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Ridiculously Uncomplicated macOS Python Statusbar apps

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R\ idiculously U\ ncomplicated m\ acOS P\ ython S\ tatusbar apps.

.. image:: https://raw.github.com/jaredks/rumps/master/examples/rumps_example.png

.. code-block:: python

import rumps

class AwesomeStatusBarApp(rumps.App):
    def prefs(self, _):
        rumps.alert("jk! no preferences available!")

    @rumps.clicked("Silly button")
    def onoff(self, sender):
        sender.state = not sender.state

    @rumps.clicked("Say hi")
    def sayhi(self, _):
        rumps.notification("Awesome title", "amazing subtitle", "hi!!1")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    AwesomeStatusBarApp("Awesome App").run()

How fun!?

rumps can greatly shorten the code required to generate a working app. No PyObjC underscore syntax required!

Use case

rumps is for any console-based program that would benefit from a simple configuration toolbar or launch menu.

Good for:

  • Notification-center-based app
  • Controlling daemons / launching separate programs
  • Updating simple info from web APIs on a timer

Not good for:

  • Any app that is first and foremost a GUI application


  • PyObjC
  • Python 2.6+

Mac OS X 10.6 was shipped with Python 2.6 as the default version and PyObjC has been included in the default Python since Mac OS X 10.5. If you're using Mac OS X 10.6+ and the default Python that came with it, then rumps should be good to go!


  • py2app

For creating standalone apps, just make sure to include rumps in the packages list. Most simple statusbar-based apps are just background apps (no icon in the dock; inability to tab to the application) so it is likely that you would want to set 'LSUIElement' to True. A basic setup.py would look like,

.. code-block:: python

from setuptools import setup

APP = ['example_class.py']
    'argv_emulation': True,
    'plist': {
        'LSUIElement': True,
    'packages': ['rumps'],

    options={'py2app': OPTIONS},

With this you can then create a standalone,

.. code-block:: bash

python setup.py py2app


Using pip,

.. code-block:: bash

pip install rumps

Or from source,

.. code-block:: bash

python setup.py install

Both of which will require sudo if installing in a system-wide location.


Documentation is available at http://rumps.readthedocs.org


Modified BSD License. See LICENSE for details. Copyright Jared Suttles, 2017.

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  • Add support for secure text entry in rumps.Window
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  • remove Mac from OS X
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  • (Fix) String compatibility for python3:
  • Added slider menu items
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