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Welcome to Read the Docs

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Read the Docs_ hosts documentation for the open source community. It supports Sphinx_ docs written with reStructuredText_, and can pull from your Subversion_, Bazaar_, Git_, and Mercurial_ repositories. Then we build documentation and host it for you. Think of it as Continuous Documentation.

.. _Read the docs: .. _Sphinx: .. _reStructuredText: .. _Subversion: .. _Bazaar: .. _Git: .. _Mercurial:

Documentation for RTD

You will find complete documentation for setting up your project at the Read the Docs site_.

.. _the Read the Docs site:


You can find information about contributing to Read the Docs at our Contribution page <>_.

Quickstart for GitHub-Hosted Projects

By the end of this quickstart, you will have a new project automatically updated when you push to GitHub.

. Create an account on Read the Docs_. You will get an email verifying your

email address which you should accept within 7 days.

. Log in and click on Import.

. Give your project a name, add the HTTPS link for your GitHub project, and

select Git as your repository type.

. Fill in the rest of the form as needed and click Create.

. On GitHub, navigate to your repository and click on Settings.

. In the sidebar, click on Web Hooks & Services, then find and click on the

ReadTheDocs service.

. Check the Active setting and click Update Settings.

. All done. Commit away and your project will auto-update.

.. |build-status| image:: :alt: build status :scale: 100% :target:

.. |docs| image:: :alt: Documentation Status :scale: 100% :target:


MIT_ 2010-2017 Read the Docs, Inc & contributors

.. _MIT: LICENSE open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Directly upload html files
  • almost 3 years Searching a public site
  • almost 3 years RTD not loading new versions from branches
  • almost 3 years Broken/unpegged django-filter dependency
  • almost 3 years How do I deploy Readthedocs to heroku?
  • almost 3 years Permalinks to a specific section arrive at the page, but not at the specific section
  • almost 3 years Autodetect build could handle README.* better
  • almost 3 years Regression in build state update
  • almost 3 years only getting a placeholder index page but no other content
  • almost 3 years Password Reset
  • almost 3 years web3j build is stuck & subsequent builds all fail due to a file lock issue
  • almost 3 years `This page does not exist yet` error After `Passing` build
  • almost 3 years Allow user to kill a build
  • almost 3 years "View Docs" button opens page for an incorrect build version
  • almost 3 years Build #4342378 stuck in Building state
  • almost 3 years Project webhook management page
  • almost 3 years ImportError: No module named transform
  • almost 3 years Support building arbitrary versions from PRs
  • almost 3 years Support Review Apps
  • almost 3 years RTL version
  • about 3 years The social account is already connected to a different account.
  • about 3 years "False Build Failure Alarm" when using
  • about 3 years AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'traverse'
  • about 3 years Recognize search phrases/multiple words as AND, not OR
  • about 3 years Search results from our domain link to hosted URL
  • about 3 years Installing package using conda
  • about 3 years Does RTD support installing from custom conda channels (e.g. conda-forge?)
  • about 3 years Question: How to redirect from old branch to new branch documentation at ReadTheDocs?
  • about 3 years Ethical Advertising & Acceptable Ads
  • about 3 years Build webhook open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Fixed typo in fallbacks url
  • Override Sphinx integrated search with our indexes
  • Add basic state tracking to Project model
  • Add basic rate limiting to builds.
  • Bump Sphinx to 1.3.5
  • Remove overriding of Sphinx templates
  • Refactor how we do symlinks for public serving
  • Add GitLab repo sync and webhook support
  • Settings and public domain restructure
  • Example of increased strictness on linting
  • Docker compose setup
  • Fix several issues with search linking
  • Refactor how we do symlinks for public serving
  • Update Bitbucket integration instructions
  • WIP: Add basic badge support.
  • (#1917) Fixing Flyout Links for MkDocs Projects
  • Random fixes that come from errors in New Relic
  • Make less strict URL pattern matching for OAuth backends
  • Initial commit to vastly simplify our Python serving of requests
  • Move urls & views into subdirectories
  • Remove project search box.
  • Just some basic cleanup and house keeping of search
  • Add session configuration to API clients
  • Add a basic admin action to add default geo filters
  • Move CDN code to external abstraction
  • Redirect .../index.html links from Sphinx HTMLDir
  • Honor MkDocs configured theme, while keeping 'readthedocs' as the default
  • Don't download when building the base virtualenv
  • Specify project id when get version in serve_docs
  • Remove a bunch of extra info from the sponsorship page
  • Properly check for a cloning failure and report error.
  • Update donate page with timeless info
  • use mkdocs builtin search.html
  • Add a mixin class for dashboard views on models with project relations
  • Fixed build results page on firefox
  • Add field for domain https
  • Initial stab at custom CORS headers.
  • Add call for contributing on the front page
  • Fix 'readthedocs-embed.js'
  • Remove djcelery
  • Add support for Pip's extra dependencies in YAML config.
  • add Code of Conduct
  • Make admin email view more extendable, allow non-User querysets
  • Bump Sphinx to 1.4.6, or 1.4.1 in conda.
  • Fix template structure around import page
  • Document support of .readthedocs.yml
  • Upgrade to Django 1.9.10
  • Fix the 'edit on github' link for stable versions of a projet
  • Add caching to repo language data
  • Adds support for custom conda channels in the config file
  • Add a way for sponsors to pay without asking for logos etc.
  • Conda Support: Relax strict dependency on sphinx 1.3.5
  • Let identifier_friendly cope with unicode in identifiers
  • Docstring/PEP 257 fixes for the P* apps
  • Docstring/PEP 257 fixes for the donate app
  • Docstring/PEP 257 fixes for the comments app
  • Enhanced Python 3 Support
  • Clean up HTML for `donate` app #2691
  • Use latest versions of sphinx and sphinx-rtd-theme
  • Add some docs on subprojects
  • Update ethical-advertising.rst
  • Add ad support for Alabaster theme
  • check for matching alias before subproject slug
  • Provide guidance for subproject integration
  • Add webhook modeling to projects
  • Fix to support https or http schema by PUBLIC_API_URL
  • Fix page redirect preview
  • changed <strong> from html to css
  • Docker build tip
  • Fixed build results page on firefox (part two)
  • Restapi linting
  • Try unpinning testing reqs
  • Add basic management command to remove spam.
  • Mount `pip_cache_path` in Docker container
  • Filter by my own repositories at Import Remote Project
  • Display warning banner in latest version
  • Allow tags from GitHub webhooks
  • Allow git tags with `/` in the name and properly slugify
  • [Fixed #872] Filter Builds according to commit
  • Task to remove orphan symlinks
  • Allow to import public repositories on corporate site
  • Doc builder template should check for mkdocs_page_input_path before using it
  • Add github linguist build backend
  • Fix regex for public bitbucket repo
  • Use relative path for docroot on mkdocs
  • Log `git checkout` and expose to users
  • Modernize Python 2 code to get ready for Python 3
  • Remove outline reset to bring back outline
  • Consistent version format
  • Update docs
  • Documentation for RTD context sent to the Sphinx theme
  • Move Mercurial dependency to pip.txt
  • Add docs on removing edit button
  • Improve "Sharing" docs
  • Make slug field a valid DNS label
  • Document creation of slumber user
  • Allow to skip a build on commit messages
  • Show link to docs on a build
  • Wrap versions' list to look more consistent
  • Upgrade search app to Elastic Search 5.4
  • New languages
  • Update Catalan translation file
  • Upgrade all packages, including Django because #3297
  • Add Mexican Spanish as a project language
  • Download raw build log
  • Set python3 as default interpreter
  • Add "edit" and "view docs" buttons to subproject list
  • Don't allow to create a subproject of a project itself
  • Use DRF 3.1 `pagination_class`
  • Refactor to replace old logging to avoid mangling
  • Changes in Advance setting dashboard(AutoFill)
  • Better version listing for project dashboard
  • Add a sustainability API
  • Documentation for build notifications using webhooks.
  • Upgrade django-taggit to 0.22.2
  • Upgrade django-pagination to a "maintained" fork
  • Deleted bookmarks app
  • Check for submodules
  • Project updated when subproject modified
  • Add get in touch section
  • Fixed footer ads
  • Added documentation for using a pip requirements file
  • Force index file creation on mkdocs
  • formatting buttons in edit project text editor
  • Add support for different badge styles
  • Improve installation guide
  • Do not have a separate background for ads
  • Add rstcheck to CI
  • Remove comments app
  • Update Git on prod
  • Add missing migrations
  • [#2967] Scheduled tasks for cleaning up messages
  • add woff2
  • Start testing Sphinx 1.7.0
  • Allow to hide version warning
  • Show URLS for exact redirect
  • Trying to solve the end line character for a font file
  • Added eslint rules
  • #3757 Split requirements/pip.txt
  • Fix tests for environment
  • Define useful celery beat task for development
  • New languages
  • Remove description field from project forms and display
  • Use sustainability api for advertising
  • Auto-generate compatible with Py2 and Py3
  • tests: mock test_conf_file_not_found filesystem access
  • Allow domains with port on it
  • add admin functions for wiping a version
  • #3718: Added date to changelog
  • Fixes #2953 - Url resolved with special characters
  • setting stable version manually
  • Added feature for sending abandoned project mail
  • Improve url resolver performance
  • Ticket #3694: rename owners to maintainers
  • search: index project tags
  • Refactor BaseEnvironment
  • Improve yaml config docs
  • Added a link to open new issue with prefilled details
  • Webhook notification URL size validation check questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • Using Google Analytics in
  • Password protect documentation
  • Sphinx automodule works offline but not through
  • How do I specify the ordering of pages on
  • Setting Up Apache Solr on Local Instance of
  • What is an easy way to do a local sphinx build with the static assets uses?
  • Differences between Sphinx local and
  • a single filename inside facilitating split settings management for django project list of languages used
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