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Make Your Company Data Driven. Connect to any data source, easily visualize and share your data.

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Statistics on redash

Number of watchers on Github 8645
Number of open issues 280
Average time to close an issue about 18 hours
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 2 days
Open pull requests 171+
Closed pull requests 78+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 9.68 MB
Organization / Authorgetredash
Latest Releasev3.0.0
Page Updated
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Redash is our take on freeing the data within our company in a way that will better fit our culture and usage patterns.

Prior to Redash, we tried to use traditional BI suites and discovered a set of bloated, technically challenged and slow tools/flows. What we were looking for was a more hacker'ish way to look at data, so we built one.

Redash was built to allow fast and easy access to billions of records, that we process and collect using Amazon Redshift (petabyte scale data warehouse that speaks PostgreSQL). Today Redash has support for querying multiple databases, including: Redshift, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Graphite, Presto, Google Spreadsheets, Cloudera Impala, Hive and custom scripts.

Redash consists of two parts:

  1. Query Editor: think of JS Fiddle for SQL queries. It's your way to share data in the organization in an open way, by sharing both the dataset and the query that generated it. This way everyone can peer review not only the resulting dataset but also the process that generated it. Also it's possible to fork it and generate new datasets and reach new insights.
  2. Dashboards/Visualizations: once you have a dataset, you can create different visualizations out of it, and then combine several visualizations into a single dashboard. Currently it supports charts, pivot table and cohorts.


You can try out the demo instance: (login with any Google account).

Getting Started

Getting Help

  • Issues:
  • Discussion Forum:
  • Slack:
  • Gitter (chat):

Reporting Bugs and Contributing Code

  • Want to report a bug or request a feature? Please open an issue.
  • Want to help us build Redash? Fork the project, edit in a dev environment, and make a pull request. We need all the help we can get!



redash open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Sorting of Queries view not working
  • almost 3 years Html injection with '<' and '>' in the SELECT
  • almost 3 years vagrant up than default: : No such file or directory
  • almost 3 years Share access permissions for add/remove widgets
  • almost 3 years Release version 0.12.0
  • almost 3 years Docker Compose install error - docs or me failing?
  • almost 3 years Feature Request: Sorting on Multiple Columns
  • almost 3 years Create standard API response type
  • almost 3 years Allow uploading SSL certificate to enable working with self signed certificate
  • almost 3 years Add time of the day option when refreshing queries once a week/month
  • almost 3 years Configuration for table visualization
  • almost 3 years ability to define colors for pie charts
  • almost 3 years Cyrillic labels are overlapping the pie chart
  • almost 3 years New plot options
  • almost 3 years Button to refresh all the queries in a dashboard
  • almost 3 years Select and do actions simultaneously on several queries
  • almost 3 years Ability to add a "total" line to stacked graph
  • almost 3 years a bug
  • almost 3 years [feature request] Hide customizing parameters after adding pivot table to dashboard
  • almost 3 years No X label on charts, when stacking is enabled
  • almost 3 years Problems with Vagrant
  • almost 3 years [Feature Request] Custom CSS
  • almost 3 years [Feature Request] able to leave a comment or annotation about data or chart
  • almost 3 years Ability to force a refresh before fetching results
  • almost 3 years User without execute_query permission can't refresh dashboard widgets
  • almost 3 years Results containing opening bracket (<) are not displayed
  • almost 3 years UI without navigation menu when navigating from a public dashboard
  • almost 3 years Feature Request: Add ability to share a dashboard with any registered user
  • almost 3 years Error 500 in public dashboards that contains query with parameters
  • almost 3 years Celery config - set `CELERY_ACCEPT_CONTENT`
redash open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Feature: download Excel file from dashboard.
  • Add comment about what set_google_apps_domains actually does
  • A Spinning Wheel were added. This will be shown while the widgets are…
  • WIP: Use redash's docker-hub nginx image
  • Improve treasuredata plugin
  • Support for REMOTE_USER authentication
  • List only dashboards available to current user based on user's groups
  • WIP Feature: running queries monitor
  • Flexible notifications
  • Adding two badges for better visibility.
  • Extend ElasticSearch query_runner to support aggregations
  • Hide dashboards that current user cannot see based on his groups
  • Add hide_schema option to data sources to disable schema sidebar
  • Filter enhancements
  • adds basic docker compose instructions
  • Improve the Vagrant flow
  • Feature/drill
  • Issue#1006: Make bottom margin editable for Chart visualization
  • Feature: Add CLI to edit group permissions
  • add change items by page to ng_smart_table.js
  • Add editor theme
  • Fix: install needed dependencies to use Hive
  • Strip HTML tags from Excel file download
  • WIP: UI for query parameters
  • Feature: word cloud visualization
  • Fix: area chart stacking doesn't work
  • Mark basic_auth_password as secret
  • Share modify/access permissions for queries and dashboard
  • Fix #1101: Query execution fails if user name has unicode characters
  • Update permission documentation
  • Update datasources.rst for a new way using Google Spreadsheet.
  • improve dashboard UI.
  • Enable to connect Azure Database
  • Control celery worker count with environment variables, defaults to 2
  • Ability to register user defined function (UDF) resources for BigQuery DataSource/Query
  • Change: add support for Standard SQL in BigQuery query runner
  • Fix: "download dataset" in embed with parameters
  • Fix RST formatting
  • Fix: Alert: when hipchat is multibyte character, occur error.
  • Add: ability to enable global search in table visualizations
  • Non interactive dist-upgrade
  • Enable site usage to be tracked by Google Analytics
  • Add: map marker cluster visualization
  • Add: override slack webhook parameters
  • Create proxy_pass.rst
  • adding warning not to use quotes on column names
  • Fix: when shared dashboard token not found, return 404
  • Added new DS for Cassandra and ScyllaDB
  • Add: schema loading support for Presto query runner
  • Fixed graphite bug, no target was setup
  • Enable scrolling in nested dashboards
  • Add: CTRL+K hotkey for dashboards search
  • Add: Google Drive federated tables support in BigQuery query runner
  • Change: upgrade version and switch to smaller build
  • Change: when forking a query, copy all visualizations
  • Feature: Queries CLI - Fork query with visualizations
  • add http://
  • Only execute the query that is highlighted
  • Add: "test connection" button for data sources
  • add memsql as datasource
  • Make dashboard dropdown menu scrollable in case of a long dashboard list
  • Fix missing dependencies
  • Make draft status for queries and dashboards toggleable
  • SAML: use NameID value, if SAML Assertion is missing
  • WIP: Upgrade the frontend stack
  • Add: rate limit the login page
  • Display user's password reset link to the admin
  • update from getredash
  • Add: a query runner for generic script execution
  • Custom js visualizations
  • Add: simple Google Analytics query runner
  • Add: error bands support to graphs (all except pie)
  • Correctly propagate ElasticSearch errors to the UI
  • full-text search for query text, name, description
  • Add: dashboards list page (with #tags)
  • Add: documentation links for data sources
  • Add: TSV export option
  • Add: error bands support to graphs (all except pie)
  • Fixed Error import from cassandra
  • Add: advanced query scheduling (cron-like with simple UI)
  • Added support for running MongoDB queries on secondary in replicaset mode
  • properly handle view_only permission in groups API
  • WIP: Replace Peewee with SQLAlchemy/Alembic
  • JQL Query Runner: Support custom JIRA fields and enhance value mapping
  • Replace "generic foreign key" with table-per-association
  • Add: Global parameters to dashboards
  • [Impala] enable schema browser
  • Schema fixes
  • [Datasources] Add: support of google analytics v4 API
  • Add: advanced cron-like scheduling for queries
  • Scheduled query backoff
  • Set locale if not set already
  • add compare query version support
  • Fixing deep links for query parameters
  • Bring the Less source of superflat's theme into the project
  • Allow params once again in embeds
  • [Data Sources] Add: MemSQL query runner
  • [Athena] Fix: queries throwing errors except for SELECT
  • Extend expiry time to prevent duplicate execution
  • improve Salesforce error message
  • Add: angular-ui-grid based visualization
  • [bugfix] Setup a new workers for beat to avoid unpredictable stuck of scheduled queries
  • Fixes Issue: multiple users with the same email
  • Fixed monitoring metrics for Redis
  • Fix: SQLite utf-8 error messages
  • [Data Source] Adds a Google Spreadsheet OAuth User
  • Add: hive query runner for kerberos
  • Add: Trimmed ; from query as it causes trouble when using pyhive
  • Add: option to hide pivot table controls
  • Add: option to disable user account
  • Docs: Developer Experience Audit
  • add all filters by default
  • Charts: fix bar-chart stacking
  • Add setting for celery prefetch
  • Add: Go to now button in date parameters
  • Fix multiple alert subscription detached
  • Extend the Prometheus query runner to support the range query
  • Error screens
  • Empty states for Home, Dashboards, Queries and Alerts
  • fix: update correct settings in saml settings form
  • feat: make trusted header authentication compatible with multiorg mode
  • fix: commit saml user group assignment to the database
  • [WIP]Enable list query by one character when adding widget on Dashboard
  • Further Query Improvements
  • Improve dashboard editing flow
  • Fix #2137: Stop lowercasing the query.
  • Fixes#1625: Add redis connection Pooling
  • Expose data source version info in UI
  • feat: make SAML signature requirements configurable
  • use 'hd' parameter for Google OAuth when only one domain is allowed
  • Disable Format/Execute button when body of query is blank
  • Feature: Add an unarchive query button
  • Feature: Add an unarchive dashboard button
  • supporting kubernetes - initial commit
  • Added support for anonymous LDAP server authentication
  • Fix for DPI-1054 error on Oracle driver
  • Revisit Plotly integration
  • Plotly renderer for pivottable visualization
  • Fix an exception when displaying Presto error messages.
  • Fix ldap url mail
  • feat(QueryRunner): add exasol
  • Fix create_db command of docker-entrypoint
  • Add a description field to a dashboard
  • Basic Image Show Visualization and Manually Target Variables on Counter Visualization
  • [WIP] Add: Heatmap chart visualization by Plotly
  • Add ITEMS_PER_PAGE parameter
  • Improve visualisation colors
  • [database] Add index on table events column object_id
  • Allow multiple requests to JIRA when necessary.
  • Change multi-filter behavior and fix dashboard multi-filter bug
  • replaced -y option since it didn't perform any action with -qq
  • Fix #1881 Cutting-off minutes when schedule_failures is too large
  • Add copy clipboard link
  • Apply query format options from settings
  • Refactor extracting query id from query
  • [WIP] Add funnel visualization
  • Added support for user impersonation in presto datasource
  • Fix for DPI-1054 error on Oracle driver #2167
  • Support authentication for the URL query runner.
  • Fix: pyHive type matches
  • Change: pivottable date format
  • Payment ratio
  • Add other aggregation and target value setting to counter
  • Admin should be able to disable a user
  • Fix docker-entrypoint broke for other name than "postgres"
  • Choropleth visualization
  • Allow query owners to hard-overwrite query content in case of overlap with other user
  • add thrift version 0.9.3 to requirements
  • [Alternative] Change multi-filter behavior and fix dashboard multi-filter bug
  • Add support for TLS connections to redis
  • Exporting query results as Google Spreadsheet
redash list of languages used
redash latest release notes
v4.0.0-rc.1 v4.0.0-rc.1

This is a follow up release to the v4.0.0-beta and hopefully the last release before the full release of v4.0.0. It includes fixes to some bugs introduced in the beta version (like public dashboards or embeds not rendering), but also new features like the funnel visualization and more (CHANGELOG).

This is a beta release, to upgrade to this release from an existing deployment run sudo bin/upgrade --channel beta. If you use a Docker based deployment you do not need to use this script, but rather update your image reference.

As always this wouldn't be possible without the help of all the people who contributed code in this release: @kravets-levko, @arikfr, @kocsmy, @jezdez, @benmanns, @ariarijp, @tonyjiangh and @jubel-han.

  • Before doing an upgrade, please make sure you have a backup.
  • If you have any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the upgrade guide.
  • If the upgrade guide doesn't help, you can ask for help on the forum.
v4.0.0-beta v4.0.0-beta

This is a very exciting release that was a long time in the making . It includes a fully updated user interface that should provide a much nicer experience, along with many new features and improvements:

  • Table visualization customization along with new column types (image, JSON & URL).
  • Dashboard layout editing (full control over widget height/width).
  • Updated chart visualization (mostly bug fixes) and settings for the cohort visualization.
  • BigQuery and Athena queries now show the amount of data scanned, so you know how much the query costs you. On top of that we have new data sources (MapD & CockroachDB) and improvements to other data sources (MongoDB, Salesforce, Redshift, Oracle and Elasticsearch).

This is only the tip of the iceberg, see the full list of changes in the CHANGELOG.

This is a beta release, to upgrade to this release from an existing deployment run sudo bin/upgrade --channel beta. If you use a Docker based deployment the Docker tag is 4.0.0-beta.b3690.

As always this wouldn't be possible without the help of all the people who contributed code in this release: @arikfr, @kravets-levko, @kyoshidajp, @ariarijp, @sjakthol, @kocsmy, @jezdez, @deecay, @kakakakakku, @bamboo-yujiro, @tonyjiangh, @washort, @jasonsmithj, @shinji19, @arjan, @gramakri, @doddjc21, @cdessanti, @yershalom, @miketheman, @crooy, @alexdrans, @javier-sanz, @negibouze, @mayconbordin and @rgjodekerken.

  • Before doing an upgrade, please make sure you have a backup.
  • If you have any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the upgrade guide.
  • If the upgrade guide doesn't help, you can ask for help on the forum.
v3.0.0 v3.0.0

Great things in this version like the long awaited Select All for filters, query based parameters, improvements to existing data sources (MongoDB, Redshift, MySQL) but and new data sources (Prometheus, Azure SQL Data Warehouse) and some more.

This release wouldnt be possible without the contributions of @myouju, @jezdez, @hhamalai, @atharvai, @kitsuyui, @yershalom, @fan-t-endo, @TylerBrock, @deecay, @rohithmenon, @Posnet, @amarjayr, @kyoshidajp, @meinac, @muddydixon, @cclauss, @alexmuller, @akiray03, @aterreno, @44px, @alison985, @isomura, @sylvain, @cyriac, @yutannihilation, @kravets-levko and @queeno. :clap: :clap:

  • Before doing an upgrade, please make sure you have a backup.
  • If you have any issues, please refer to the troubleshooting section in the upgrade guide.
  • If the upgrade guide doesn't help, you can ask for help on the forum.
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