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A plugin for automatically restoring file's cursor position and folding

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This is a mirror of

This is plugin for automatically restore one file's cursor position and folding information after restart vim.

This is a simple script to autosave cursor position and fold information using vim\&#039s mkview. Although you can easily do this job by just add serveral line to {.,_}vimrc, write a script plugin can make it more clean and nice. We assume you use a new enough vim to enjoy these feature. Hope you love it:)

Views are only be saved when you save/write a file or EXIT VIM.

Suggested Setting: Please put them in you vimrc: set viewoptions=cursor,folds,slash,unix " let g:skipview_files = ['*.vim']

Set it in a plugin file looks dirty to me. So you\&#039d better do it your self. This only keywords not in viewoptions is \\options\\\. I believe it does not belong to a view. If you think you need it, feel free to put it in. If you do not want views of some files to be saved, please set g:loaded_restore_view. The longer time you use, the bigger view folder you will have. So if you use UNIX environment, you may need to use cron to do some clean job.

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