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A total rip-off of the Elm Architecture, in React.

Realm components are React components, so they are interoperable with non-Realm components. Use Realm for your entire app, or just in specific places.

One way to think of it is as nested Redux. Each Realm component is its own mini-Redux app, which can be composed of other Redux apps.

import { realm, forward } from 'react-realm'


const init = (initialCount = 0) => initialCount

  // This is a reducer, like Redux
const update = (count, action) => {
  switch (action.type) {
    return count + 1
    return count - 1
    return count

// This is just a stateless functional React component
// Any React component (including a class) is valid
const view = ({ model, dispatch }) =>
    Count: {model}
    <button onClick={() => dispatch({ type: INCREMENT })>+</button>
    <button onClick={() => dispatch({ type: DECREMENT })>-</button>

// Either compose with other Realm components, or use `start()`
const CounterApp = start({
  model: init(),

ReactDOM.render(<CounterApp />)

See also Realm Redux, which enables the use of Redux extensions with Realm components.

Why you should use this library

  • You think Elm is awesome, but are stuck writing JavaScript for various practical reasons
  • You like functional programming
  • You like Redux, and want access to its huge ecosystem of extensions and resources

Why you shouldn't use this library

  • Because you should use Elm instead
  • Because it's in extreme alpha and not yet ready for public use. I intend to get it ready in time for my React Conf talk on February 23.

Note that while Realm is an implementation of the Elm Architecture, it does not and cannot claim to replicate the entirety of Elm the language.

Docs in progress / non-existent until the library is ready. In the meantime, see this test for an example.

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