company that created and maintains the Salt Open project and develops and sells SaltStack Enterprise software, services and support. Easy enough to get running in minutes, scalable enough to manage tens of thousands of servers, and fast enough to communicate with them in seconds.

Salt is a new approach to infrastructure management built on a dynamic communication bus. Salt can be used for data-driven orchestration, remote execution for any infrastructure, configuration management for any app stack, and much more.

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Salt Open is tested and packaged to run on CentOS, Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows. Download Salt Open and get started now.


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IRC Chat - Join the vibrant, helpful and positive SaltStack chat room in Freenode at #salt. There is no need to introduce yourself, or ask permission to join in, just help and be helped! Make sure to wait for an answer, sometimes it may take a few moments for someone to reply.


SaltStack Slack - Alongside IRC is our SaltStack Community Slack for the SaltStack Working groups. Use the following link to request an invitation.


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You may subscribe to the list without a Google account by emailing and you may post to the list by emailing

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SaltConf, User Groups and Meetups - SaltStack has a vibrant and global community of customers, users, developers and enthusiasts. Connect with other Salted folks in your area of the world, or join SaltConf, the SaltStack annual user conference held in Salt Lake City. Please visit the SaltConf site for details of our next conference. Also, please let us know if you would like to start a user group or if we should add your existing SaltStack user group to this list by emailing:

SaltStack Training - Get access to proprietary SaltStack education offerings_ through instructor-led training offered on-site, virtually or at SaltStack headquarters in Salt Lake City. SaltStack Enterprise training helps increase the value and effectiveness of SaltStack software for any customer and is a prerequisite for coveted SaltStack Certified Engineer (SSCE)_ status. SaltStack training is also available through several SaltStack professional services_ offerings.

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Developing Salt

The Salt development team is welcoming, positive, and dedicated to helping people get new code and fixes into SaltStack projects. Log into GitHub and get started with one of the largest developer communities in the world. The following links should get you started:




salt open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Salt.cron docs don't wrap @hourly and @daily correctly in quotes for the examples
  • almost 3 years boto_elb and target groups
  • almost 3 years Ordinal not in range
  • almost 3 years salt.states.pyenv.install_pyenv broken since at least 2015.8.8
  • almost 3 years RuntimeError: maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object
  • almost 3 years digital ocean list_keypairs limits to 20 keys
  • almost 3 years remove job_cache jid on salt-master
  • almost 3 years dockerng.running + cpu_shares: 0,5 -> Invalid type: expected int but found <type 'float'>
  • almost 3 years 2016.11.0rc2: Windows test.versions_report reporting wrong release number
  • almost 3 years smbios does not work on SPARC Solaris
  • almost 3 years salt.modules.publish.publish Documentation - Possibly Needs Update
  • almost 3 years 2016.11.0rc2 resolv.conf warning if domain and search added to /etc/resolv.conf file
  • almost 3 years Salt Minion doesn't exit with error code upon key failure
  • almost 3 years pkg.uptodate ignores kwargs on RedHat systems
  • almost 3 years Windows 2008R2/2012, IPv6 and Salt-minion 2016.3.4
  • almost 3 years Feature request: Support subpackages for Salt runners
  • almost 3 years Fix building packages with dependencies on clean system - Redhat 6
  • almost 3 years in mine not actual - bug or expected (but not wanted) behavior?
  • almost 3 years Salt-minion dies with ZMQError: Invalid argument
  • almost 3 years Dockerng build function should verify the response from docker-py
  • almost 3 years Feature Request: Add option to only query one provider
  • almost 3 years Make __jid__ a thread-local variable.
  • almost 3 years spm_build_exclude does not work on python26
  • almost 3 years grain 'virtual' shows 'physical' in lxc-libvirt container due to detection failure
  • almost 3 years 2016.3.4 executes grain sync on startup (triggered through reactors) before executing custom grains
  • almost 3 years file.recurse with empty directory: Recurse failed: none of the specified sources were found
  • almost 3 years boto_rds erroneously passing None to boto3
  • almost 3 years Feature: dockerng state module to run an image (container) as a command
  • almost 3 years What's the precedence if multiple master configurations are specified?
  • almost 3 years service.dead now only operates if the service file exists
salt open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • fixes #31393 don't convert the iface to lower case
  • [develop] Merge forward from 2016.3 to develop
  • Refactored GlusterFS support
  • Changes to nftables module
  • Added sanity check: is 'pillar' in self.opts
  • Fix Logrotate module.
  • Master running under non-privileged account and pygit2 as gitfs provider fails pre-flight check
  • [2016.3] Merge forward from 2015.8 to 2016.3
  • Set auth retry count to 0 if multimaster mode is failover
  • Add missing NullItem
  • Bring up ext_pillar rendering errors as well
  • salt.module.zfs had leftover log statements
  • Zypper refresh handling
  • add integration tests for minion blackout
  • Some distros don't have a /lib/systemd
  • Fix uppercase computer name issue
  • fix for #31369
  • Use --set-upstream instead of --track to set upstream on older git
  • Add pillar module for vault
  • Don't send REQ while another one is waiting for response.
  • Include saltenv/pillarenv into data in event.send
  • Make sure state.sls preserves saltenv/pillarenv
  • Fix orchestrate outputter when retcode is appended to orchestrate run
  • [dockerng] Pull missing images when calling dockerng.running
  • Adds support for encoded PowerShell commands.
  • Fixes #31343
  • Clarification on Windows Package Manager docs
  • For #31309 - state.grains.present able to only check for present
  • Improve config validation logging
  • Extend boto_iam with support for managed policies
  • Fix salt.utils.decorators.Depends
  • Add next gen win_servermanager execution and state modules for newer Windows minions
  • add mac_defaults test
  • renamed to and added tests
  • Add more mac group tests
  • Fix scaleway cloud provider and manage x86 servers
  • Updated release notes & module reference
  • Set option.explicit when passing from Saltfile
  • Implement the latest_version function in mac_brew
  • Add execution and state modules for managing Windows SMTP server
  • initial commit for a pcs module/state
  • Add an alias fetch function to grains and pillar module get
  • NetapiClient client method whitelist
  • Add ability to multimaster mode with master_type = func
  • Now a check_file_meta deletes temporary files when test=True
  • Integration tests for mac_shadow
  • add disable option to 'master_type' minion config token
  • Updated .testing.pylintrc to match newer versions of pylint
  • Enhance junos
  • Add slsutil.renderer execution function
  • [develop] Merge forward from 2016.3 to develop
  • Add `master_tries` config option for minions
  • Integration tests for mac_system
  • reliably detect duplicate keys during batch (or at least not crash)
  • Integration tests for
  • Integration Tests for
  • SMinion need wait future from eval_master
  • cmd.run_bg: Fixes
  • Fix the always-false behavior on checking state
  • Add ability for external_auth minions to be pulled from LDAP/AD
  • Fix suse libcloud support/hack
  • Configure script name
  • Add http_json external pillar
  • Rsync synchronized updates.
  • Add license information for pip modules
  • includes warning to resolve issue 31862
  • Add ability to set server state for HAProxy
  • set record_type to lowercase as api is case sensitive
  • Update external auth documentation to list supported matcher.
  • correct use of force flag in file.copy #23714
  • Added pycurl to python modules for windows installer
  • Add period to Tom's middle initial
  • Call utils method which imports the fastest json we can find
  • rename some functions in the pcs state module to follow best practices
  • Added servicenow execution module
  • modules.win_dacl: consistent case of dacl constants
  • Remove check_or_die for venv_bin
  • HipChat to use custom API
  • Adding some additional checks to thorium/
  • Add eq to check thorium state
  • Add certificate binding to win_iis
  • Correctly represent last newline in crontab
  • Libcloud DNS execution module
  • Support remote sources in a source list
  • Execution module for PSGet ( the powershell module management library )
  • It doesn't seem like there was a populated salt dunder within the
  • modification to `config.option()` and `config.merge()` to support
  • Compare uid and gid instead of name and group
  • [develop] update bootstrap to 2016.04.18 release
  • [2016.3] update bootstrap to 2016.04.18 release
  • Reduce duplicate code
  • Unbreak passwd change/expire reading on OpenBSD
  • Expose CherryPy option to write access and error logs
  • Make note of files that begin with '_' in master.d or minion.d dirs
  • Add docs for the http state
  • Windows: salt fails to start when running in system account
  • propagate opts to salt.util.http call
  • Don't stacktrace when using --out=highstate at CLI during state run.
  • Fix boto_vpc_test to work with #32677
  • Check rendered YAML for invalid keys
  • Files without pkg.owner are not skipped
  • allow top cfg to be YAML for consistency and flexibility
  • add nodegroups ext_pillar
  • linux_acl: Allow '-' as a separation character in ACL permissions. Fi…
  • Don't send passwords after shim delimiter is found
  • Gate jnpr imports in
  • Fix broken reactor function calls
  • Support verify_options for pkg.verify
  • Clarify file.replace MULTILINE flag interaction with regex anchors
  • Support for Advanced Policy Firewall (APF)
  • ufw module and states
  • FreeBSD Service module fix.
  • [WIP] CLI deamons
  • Avoid second grains load on windows multiprocessing
  • Fixed version comparison for packages with epoch
  • For #31309. If value not supplied only check for existence
  • Fix context clash.
  • salt-cloud - vultr - Change hard_timeout value to avoid use of timeout command
  • Back-port #32665 to 2015.8
  • Add initscripts, SystemD service units and environment files for Debian
  • Add has_ipv6 grains
  • Use ipaddress to validate ipv4/ipv6
  • Convert readthedocs links for their .org -> .io migration for hosted projects
  • Add base argument to salt-ssh grains wrapper for filter_by func
  • modules.gem int tests: more fixes
  • Add runner for execution modules
  • Save an entire minion cache traversal on each master pub
  • Back-port #33698 to 2015.8
  • [2016.3] Merge forward from 2015.8 to 2016.3
  • Add testinfra modules
  • Add the option to silence output from the X509 create_private_key function
  • ZD 762
  • Don't call os.getppid() on Windows
  • removes bad logic in wait_for_default_password
  • Removed `!`-password check for salt-cloud vultr provider
  • Added sanity and logging.
  • Add sortlist and options to parse_resolv() in utils/ + pylint issues + refactoring
  • ssh: keep original permissions, when hashing known_hosts
  • [RFC] Pillar rendering ensures that each pillar layer has data from previous layers
  • Cmd filter
  • utils/ - Fix for accessing returner configur…
  • Archive unzip permissions
  • Fetching grains['os'] from /etc/os-release on SUSE systems if it is possible
  • Document sudo policy for gitfs post-recieve hook
  • 3010 exit codes Remembered for boot session
  • Fix naive fileserver map diff algorithm
  • [RFC] Reload modules after reading external pillar to make values available to static pillar
  • Migrate boto_rds to boto3
  • Support salt.state orchestration in masterless mode
  • Update hold packages in yum.
  • Network integration test
  • Fix iptables.flush state: Do not force 'filter' table when flushing
  • Update correct default value for spm_build_dir
  • Make apache.configfile state handle the Options list correctly
  • Fix runas function for System Account
  • Increase the speed of test suite startup
  • 2016.3 mount vfstab support
  • Several new boto_* functions and a couple of bugfixes
  • Fix integration tests on Windows
  • Update chkconfig for xinetd based services
  • Regex support in publisher ACL rules.
  • detect running from master in State.event method
  • return list of nodes for lxc driver when called directly
  • Correct handling of min/maxdepth during file.find (#34217)
  • Remove repr formatting flag in places where it is used solely for quoting
  • Automated test for saltutil.kill_job
  • Don't traverse directories that match file_ignore_regex and file_ignore_glob
  • Add features to CSF module
  • Vmware common gh
  • fix pillar/pillar-pcre pillar/top targetting
  • New execution module to make testing state/highstate logic easy
  • fixes 32109
  • Report unresponsive minions in batch mode
  • Proposed feature implementation for #31661
  • attempt to fix #25168
  • [2015.8] Merge forward from 2015.5 to 2015.8
  • Properly gate pythoncom
  • Properly gate makostack
  • INFRA-1590 - add several useful functions/fixes to boto_asg, boto_iam, boto_lc
  • Add support for more options to Cassandra CQL returner
  • Bugfix: Exit on configuration read (backport)
  • Bugfix: Exit on configuration read (backport)
  • catch error if no dns domains exist
  • Bugfix: Exit on configuration read
  • Clarifies the proper way to reference states
  • Snapper execution module and state for Salt
  • Added param to choose how to allocate EIP - to VPC or EC2 region
  • fix for mod_aggregate in (state module), if fromrepo is used
  • #28085
  • Implement includes for the mongo ext_pillar.
  • add num_cpus grain to freebsd
  • Py3 fixes for running unit tests in the unit/states/ directory.
  • handle jboss cli expression type in the parsing of output
  • Add NILinuxRT support to timezone execution module
  • Fixes #34501 Bug-fix. Hiera didn't work without key
  • fixes multiple values in mof configuration
  • fixed missed passing of region, key, keyid, and profile into the boto_sns.unsubscribe call into the execution module
  • Add skip_verify for archive.extracted
  • [WIP] Creating Docker images with pure Salt and running Salt commands inside containers
  • Updated postgres returner to support new API
  • Add osmajorrelease grain for Suse
  • fix proposal for #34438
  • Add support for git_pillar 'mountpoint' parameter.
  • The '_handle_event_socket_recv' function in Salt Api is missing first data of stream.
  • Assume two EVRs are equal if E and V are equal but one R is missing.
  • Check return dict on saltutil integration test
  • Salt cloud esx 5 5 fixes
  • prioritize hostname matches
  • Fix sysmod integration tests on Windows
  • fixes saltstack/salt#34885
  • Key cache
  • [BUG] Integration test for CLI summary output
  • Might be a good idea to be able to download the software we make
  • New module: openstack_mng
  • Better systemd integration
  • Add a note to LocalClient docs about IOLoops
  • Returner self destruct
  • ProfitBricks cloud provider features and improvements
  • Add minion transport failover
  • Clarify config.get docstring
  • Back-port #35463 to 2016.3
  • Cassandra returner bugfixes and documentation.
  • use __utils__ in
  • Add linux support for {get,set}_computer_desc CONTINUED
  • Run self.close only if GC did not delete the class before the instance
  • INFRA-1931 - support (present/absent) for hosted zones in states/boto_route53
  • Fix winrepo root in develop
  • Hide minion config page, add master config file
  • [FEATURE][RFC] pre loader (fully-contained extensions)
  • Win_firewall_test was not properly gated to windows
  • Option to display id instead of name in state_ouptut: mixed
  • git.latest: Add a hint for possible rev changes resulting in non-fast-forward failures
  • Returns back missed proper grains dictionary for file module
  • grains.filter_by: allow grain value to be a list
  • Allow for additional module validation functions.
  • Use salt.utils.normalize_mode() instead of coercing int modes to octal
  • [FEATURE] retcode passthrough exitstatus
  • [RFC] Add linux support for {get,set}_computer_desc
  • Fix integration tests for cmd state on Windows
  • [WIP] Fix integration tests for file state on Windows
  • [FEATURE] retcode passthrough exitstatus (take 2)
  • Print errors to stdout in salt-key as it's done in salt and salt-run.
  • Skip one Snapper test on 2.6
  • Update Salt's licensing information to include cptestcase
  • Test repo test fix
  • Update auth data on reauth.
  • Be more careful when processing output.
  • If we get an error from the Linode API, return it
  • Fix type error in network module for fbsd osmajorrelease compare
  • Add thresholds to calc module
  • compensate for lists in cmd perms check
  • Allow full path to be passed to show_sls (2015.8)
  • Allow full path to be passed to show_sls (2016.3)
  • Set the return code to 1 on salt-ssh highstate errors
  • Ensure network config file has trainling newline
  • Allow full path to be passed to show_sls (develop)
  • Clean up the module
  • Ignore IndexError in refresh_db() for Fixing #33963
  • win_pkg: Allow minion upgrade on batteries and report launch failure
  • Load UserProfile when using RunAs (2016.3)
  • Load UserProfile when using RunAs (develop)
  • INFRA-3927 - compare SQS policies as json rather than strings
  • Add test 35015
  • Add pybonjour based beacon for zeroconf announcement
  • Add features to `avahi_announce` beacon
  • shadow: test set&delete password for root
  • Fixes a bug that Ctrl-c not working on Salt CLI.
  • Add documentation about salt_interface to EC2 docs
  • Remove the compact outputter
  • Check for single quote before splitting on single quote
  • Typos are not fun!
  • fix git init --shared
  • [WIP] Handle concurency in salt.utils.schedule.handle_func
  • X509 fixes
  • states.schedule: splay is not ordereddict
  • add option to force a reauth for a docker registry
  • Add 'resolve_dns_fallback' option to config
  • Add available PS module names to shell_info
  • cp.get_url: fix `dest=None` behaviour with `salt://` URL
  • Add the option to skip updating the head for a hg latest state
  • Fix integration tests launching - remove redundant "config_dir" argument in call to ShellTestCase.run_run from SaltDaemonScriptBase._wait_until_running
  • was hopelessly broken on Solaris-like platforms
  • (re)introduce minimal weighing to get_fqhostname
  • [2016.11.0rc1] module.x509 did not handle mine.get output properly
  • Added HTML email highstate results returner
  • grains should have some information about zpools if available
  • Structure unification
  • Whitespace bugfix in linux acl.getfacl
  • Create datacenter gh
  • salt.modules.gpg: initialize GnuPG home dir with correct ownership
  • Update debian systemd unit files to use default KillMode, Type=notify
  • Fix diff output of test runs for Debian slave interfaces
  • state.high: fix test=True usage
  • Add stalekey engine
  • allow for closing stuff in beacons
  • Fix pillar merging when ext_pillar_first is enabled
  • Adapt MinionManager for Proxy Minions.
  • Fix log output for `--output=yaml` and `--output=json`
  • check retcode for service availability in systemd >= 231
  • Add the CLI client and pub_data as class attributes
  • Bugs/37191 minion hangs
  • Set logging level to 'info' for message about init system detection
  • Create
  • Increased timeout to test_badload zeromq test
  • Get properties of managed object gh
  • win_wua state and util
  • Add Amazon Kinesis support via boto3
  • decode pillar on minion side on receiving
  • Fix freeipa ldap groups
  • removed version check
  • Add 'refresh' option to 'pkg.list_pkgs'
  • Windows: Add log file rotation support
  • remove unnecessary call of _get_defaults_from_image
  • don't pull image in dockerng.running if test=true
  • Allow VMs created from scratch to be assigned to a specific host
  • Preserve the merge order specified in env_order
  • Wait for more appropriate flags while deploying a VPS via the vultr cloud interface.
  • Allow zabbix_host state to assign templates
  • Implement `status.uptime` on macOS
  • Master publish error reporting
  • allow the file.recurse state to support saltenv
  • [WIP] Make possible to reference previous pillars from subsequent pillars, as they specified in the top file
  • Create win_powershell utility
  • Add basic sanity checks for env_vars in pip.install function
  • Skip rest of loop on failed func match
  • Feature retcode passthrough exitstatus.4
  • Initial rework of grafana_datasource
  • Ignore certification validation for WinRM
  • Skip tests for any communication failure
  • change TIMEZONE on SUSE systems (bsc#1008933)
  • Remove the `v` from the tag reference
  • Don't completely replace grains dict when getting virtual data
  • Make sure grains hw values are clean
  • Add a section to the manual for the sqlite3 state that hints to
  • Use existing VM's VDD size if not specified in the cloud profile
  • Add unicode password formatting utility function to ldap3 module
  • Added Packet cloud driver
  • Raet internal client reference fix
  • Fix/workaround for issue #37355
  • raise exception on ipc msg subscriber so we can deal with them
  • Fixed state.salt.runner() reporting success on exceptions
  • Get default logging level and log file from default opts dict
  • PR regarding #25469
  • Infrastructure testing
  • implement lookup of salt master via dns SRV record
  • Enable pillarenv usage on state module 'state' and change git_pillar to ignore other environments
  • Feature to add passphrase protection for master keys.
  • Support cp.get_file|url to download files to a directory
  • Remove initdb dependency to consume postgres module.
  • Schema updates gh
  • consul_pillar support for limiting pillar exposure via minion targeting
  • Update
  • Deprecate expr_form argument in the LocalClient
  • Switch proxy_merge_grains_in_module option default from False to True
  • [2016.11] Merge forward from 2016.3 to 2016.11
  • use sleep from path for docker.sls_build
  • Additional aptpkg module unit tests
  • Adds an alternate implementation for a jinja filter decorator
  • Set default Salt Master address for a Syndic (like for a Minion)
  • Fix `salt-minion` initscript for RHEL5 (SysV) to pick up proper python version
  • Add functions from to
  • fix encoding problem aws responses
  • rsync port to 2015.8
  • Fix archive state: "directory exists"
  • Do not include "gpg-pubkey" packages, filtering by their name
  • Makes threads avoid blocking waiting while communicating using Zeromq.
  • WIP: Proxy keepalive feature
  • Corrected struct value in wtmp/btmp beacons
  • Icinga2 module and state draft proposal.
  • Windows Perms for and file.managed
  • Jinja filters
  • Added beacon for tracing string within log
  • Added all input variables for Joyent CreateMachine API call, fixed an…
  • Don't display full docs in sys.doc by default
  • Add docs and CLI examples for new modules
  • Add VC Redist 2008 SP1 MFC to installer
  • adding python-jenkins as dependecy in docs
  • Vsphere module function depends gh
  • Remove "event_publisher_pub_hwm" and "salt_event_pub_hwm" from config/
  • Vmware states helper functions gh
  • Fix for dynamic git_pillar when pillarenv is used
  • A couple of Python 3 compatibility fixes
  • Fix for #38318
  • added docs about LXC container templates
  • Documentation updates for boto_secgroup
  • Add NameError to exception in avahi_announce beacon
  • BUGFIX: return NoneType instead of set
  • Fixed prepending of root_dir override to the other paths
  • Fix for #38704 archive extracted and dockerio states
  • The `test` option is only valid for the minion, not the master
  • Fixes limited number of DNS/WINS servers returned by
  • Pass in client_args when calling influxdb execution module funcs
  • Update jinja2 to 2.9.4
  • correct checking of policy_class to compare with lower() version of t…
  • Try to resolve guest IP if VMware Tools is not installed
  • New state: statuspage
  • [2016.11.2/napalm] Better error message when NotImplementedError raised
  • Removed overloading of list()
  • [virt] setvcpus/setmem: fix return value parsing issue when calling vm_state(vm_)
  • ref/configuration/master: Document ping_on_rotate
  • Update bootstrap script verstion to latest release
  • Fix proposal for #36804
  • Back-port #37982 to 2016.11
  • correct issue when running lgpo.get with return_not_configured=True
  • rdurations should be floats so that they can be summed when profiling
  • Fix docs for zfs state module
  • boto_lambda.function_present state: allow Qualifier parameter in Permissions
  • Fix test pkg
  • Fix azure tests to query provider
  • Git state: head_ref should be head_rev in "latest" function
  • Patch calls to salt.client.Caller and salt.client.get_local_client in spm unit tests
  • Update win_dns_client to use reg.read_value and set_value
  • doc: make examples consistent with each other
  • cloud: update parsing of libcloud version
  • Non-recursive fibonacci implementation.
  • Unicode support to cp.push dir
  • show chanages in file.blockreplace function in testing mode.
  • Root dir prepend fix gh
  • Fix merge order of options in run_wfunc (fix mine.get issues)
  • New feature: automatic job batching
  • Allow to run as non-root user
  • Ensure strings in decorator
  • Added XML formatter to Jinja context
  • Look in /opt/*/lib instead of just /opt/local/lib on Illumos distros.
  • kernelpkg module
  • Make error more explicit when PKI dir not present for salt-call
  • win_snmp: Improve unicode support on Py2
  • Removes duplicates when merging pillar lists and adds pillar.get override for pillar_merge_lists
  • Fix issue with change in RSA key format in cryptodome [PENDING]
  • [DO NOT MERGE] Add win_unicode_console dependency
  • Isbm fix coregrains constants bsc#1032931
  • Upgrade apache-libcloud package dependency for 2.0
  • Use unicode codepage in batch files
  • Fixing roster grains by copying the grains generated on the local machine to the remote machine
  • Aliasing of salt-mine functions in salt-ssh
  • Fix win_firewall execution and state modules
  • When the minion key is denied by the master then exit status 77 (permission denied)
  • Fix a file.blockreplace test for Python 3
  • Fix keep_jobs keyerror in redis returner
  • try to fix scheduled jobs
  • Fixing module function to use correct rabbitmq command
  • Fix pkgrepo.managed always return changes for test=true
  • Update
  • Fix state "svn.latest" diff output in test mode
  • [backport] salt-proxy: Fix systemd unit file to handle more proxy names
  • postgres_schema: Add support for __opts__['test'] to present and absent states.
  • TCP transport: Fix occasional errors when using salt command
  • Back-port #41405 to nitrogen
  • pillar: target's state list support wildcard in top.sls
  • Add --no-parse CLI option to salt, salt-call, salt-run, and salt-ssh
  • Naive attempt to fix db escaping with GRANT
  • Partially revert 1b84bee06. Fixes #40517
  • saltutil module sync_* should default to base saltenv
  • Fix #41335 - list index out of range on empty line in authorized_keys
  • Add fqdn and dns core grain tests
  • combine mongodb_user/mongodb_database and add role grant/set methods
  • linux_syctl.default_config(): only return path, don't create it
  • added parameter apply_to for rabbitmq policy
  • Fix bug in's caller()
  • Remove various deprecated code for Oxygen release
  • gitfs: Add two new options to affect saltenv mapping
  • Implement MySQL-based minion data cache
  • Implement etcd based minion data cache
  • Move to unicode (3rd tier, tests)
  • Decode git call output in Python 3
  • Fix Unicode tests when run with LC_ALL=POSIX
  • Added source argument to function call
  • add seed option to rand_int
  • Fix exception when shutting down logging listener
  • check the lowstate __id__ before using it
  • Fix 9 tests on Python 3
  • Improve/remove PATH environment modifications
  • Endode results to utf-8
  • [develop] Merge forward from oxygen to develop
  • Fix traceback when exception instances are passed to our custom exceptions
  • philips_hue: extend docs and fix status with id
  • Fix stacktrace at the end of a test
  • [WIP] zfs/zpool refactor
  • [2017.7] Merge forward from 2016.11 to 2017.7
  • Add "exclude_patterns" option to Sentry log handler.
  • Raise LimitNOFILE to default max open files
  • Use dbus-run-session instead of dbus-launch
  • Add unit tests for the SSDP (network discovery)
  • make atime and mtime integers in file.touch()
  • Support generators/iterators in the encode/decode helpers
  • add label_selector to kubernetes module list functions
  • Add onlyifempty to group.absent
  • Fix file.symlink backupname with basename path + file.move
  • modules.debian_ip: Fix resolv.conf handling
  • [WIP] Boto iam role fix pseudo deepdiff
  • Fix for duplicate entries with pkrepo.managed
  • Remove redundant lines in
  • Patch around ResourceRecords needing to be present for AliasTarget
  • Simplify firewall rules
  • [2017.7] Fixes to modules/
  • Fix issue with reg.present
  • A couple of grammar updates for the state compiler docs
  • Backporting #45935 to 2017.7
  • Add missing six import in boto_cfn module
  • RFC: pkg.list_pkgs format change
  • pip.list_all_versions now can read index_url
  • Add NetBox module autodoc
  • Fix incorrect translation of docker port_bindings -> ports (2017.7 branch)
  • Fix incorrect translation of docker port_bindings -> ports
  • Fix Py2 unicode issue in
  • Fix cmd run_all bg error
  • [develop] Porting PR #45844 to Develop branch.
  • LGPO Module: Convert reg values to unicode for debug
  • Fix for #45884 ("TypeError: can't serialize <NodeImage" when calling salt-cloud with the dimensiondata driver)
  • add execution module for OpenBSD Packet Filter
  • Kubernetes: Support for modifying container image
  • pillar_ldap: Add 'mode: dict'
  • ec2_pillar update to fix finding instance-id
  • fix for local client timeout bug
  • Remove quadratic behaviour from postgres.role_get
  • [WIP] zfs/zpool refactor
  • [develop] Ability to override retcode from various cmdmod functions
  • Don't call close on singletons
  • modules.postgres: cleanup handling of password kwargs
  • Fix selinux.fcontext_policy_present for Centos 6
  • Make vault session token reusable
  • Route53 AliasTarget and Infinite loop fixes
  • Fix ldap eauth
  • Add credentials and secretfile to mount.mounted mount_invisible_keys
  • Add docker.prune - pruning for Docker subsystems
  • [develop] Properly deprecate template context data
  • Fix a unicode issue with the git module on Windows
  • cmdmod: reimplementation of #45932 for Oxygen
  • Fix mysql grant comparisons
  • INFRA-6555 - add support for password_reset_required=True to AWS user creation
  • driver and provider should be specified
  • [develop] Removing deprecation warnings from client/
  • [develop] Adding a timezone to grains locale_info
  • Add team-suse to CODEOWNERS file for zypper files
  • [2018.3] Merge forward from 2017.7 to 2018.3
  • Add a KMS Envelope-Encryption Renderer
  • [develop] Porting #46084 to develop
  • Add os grains test cases for Debian/Ubuntu and fix oscodename on Ubuntu
  • Update release versions for the develop branch
  • Update release versions for the 2017.7 branch
  • Update release versions for the 2016.11 branch
  • Make default pki directory configurable
  • modules/ Change get_interfaces_details
  • Allow configuring HTTP connect timeout
  • In OpenRC exec module, make sure to ignore retcode on status
  • Handle IPv6 scope parameter in resolv.conf
  • Add initial work on gpfs execution and state modules
  • modify _get_pid by pidfile
  • bugfix for auth_safemode
  • Adding source_group_name_vpc parameter to boto_secgroup state
  • Properly remove package folder from modules
  • Add the hadoop dfsadmin command !
  • Scalability improvements to the redis cache module
  • Add the ability to send Salt minion keys to the userdata script
  • Managed os disk support and show instance action improvements
  • iptables cgroup support
  • Pylint cleanups for salt/{modules,states}/
  • Fixes stdout user environment corruption
  • Fix KeyError in salt/states/
  • salt-ssh: fix JSON load of return data when it contains non-ascii
  • fix salt subset in orchestrator
  • Add engine relaying libvirt events
  • New grains fetching detailed hypervisor info for Xen domains
  • load grains for salt.cmd runner
  • Made state-level failhard override global failhard.
  • Add ability to pass encoding to render_jinja_tmpl
  • cleanup getaddrinfo() usage in dns_check()
  • Fix cp.push empty file
  • Support unittest.mock from Python >= 3.6 again
  • Explore '' state module output in depth to catch "result" properly
  • zabbix.host_get should use host instead of name to get host information
  • Add env-support to composer modules/states
  • [2018.3.0rc1] fixes to x509 module
  • [2018.3] Merge forward from 2017.7 to 2018.3
  • Reworked modules.restartcheck: optimize code, generator, timeout
  • linux_lvm module: refactor lvresize
  • [Do not merge] SSH State test failures
  • Fix using names with listen and listen_in
  • Fix ValueError for template in AppsV1beta1DeploymentSpec
  • Fixes a timing bug of saltnado's client local.
  • add multi sysctl
  • Line mixed line ends
  • Add boto_rds.db_cluster_present
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