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A simple resource directory mounter for koa.

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A simple resource directory mounter for koa.

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var koa = require('koa');
var resource = require('koa-resourcer');

var app = koa();
resource(app, join(__dirname, 'resources') [, callback])

The idea behind koa-resourcer is complete modularity within your koa app. Each directory can be a stand-alone koa application with all it's own tests, docs, dependencies, etc. koa-resourcer makes it easy to mount these apps if you follow a simple directory pattern.

Directory structure

Say we have the following directory structure:

|-- v1/users/
|   |-- config.json
|   `-- app.js
|-- v1/products/
|   |-- config.json
|   |-- makefile
|   |-- index.js
|   |-- lib/
|   |   `-- utils.js
|   `-- test/
|       `-- index.js
`-- v2/users/
    |-- config.json
    `-- fun.js

We have three independent apps here. v1/users/app.js, v1/products/index.js and v2/users/fun.js. We could use koa-mount directly and be done with it but that requires the parent application to know where all the apps are and the paths on which they should be mounted.

var koa = require('koa')
var mount = require('koa-mount')
var app = koa()

var v1users = require('./v1/users/app.js')
app.use(mount('v1/users/', v1users))

var v2users = require('./v2/users/fun.js')
app.use(mount('v2/users/', v2users))

var v1products = require('./v1/products/')
app.use(mount('v1/products/', v1products))

// and so on, and so on, for each of your sub apps....


With koa-resourcer you let your directory structure and some simple config files do the talking for you, keeping your parent application peacefully oblivious.

var koa = require('koa')
var join = require('path').join
var resource = require('koa-resourcer')
var app = koa()

resource(app, join(__dirname, 'resources'))



Each application directory must contain a config.json file. The config.json file is used to discover the location of the application source code. This information is stored in it's source property.

// resources/v1/users/config.json

{ "source": "app.js" }

By relying on the directory structure to determine route paths, koa-resourcer will automatically mount app.js on /v1/users/ for you. If this path isn't quite what you want, koa-resourcer also supports configuring your path names in the config.json files.

// resources/v1/users/config.json

{ "source": "app.js", "path": "user" }

By adding the path property to our configuration, koa-resourcer will now mount the app on /v1/user/.


If you pass a callback function as the third argument to koa-resourcer, it will be executed for each mounted application passing an object containing the path and application resource.

var koa = require('koa')
var join = require('path').join
var resource = require('koa-resourcer')
var app = koa()

resource(app, join(__dirname, 'resources'), function(o){
  console.log('mounted %s', o.path, o.resource)



npm install koa-resourcer --save


running tests

  • make test runs tests
  • make test-cov runs tests + test coverage
  • make open-cov opens test coverage results in your browser

verbose logging

koa-resourcer supports the debug module for help during development. Enable verbose logging by setting your DEBUG env variable like so:

DEBUG=koa-resourcer* npm test

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