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Examples of how to accomplish specific tasks in a Reagent webapp.

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Reagent Cookbook


The goal of this repo is to provide recipes for how to accomplish specific tasks in a reagent webapp.

For updates, follow us on twitter: @ReagentProject. Please include #reagent #cljs when tweeting about reagent.

For video tutorials, subscribe to us on youtube.



Common Starting Point for Recipes

The starting point for reagent-cookbook recipes is reagent-cookbook-template.

$ lein new rc <name of recipe>

Note: reagent-cookbook-template was made specifically for following along with recipes. If you are interested in starting a new reagent application with some batteries included, then reagent-template provides a good starting configuration: $ lein new reagent <name of app>.


Recipes are welcomed! Please fork, branch, and submit a pull request.

Also, I would love a PR for:

  • Adding the right externs for advanced compilation of the nvd3 recipe (it's inside old-recipes for now)
  • Adding the right externs for advanced compilation of the mermaid recipe (it's inside old-recipes for now)


Copyright 2015 Matthew Jaoudi

Distributed under the The MIT License (MIT).

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  • almost 3 years file upload example is advertising, not tutorial
  • almost 3 years PDF.JS
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  • Update bootstrap-datepicker recipe
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