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  • almost 3 years use ios/android only module in same project
  • almost 3 years figwheel-bridge.js requires `"figwheel.connect." + platform` when it spits out just "figwheel.connect"
  • almost 3 years prod build runs out of memory
  • almost 3 years add dirac
  • almost 3 years Stop working during initialize new project
  • about 3 years Error with fresh install / run
  • about 3 years Figwheel inferior to Hot Reloading?
  • over 3 years When running figwheel on both platforms at once, reloads are doubled
  • over 3 years Google Closure defines not working with figwheel
  • over 3 years Automatically write dev env ip in `(start-figwheel)` for `env.main` to use (fix included)
  • over 3 years Example of creating a component?
  • over 3 years Slow bootup times on Android
  • over 3 years Contribute to RN packager and remove hack for serving *.map files
  • over 3 years Out Of Memory Errors on Android

re-natal closed issues

  • almost 3 years Timeout serving prod build
  • almost 3 years New react-native deps breaks packager
  • almost 3 years When using real iOS device, stuck "waiting for figwheel to load files"
  • almost 3 years "adb reverse" not available on android < v5
  • almost 3 years Could not find
  • almost 3 years Cannot connect to figwheel
  • almost 3 years Clojure 1.9.0-alpha11 breaks `lein prod-build`
  • about 3 years Switch schema out for cljs.spec
  • about 3 years Packager problem: "transforming took longer than 301 seconds."
  • about 3 years external library does not work in Android
  • about 3 years How do I restart react native packager?
  • about 3 years how to disable fig-wheel
  • over 3 years Discussion: Integrate boot to avoid fragmentation
  • over 3 years Some issues are not shown
  • over 3 years lein figwheel android hands for ever
  • over 3 years Slow Rendering + Glitches on iOS 9.1
  • over 3 years Support Rum
  • over 3 years re-natal breaks with React 0.15.0
  • over 3 years Configurable path to ios and android main.cljs
  • over 3 years Any app (incl. default example) crashes with "Can't find variable: React" when launched from a JS bundle on an iOS device
  • over 3 years figwheel-bridge.js only logs first argument to log
  • over 3 years Reduce logging output or maybe create logging levels?
  • over 3 years compileWarningsToYellowBox assumes msg is a string
  • over 3 years Improve figwheel-bridge.js: do not manually create document and localStorage
  • over 3 years 'iosHost' config option to allow changing figwheel websocket host
  • over 3 years Shimmed causes error in application code
  • over 3 years Command for copyFigwheelBridge
  • over 3 years re-natal init fails on W7
  • over 3 years Incorrect build setup: iOS dependencies in android build and vice-versa
  • over 3 years Why two core.cljs files ?
  • over 3 years re-natal upgrade fails with "Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"
  • over 3 years unknown command use-android-device on Arch Linux
  • over 3 years Support om-next
  • over 3 years Use reagent 0.6.0-alpha with latest re-natal
  • over 3 years Do not regenerate env/dev/ files on re-natal use-figwheel
  • over 3 years Use same approach for requiring static images as for external components
  • over 3 years How to "Reload the app to see the REPL prompt" ?
  • over 3 years Show CLJS compilation errors and other warnings on screen