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Tiny Desk Concerts Roku app

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Tiny Desk Concerts Roku app


Put your Roku into Dev Mode.

Your Roku will tell you its IP address and have you set a developer password. Set these in your .bash_profile:

export ROKU_IP=""
export ROKU_PASSWORD="mypassword"

Install the Python requirements:

$ mkvirtualenv roku-tinydesk
$ pip install requirements.txt

Generate JSON feed

This step is not necessary to run the app.

To regenerate the API feed you will need a superuser NPR API key and our AWS keys. Set the API key in your .bash_profile like so:


Install s3cmd and configure it with the nprapps AWS keys:

$ s3cmd --configure

To generate (and deploy) the Tiny Desk API feed:

$ workon roku-tinydesk
$ ./update_feed.py

Package & Deploy

To package up the code and deploy it to your Roku:

$ ./install.sh


Distribute the app

Note: If this process isn't completed with Chris' Roku keys, users of the app will lose their registry data. The way around this is to rekey each developer's Roku with the same RSA key. Read more here:


Note part 2: This is probably irrelevant anyway, because you would need Chris' Roku credentials to access the upload page. Ergo, these docs are really just for him.

Distributing the app to Roku requires jumping through additional hoops. First, you'll need to generate crypotgraphic keys on your Roku. Do this like so:

$ telnet $ROKU_IP 8080
> genkey

Your password will be print out: save it. Exit the telnet session by typing quit.

Add this new password to your ~/.bash_profile:


Now to generate a shippable zip, simply run:

$ ./ship.sh 1.0

You must supply a version number as the first argument.

Now take your new package and upload it at: https://owner.roku.com/Developer/Apps/Packages/23962


To connect to your Roku for debugging:

$ telnet $ROKU_IP 8085

Google Analytics

The following events are tracked in Google Analytics:

Category Action Label Value Custom 1 Custom 2
Tiny Desk Startup rokuModel rokuFirmware
Tiny Desk Shutdown sessionDuration numWatched numFinished
Tiny Desk Start title fromList searchTerm
Tiny Desk Continue title fromList searchTerm
Tiny Desk Finish title
Tiny Desk Stop title playtime stoppedAtPct
Tiny Desk Search term
Tiny Desk Feed Unavailable
Tiny Desk Completion percent


  • The Shutdown action isn't recorded until the next time the application is run, because there is no reliable shutdown event in a Roku app. As a result, sessionDuration will always be approximate.
  • The Stop action is reported alongside the Finish action when a video is completed, for purposes of tracking playtimes.
  • There is no concept of a ping in this event model, so users will appear inactive on the Google Analytics dashboard while in the middle of a long video or sitting on a menu. Their sessionDuration recorded in the Shutdown event will correctly include the this time.
  • The Feed Unavailable action occurs if the feed.json file can not be downloaded from S3 after several attempts. (Do to an error or poor connectivity.)
  • Completion added in April, 2015. Reported values are [25, 50, 75, 100].

Code conventions

Because Roku dev lacks strong (or any) code conventions, I'm defining my own.


  • Constants: UPPERCASE
  • Variables, public members and public functions: camelCase
  • Objects/Constructors: TitleCase
  • Public member functions: GridScreen.refreshLists = GridScreen_refreshLists
  • Private member functions GridScreen._initLists = _GridScreen_initLists
  • Private member vars: _underscorePrefixed
  • Keywords: lowercase, e.g. function and end function

All rules for function names also apply when calling case-insensitive built-in functions, e.g. createObject() and count().

Code organization

Leave a line of whitespace after function and before end function

Never use sub. Always use function.


In class constructors define the class object as this. In member functions redefine the class object as this = m. Never use m to refer to the global namespace.


Comments describing a functions purpose should precede the function defintion.

Modules should begin with a block comment explaning their purpose:

' Explainer goes here

function main()
    blah blah
roku-tinydesk open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 5 years Re-insert live Roku ad url
  • over 6 years Move assets out of repo so we can MIT license it
  • over 7 years Maybe update the splash screen
  • over 7 years Interstitial typography
  • over 7 years Context clue for radio mode
  • over 7 years CMS for greatest hits list
  • over 7 years Do fancier sponsor messages natively (instead of as lead-in to the video)
  • over 7 years Organize by mood
  • over 7 years Video corruption when playing ads a 2nd time (Roku 1?)
  • over 7 years Favorites -- mark videos as a favorite? play my favs in a batch?
  • over 7 years Lists by genre
  • over 7 years Do we have firmware requirements?
  • over 7 years tiny desk radio -- plays them pseudo randomly ??
  • over 7 years list of staff favorite videos?
  • over 7 years list of videos currently being watched by others?
  • over 7 years most popular videos list
  • over 7 years suggested videos
  • over 7 years Put a url on screen somewhere to give folks more info about the music
  • over 7 years Generate domain hash from function rather than static
  • over 7 years Analytics requests should be asynchronous
  • over 7 years restart play from beginning (restart play from where i left off is default)
  • over 7 years alphabetical list
  • over 7 years Frequent buffering in HD
  • over 7 years Need custom images for each video that include the artist name
  • over 7 years Videos getting clipped?
  • over 7 years A way to mark/unmark as watched
  • over 7 years Should play first unwatched video on load
  • over 7 years Handle video playback failure
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  • Remove line causing compilation error
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