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Average time to close an issue 9 days
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Open pull requests 82+
Closed pull requests 22+
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Rundeck is an open source automation service with a web console, command line tools and a WebAPI. It lets you easily run automation tasks across a set of nodes.

See the Release Notes for the latest version information.

To Build:

Primary build is supported with gradle. More info in the wiki.

Gradle Build

./gradlew build


  • rundeckapp/target/rundeck-X.Y.war
  • rundeck-launcher/launcher/build/libs/rundeck-launcher-X.Y.jar

Other builds

The documentation can be built with pandoc.

Build the documentation. Artifacts in docs/en/dist:

cd docs

You can build .rpm or .deb files (requires pandoc to build the docs):

Build the RPM. Artifacts in packaging/rpmdist/RPMS/noarch/*.rpm

make rpm

Build the .deb. Artifacts in packaging/*.deb:

make deb

To build clean:

make clean


There are several install options: a self-contained jar file, or RPM, or Debian.

To start from the rundeck-launcher.jar, put it in a directory named ~/rundeck, then execute:

java -Xmx1024m -Xms256m -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=256m -server -jar rundeck-launcher-2.0.0.jar

If you'd like to install via RPM, you can use Yum:

rpm -Uvh 
yum install rundeck

OR install directly from RPM:

rpm -ivh rundeck-2.0.0-xxx.rpm rundeck-config-2.0.0-xxx.rpm

Once the RPM is installed, execute:

sudo /etc/init.d/rundeckd start

The server should launch on port 4440, with default username/password of admin/admin.

For Debian, download the .deb from the downloads page, then run:

dpkg -i rundeck-2.0.0-x.deb
  • For more info and configuration information, see the Rundeck docs.


Java 8 (openjdk, oracle)

Pandoc (documentation build only)


Available online at



Refer to the IDE Development Environment to get set up using IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse/STS.

Do you have changes to contribute? Please see the Development wiki page.


Copyright 2017 Rundeck, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the License); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an AS IS BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

rundeck open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • about 3 years Can not use environment variables in node executor script plugin
  • about 3 years Unable to bind as authenticating user when using LDAP login
  • about 3 years Rundeck 2.6.10 upgrade breaks rundeck on CentOS
  • about 3 years Having trouble deleting projects
  • about 3 years Allow Job options with secure default to not allow user input
  • about 3 years rundeck CentOS7 yum install results in error 302
  • about 3 years Time shown in different time zones
  • about 3 years Add option for ssh plugin to use different node attribute for ssh address
  • about 3 years Job Create Error Message
  • about 3 years How to pass the data from current job to reference job as input options
  • about 3 years For mails sent as part of job execution the mail-id in 'From:' to be picked up from ${}
  • about 3 years Feature Request: Add CAS SSO support for authentication
  • about 3 years Feature Request - User confirmation that you want to run a job
  • about 3 years Add ACL to allow users "kill" only their own executions
  • about 3 years Upgrade jetty to latest stable, 7.6.x or newer
  • about 3 years Error while doing "/api/17/job/${SCM_JOB_ID}/scm/import/action/import-all"
  • about 3 years Rundeck doesn't rotate logs Jobs(json)
  • about 3 years Jobs always get killed/aborted at 7:34pm
  • about 3 years Where jobs run is confusing
  • about 3 years Enhancement: Syntax highlighting on the Node Filters field
  • about 3 years Can't use separate SSH keys for file copier and Node Executor
  • about 3 years Job Step Conditional Error Message
  • about 3 years Get all options from context ${option.*}
  • about 3 years support paging view of "project/<project_name>/jobs"
  • about 3 years Rundeck Cluster Setup
  • about 3 years grails-plugin-databinding-2.4.4.jar/META-INF/grails-plugin.xml missing on WAR deployment on WildFly
  • about 3 years Deadlock when deleting project
  • about 3 years The "kill job" does not work
  • about 3 years Document how terminal works with workflow steps/new CLI tools
  • about 3 years Profiler grails plugin does not work with production mode war
rundeck open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Gradle upgrade 2.11
  • Ensure creation of /tmp/rundeck directory
  • Feature/project homepage enhancements
  • Project List page (home page) enhancements
  • This adds dattepicker functionality.
  • change field mapping for jsonData for #1579
  • added web.xml to rpmbuild spec so it doesnt get replaced on update
  • Duallistbox node selection
  • Prevents remote option spam in issue 1391 by using onChange event
  • Update rundeck.spec
  • DD/MM/YYYY and 24h format for dates and time
  • Fix: Add a missing space in example
  • Upgrade h2 lib to 1.4.187
  • Added include and exclude node filters into execution data provided to notification plugins
  • ignore filter dominance, change filter logic for #794
  • Change init script to use start-stop-daemon and provide proper PID
  • Add job.executionType context variable
  • upgrade asset-pipeline for #1326
  • API Documentation
  • fix #1868, allow key storage conversion for script based workflow step plugins
  • Preauthentication filter
  • Don't allow starting rundeckd multiple times.
  • 1378 : Compress .rdlog with gzip compression
  • fix #1954 improve error message when default key storage value cannot…
  • Support for ad hoc scheduling of jobs
  • Schedule owner plus heartbeat
  • fix #2002
  • Fixes #1994
  • Fix #2024 can't reload remote job option value
  • Adding support for init parameters
  • Add support for job reference node intersect
  • Fix issue #2089 and some [shellcheck]( warning
  • Add documentation to configure Rundeck with PostgreSQL DB
  • Rundeck-853: Override option list by providing options in URL
  • Issue with disable schedule job on cluster
  • Feature/track job author
  • Custom color on top navbar
  • fix #2150 broken rss feed url
  • fix #2151 API token authentication failure observes accept header
  • Link to runbook tab for a job
  • Add executionType
  • Add ISO8601 timestamp to log4j ConsoleAppenders
  • Remove parameter states from execution state API
  • Use configured date format for 'Run Job Later' date/time picker
  • Automatic database migration
  • add RUNDECK_WITH_SSL env var to uncomment
  • Prevent csrf attacks
  • Fix some i18n error messages
  • Cleanup/remove node filter code
  • Job notifications in xml should be canonical fixes #2483
  • Fix #2487 broken js autocomplete if a file option exists
  • Shared data context and data passing between steps
  • Update postgresql connector to 42.0.0
  • Reduce Error logs on steps with Error Handler
  • Flag for success when node filter does not match any node
  • Update not-yet-commons-ssl dependency to 0.3.17
  • Update jackson-databind to
  • Upgrade jsch to 0.1.54
  • External Job State Conditional plugin.
  • Job Reference on another Project
  • add doc: prevent local rundeck execution (acls)
  • Rundeck init scripts updates
  • Time Zone support
  • install pam dependency to use libpam4j
  • Fix #2942 ProjectNodeSupport does not reload sources after close
  • Select job xml/yaml format based on selected file name in upload form
  • Fix #3012 admin access required to modify project config/nodes in gui
  • Adjustments for rundeck pro security.
  • Allow option value for thread count
  • JobRef import options
  • Project description
  • Add unicode icons to HTML page title for execution results
  • Added outputstream exception for Windows.
  • Rundeck init scripts updates
  • Incomplete report at start on jobref
  • serverNodeUUID field to varchar
  • Plugins control
  • Upgrading ansible plugin version to 2.2.2
  • Option "label" field for display name
  • Force to kill execution on database problem
  • Fix: Matched Nodes list is not (Auto) Refreshed in Jobs
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  • rundeck - switch to root user in job script
  • How to make rundeck CLI tools connect using localhost?
  • windows nodes and rundeck
  • Start Rundeck at system startup
  • Rundeck: com.sun.mail.smtp.SMTPSendFailedException: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first
  • Rundeck sudo-prompt-pattern
  • puppet exit code 2 while expecting 0 with rundeck
  • How to restrict access to job groups in Rundeck for different users?
  • Rundeck winrm configuration
  • su command is not executed in Rundeck
  • How to use sensitive passwords needed to run scripts within RunDeck?
  • Rundeck Cluster with Mysql Backend Run Job Error - An Error Occurred Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
  • How to configure a default node to execute rundeck commands against?
  • Jenkins Rundeck plugin authentication
  • Is it a good idea to make Ansible and Rundeck work together, or using either one is enough?
  • Rundeck :: Execute a python script
  • Rundeck Status shows "dead" despite rundeck being up and running
  • Rundeck Job Import using Rundeck rest api in java
  • Rundeck project and job sync between 2 instances with backend as mysql cluster
  • Why does Rundeck NodeFirstWorkflowStrategy execute StepFirstWorkflowStrategy? The outcome is sometimes step first succeed but node first fails
  • Rundeck on a common mount point with mysql db cluster
  • Sync rundeck grailsdb in two rundecks running in separate VM
  • Rundeck High-availability without using vagrant
  • nohup command could not generate the nohup.out file by rundeck job
  • Bamboo Jobs kick off from Rundeck and Execute Bamboo jobs from command Prompt
  • Partial node list returned in RunDeck 2.5
  • sharing rundeck jobs between users
  • Automating Rundeck in a CD platform- adding nodes to rundeck
  • How can Rundeck pass a list of machines to the script?
  • Rundeck GMail SMTP not working
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