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A make-like build utility for Ruby.

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= RAKE -- Ruby Make

home :: bugs :: docs :: build status :: {travis-ci}[] {appveyor}[]

== Description

Rake is a Make-like program implemented in Ruby. Tasks and dependencies are specified in standard Ruby syntax.

Rake has the following features:

  • Rakefiles (rake's version of Makefiles) are completely defined in standard Ruby syntax. No XML files to edit. No quirky Makefile syntax to worry about (is that a tab or a space?)

  • Users can specify tasks with prerequisites.

  • Rake supports rule patterns to synthesize implicit tasks.

  • Flexible FileLists that act like arrays but know about manipulating file names and paths.

  • A library of prepackaged tasks to make building rakefiles easier. For example, tasks for building tarballs. (Formerly tasks for building RDoc, Gems, and publishing to FTP were included in rake but they're now available in RDoc, RubyGems, and rake-contrib respectively.)

  • Supports parallel execution of tasks.

== Installation

=== Gem Installation

Download and install rake with the following.

gem install rake

== Usage

=== Simple Example

First, you must write a Rakefile file which contains the build rules. Here's a simple example:

task default: %w[test]

task :test do ruby test/unittest.rb end

This Rakefile has two tasks:

  • A task named test, which -- upon invocation -- will run a unit test file in Ruby.
  • A task named default. This task does nothing by itself, but it has exactly one dependency, namely the test task. Invoking the default task will cause Rake to invoke the test task as well.

Running the rake command without any options will cause it to run the default task in the Rakefile:

% ls Rakefile test/ % rake (in /home/some_user/Projects/rake) ruby test/unittest.rb ....unit test output here...

Type rake --help for all available options.

== Resources

=== Rake Information

  • {Rake command-line}[rdoc-ref:doc/command_line_usage.rdoc]
  • {Writing Rakefiles}[rdoc-ref:doc/rakefile.rdoc]
  • The original {Rake announcement}[rdoc-ref:doc/rational.rdoc]
  • Rake {glossary}[rdoc-ref:doc/glossary.rdoc]

=== Presentations and Articles about Rake

  • Avdi Grimm's rake series:
    1. {Rake Basics}[]
    2. {Rake File Lists}[]
    3. {Rake Rules}[]
    4. {Rake Pathmap}[]
    5. {File Operations}[]
    6. {Clean and Clobber}[]
    7. {MultiTask}[]
  • {Jim Weirich's 2003 RubyConf presentation}[]
  • Martin Fowler's article on Rake:

== Other Make Re-envisionings ...

Rake is a late entry in the make replacement field. Here are links to other projects with similar (and not so similar) goals.

  • -- Bras, one of earliest implementations of make in a scripting language.
  • -- Make in Python
  • -- The Ant project
  • -- The Perl Build System
  • -- Rant, another Ruby make tool.

== Credits

[Jim Weirich] Who originally created Rake.

[Ryan Dlugosz] For the initial conversation that sparked Rake.

[Nobuyoshi Nakada] For the initial patch for rule support.

[Tilman Sauerbeck] For the recursive rule patch.

[Eric Hodel] For aid in maintaining rake.

[Hiroshi SHIBATA] Maintainer of Rake 10.X and Rake 11.X

== License

Rake is available under an MIT-style license.

:include: MIT-LICENSE

= Other stuff

Author:: Jim Weirich Requires:: Ruby 2.0.0 or later License:: Copyright Jim Weirich. Released under an MIT-style license. See the MIT-LICENSE file included in the distribution.

== Warranty

This software is provided as is and without any express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

== Historical

Rake was originally created by Jim Weirich, who unfortunately passed away in February 2014. This repository was originally hosted at {}[], however with his passing, has been moved to {ruby/rake}[].

You can view Jim's last commit here:

You can {read more about Jim}[] at Wikipedia.

Thank you for this great tool, Jim. We'll remember you.

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  • almost 3 years How to get exit status of the rake task using rake API
  • almost 3 years TestTask: running no tests should fail
  • over 3 years Idea: Preserve matchdata in rules
  • over 3 years Rake runs everything that is named like a file/folder
  • almost 4 years Rake -n does not mark dependents for Execution
  • almost 4 years Allow spaces between arguments in Rake task
  • almost 4 years Support named task arguments
  • about 4 years Rake not executing some tasks, gives "Invoke <task>s (first_time, not_needed)"
  • about 4 years Allow cleaning namespaces.
  • over 4 years Tasks that take arguments are only run for first set of arguments.
  • over 4 years Rules such as '.min.js' => '.js' don't work
  • over 4 years Can't pass parameters to rake task
  • over 4 years Stack Level Too Deep in 10.4.2
  • over 4 years [REGRESSION] FileList['[A-Z]*'] matches files starting with lower case character on default OS X file system using Ruby 2.2
  • over 4 years Marking tasks as :phony fails to prevent rebuild
  • over 4 years Make job submission system configurable
  • over 4 years Support for out-of-source builds
  • almost 5 years rake no longer deletes processed arguments from ARGV.
rake open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • LinkedList Refactor
  • Allow spaces between arguments in Rake tasks
  • Convert manual page to use semantic -mdoc macros.
  • custom test loader: t.load = "file://path/to/loader"
  • Chained extensions
  • Make FileList#exclude more analogous to FileList#include
  • Offer alternatives if rake task not found
  • Correctly handle bad encoding in exception messages
  • Removed unused pathname extension
  • Don't set if args are blank
  • Sh fully echoes commands which error exit
  • Revert to glob support
  • remove obsolete OPT_TABLE entries
  • Actions adore keyword arguments
  • FileTask#out_of_date? calls depended FileTask#out_of_date? for execution
  • When pattern is nil, enhance_with_matching_rule will not fail
  • task_arguments.rb: delete unused *args
  • Phony tasks
  • Add a Rake.application.running? predicate
  • make clear that scope is ignored purposely in FileTask.scope_name
  • [Fixes #189] Don't run task if it depends on already invoked but failed task
  • [Fixes #246] Don't run file tasks needlessly
  • [Fixes #260] Make space trimming consistent for all task arguments
  • [Fixes #246] Don't run file tasks needlessly (2nd attempt)
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