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React component to wrap non SSR friendly components

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React component to wrap non SSR components.

When working with Server Side Rendering(SSR) enabled apps, you have to deal with client only components. This wrapper makes it simple to work with those components.


npm i --save react-no-ssr


Let's say Comments is our client only component. Now we need to render it only on the client. Here's how we do it.

import React from 'react';
import NoSSR from 'react-no-ssr';
import Comments from './comments.jsx';

const MyPage = () => (
    <h2>My Blog Post</h2>
    <hr />
      <Comments />

Then, <Comments /> component is only rendered on the client just after it's mounted. It doesn't render when the SSRed HTML is booting up in the client. So, there won't be any React warning messages on the console.

Render a Component on SSR

Usually, we need to add some loading text or similar until <Comments /> component starts to render. Here's how to do it.

const Loading = () => (<div>Loading...</div>);
const MyPage = () => (
    <NoSSR onSSR={<Loading />}>
      <Comments />

Then <Loading /> component will be rendered until <Comments /> component is rendered to the DOM.

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  • about 3 years onSSR causes injection error when container top-element is identical to content
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