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A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5.

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Statistics on qutebrowser

Number of watchers on Github 3166
Number of open issues 544
Average time to close an issue about 14 hours
Main language Python
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 78+
Closed pull requests 39+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created almost 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 32.2 MB
Homepage https://www.quteb...
Organization / Authorqutebrowser
Latest Releasev1.2.1
Page Updated
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// If you are reading this in plaintext or on PyPi: // // A rendered version is available at: //


// QUTE_WEB_HIDE image:icons/qutebrowser-64x64.png[qutebrowser logo] A keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5 and Qt.

image:[license badge,link=] image:[version badge,link=] image:[Build Status, link=] image:[AppVeyor build status, link=] image:[coverage badge,link=]

link:[website] | link:[blog] |[FAQ] |[contributing] | link:[releases] |[installing] // QUTE_WEB_HIDE_END

qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It's based on Python and PyQt5 and free software, licensed under the GPL.

It was inspired by other browsers/addons like dwb and Vimperator/Pentadactyl.


image:doc/img/main.png[screenshot 1,width=300,link=doc/img/main.png] image:doc/img/downloads.png[screenshot 2,width=300,link=doc/img/downloads.png] image:doc/img/completion.png[screenshot 3,width=300,link=doc/img/completion.png] image:doc/img/hints.png[screenshot 4,width=300,link=doc/img/hints.png]


See the[github releases page] for available downloads and the link:doc/install.asciidoc[INSTALL] file for detailed instructions on how to get qutebrowser running on various platforms.


In addition to the topics mentioned in this README, the following documents are available:

  •[Key binding cheatsheet]: + image:[qutebrowser key binding cheatsheet,link=]
  • link:doc/quickstart.asciidoc[Quick start guide]
  •[Free training course] to remember those key bindings
  • link:doc/faq.asciidoc[Frequently asked questions]
  • link:doc/help/configuring.asciidoc[Configuring qutebrowser]
  • link:doc/contributing.asciidoc[Contributing to qutebrowser]
  • link:doc/install.asciidoc[Installing qutebrowser]
  • link:doc/changelog.asciidoc[Change Log]
  • link:doc/stacktrace.asciidoc[Reporting segfaults]
  • link:doc/userscripts.asciidoc[How to write userscripts]

Getting help

You can get help in the IRC channel irc://[#qutebrowser] on, or by writing a message to the[mailinglist] at[].

There's also an[announce-only mailinglist] at

If you're a reddit user, there's a[/r/qutebrowser] subreddit there.

Contributions / Bugs

You want to contribute to qutebrowser? Awesome! Please read link:doc/contributing.asciidoc[the contribution guidelines] for details and useful hints.

If you found a bug or have a feature request, you can report it in several ways:

  • Use the built-in :report command or the automatic crash dialog.
  • Open an issue in the Github issue tracker.
  • Write a mail to the[mailinglist] at[].

For security bugs, please contact me directly at, GPG ID[0x916eb0c8fd55a072].


The following software and libraries are required to run qutebrowser:

  •[Python] 3.5 or newer (3.6 recommended)
  •[Qt] 5.7.1 or newer with the following modules:
    • QtCore / qtbase
    • QtQuick (part of qtbase in some distributions)
    • QtSQL (part of qtbase in some distributions)
    • QtOpenGL
    • QtWebEngine, or
    • QtWebKit - only the link: fork is supported
  •[PyQt] 5.7.0 or newer (5.9.2 recommended) for Python 3

The following libraries are optional:

  • On Windows,[colorama] for colored log output.
  •[asciidoc] to generate the documentation for the :help command, when using the git repository (rather than a release).

See link:doc/install.asciidoc[the documentation] for directions on how to install qutebrowser and its dependencies.


Working on qutebrowser is a very rewarding hobby, but like (nearly) all hobbies it also costs some money. Namely I have to pay for the server and domain, and do occasional hardware upgrades footnote:[It turned out a 160 GB SSD is rather small - the VMs and custom Qt builds I use for testing/developing qutebrowser need about 100 GB of space].

If you want to give me a beer or a pizza back, I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for you to do so. If some other way would be easier for you, please get in touch!

  • PayPal:
  • Bitcoin: link:bitcoin:1PMzbcetAHfpxoXww8Bj5XqquHtVvMjJtE[1PMzbcetAHfpxoXww8Bj5XqquHtVvMjJtE]


qutebrowser's primary author is Florian Bruhin (The Compiler), but qutebrowser wouldn't be what it is without the help of[hundreds of contributors]!

Additionally, the following people have contributed graphics:

  • Jad/link:http://yelostudio.comyelo
  • WOFall (original icon)
  • regines (key binding cheatsheet)

Also, thanks to everyone who contributed to one of qutebrowser's link:doc/backers.asciidoc[crowdfunding campaigns]!

Similar projects

Many projects with a similar goal as qutebrowser exist. Most of them were inspirations for qutebrowser in some way, thanks for that!


*[vimb] (C, GTK+ with WebKit2)
*[luakit] (C/Lua, GTK+ with WebKit2)
*[surf] (C, GTK+ with WebKit1/WebKit2)
*[uzbl] (C, GTK+ with WebKit1/WebKit2)
* Chrome/Chromium addons:[cVim],[Vimium],[Surfingkeys],[Saka Key]
* Firefox addons (based on WebExtensions):[Vimium-FF] (experimental),[Saka Key],[Vim Vixen],[QuantumVim],[Tridactyl] (working
  on a[better API] for
  keyboard integration in Firefox).

  • Firefox addons (not based on WebExtensions or no recent activity):[Vimperator],[Pentadactyl],[VimFx],
  • Chrome/Chromium addons:[ViChrome],[Vrome]


This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see


qutebrowser optionally uses[pdf.js] to display PDF files in the browser. Windows releases come with a bundled pdf.js.

pdf.js is distributed under the terms of the Apache License. You can find a copy of the license in qutebrowser/3rdparty/pdfjs/LICENSE (in the Windows release or after running scripts/dev/, or online[here].

qutebrowser open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 2 years Black Screen with WebEngine and Nvidia Driver
  • over 2 years Update install instructions
  • over 2 years After executing `:search`, executing `:search-next` will try to look for an empty string
  • over 2 years URLs with spaces can't be bookmarked
  • over 2 years Segmentation fault when visiting various websites including using qt5-webkit-ng backend
  • over 2 years AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'history'
  • over 2 years --help fails with windows exe
  • over 2 years `qutebrowser --version` creates `~/Downloads` directory
  • over 2 years Flaky tests
  • over 2 years javascript: links aren't yankable
  • over 2 years Scrolling focus with background tabs
  • over 2 years Use view-source scheme for :view-source
  • over 2 years Selecting downloads with :download-*
  • over 2 years Add a --debug-flag argument
  • over 2 years Fullscreen behavior in unrelated tabs with fullscreen video
  • over 2 years Expose Chromium content switches
  • over 2 years Interactive popup blocking
  • over 2 years Add QSysInfo::prettyProductName to version info
  • over 2 years QtWebEngine and Nouveau
  • over 2 years AttributeError for self._reply.isOpen in _on_read_timer_timeout
  • over 2 years Rapid hints broken with hide-unmatched-rapid-hints set
  • over 2 years Bookmarks are sorted differently in qute:bookmarks and completion
  • over 2 years Add a :download-yank command to yank download URLs
  • over 2 years Clean up tox.ini
  • over 2 years QtWebEngine by default
  • over 2 years qute:history improvements
qutebrowser open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Clear notification messages when they're clicked.
  • Add --debug-flag argument
  • New qute:history page.
  • Benchmark history
  • Add a basic zsh completion script
  • Completion refactor V3
  • Added searchengine completion
  • Initial nsis install script
  • Additional/changed default keybinds for tab selection
  • added completer with tab behavior to file download dialog
  • Initial development to support pin tabs #926
  • Refresh on select
  • BDD tests for common exit paths
  • Pdfjs zoom keys
  • Add more variables
  • Convert :yank arguments to variables
  • qutewm
  • [WIP] shell check fixes
  • Completion fixes
  • [WIP] pdfjs single download
  • completion: let column widths scale according to content
  • Prefer putting the bookmark in the data directory
  • Add 'undo-across-windows' option
  • [WIP] Delayed tab loading
  • Per-domain javascript whitelist.
  • Autocommand (added the autocmd command)
  • [WIP] Feature/form filler
  • Implement netrc for webengine
  • Don't error out on unicode errors when reading the edit file
  • Fix :download-retry for directories that didn't exist
  • Add number ranges to download commands (fixes #2384)
  • Document chrome:// URLs (fixes #2292)
  • Add troubleshooting info for widevine to FAQ
  • Add a way to view source in editor
  • Add special cases of double quoted variables
  • Display exception type in configfiles
  • Scheduled weekly dependency update for week 05
  • Fix going back twice on lazy loading a tab
  • Delete QWebEngineDownloadItem objects when wrapper object is deleted
  • Add a new --no-last flag to :tab-focus
  • make win_ids start at 1 instead of 0
  • fix spawn race condition when using --output option
  • Use the instance attribute instead of querying the registry
  • Handle bindings with leading :
  • Add prompt-yank command
  • add netrc support for webengine. resolves #2785.
  • Flatpak
  • Save/Restore Tab input mode
  • Add feature to pastebin version string
  • Greasemonkey @require support
  • Moved cycle-inputs.js to scripts/
  • Add tabs list page
  • Change Raise Window behaviour
  • Add settings to clear focus when convenient
  • Editor triggers update on every save.
  • Make statusbar widgets configurable [WIP]
  • Userscripts, suggest command, winid env
  • Add support for hinting elements from within same-origin frames
  • Don't crash first completion update with min_chars.
  • Clear old search results on webkit
  • Add --pygment argument to view-source
  • Resolve empty completion.timestamp_format crash.
  • WIP: Key handling refactoring
  • Preserve a backup if editor callback fails.
  • [WIP] build help files from sphinx rst
  • Refactor TabbedBrowser from inheritance to composition
  • add basic completion to file dialog
  • Add Option url.open_base_url
  • Tab input mode
  • Added support for restarting the tab on abnormal renderer exit
  • Add userscript to open 1Password Mini (mac)
  • Fix: restrict output of `task` to one line (closes #3726)
  • Improve install instructions with wget commands
  • Filter installed dictionaries using a regex to ensure correct name
  • Add a tabs.min_width setting
  • Add support for scrolling in same origin frames
  • Send broken keychains in passthrough modes to browser
  • Add option to only show favicons for pinned tabs
qutebrowser questions on Stackoverflow (View All Questions)
  • How to enable HTML5 videos in qutebrowser?
qutebrowser list of languages used
qutebrowser latest release notes
v1.2.1 v1.2.1


  • qutebrowser now starts properly when the PyQt5 QOpenGLFunctions package wasn't found.
  • The keybinding cheatsheet on the quickstart page is now loaded from a local qute:// URL again.
  • With tox -e mkvenv-pypi, PyQt 5.10.0 is used again instead of Qt 5.10.1, because of an issue with Qt 5.10.1 which causes qutebrowser to fail to start (Could not find QtWebEngineProcess).
  • Unbinding keys which were bound in older qutebrowser versions now doesn't crash anymore.
  • Fixed a crash when reloading a page which wasn't fully loaded with v1.2.0
  • Keys on the numeric keypad now fall back to the same bindings without Num+ if no Num+ binding was found.
  • Fixed hinting on some pages with Qt < 5.10.
  • Titles are now displayed correctly again for tabs which are cloned or loaded from sessions.
  • Shortcuts now correctly use Ctrl instead of Command on macOS again.
v1.2.0 v1.2.0


  • Initial implementation of per-domain settings:
    • :set and :config-cycle now have a -u/--pattern argument taking a URL match pattern for supported settings.
    • config.set in now takes a third argument which is the pattern.
    • New with config.pattern('...') as p: context manager for to use the shorthand syntax with a pattern.
    • New tsh keybinding to toggle scripts for the current host. With a capital S, the toggle is saved. With a capital H, subdomains are included. With u instead of h, the exact current URL is used.
    • New tph keybinding to toggle plugins, with the same additional binding described above.
  • New QtWebEngine features:
    • Caret/visual mode
    • Authentication via ~/.netrc
    • Retrying downloads with Qt 5.10 or newer
    • Hinting and other features inside same-origin frames
  • New flags for existing commands:
    • :session-load has a new --delete flag which deletes the session after loading it.
    • New --no-last flag for :tab-focus to not focus the last tab when focusing the currently focused one.
    • New --edit flag for :view-source to open the source in an external editor.
    • New --select flag for :follow-hint which acts like the given string was entered but doesn't necessary follow the hint.
  • New special pages:
    • qute://bindings (opened via :bind) which shows all keybindings.
    • qute://tabs (opened via :buffer) which lists all tabs.
  • New settings:
    • statusbar.widgets to configure which widgets should be shown in which order in the statusbar.
    • tabs.mode_on_change which replaces tabs.persist_mode_on_change. It can now be set to restore which remembers input modes (input/passthrough) per tab.
    • input.insert_mode.auto_enter which makes it possible to disable entering insert mode automatically when an editable element was clicked. Together with input.forward_unbound_keys, this should allow for emacs-like modeless keybindings.
  • New :prompt-yank command (bound to Alt-y by default) to yank URLs referenced in prompts.
  • The hostblock_blame script which was removed in v1.0 was updated for the new config and re-added.
  • New cycle-inputs.js script in scripts/ which can be used with :jseval -f to cycle through inputs.


  • Complete refactoring of key input handling, with various effects:
    • emacs-like keychains such as <Ctrl-X><Ctrl-C> can now be bound.
    • Key chains can now be bound in any mode (this allows binding unused keys in hint mode).
    • Yes/no prompts don't use keybindings from the prompt section anymore, they have their own yesno section instead.
    • Trying to bind invalid keys now shows an error.
    • The bindings.default setting can now only be set in a, and existing values in autoconfig.yml are ignored.
  • Improvements for GreaseMonkey support:
    • @include and @exclude now support regex matches. With QtWebEngine and Qt 5.8 and newer, Qt handles the matching, but similar functionality will be added in Qt 5.11.
    • Support for @requires
    • Support for the GreaseMonkey 4.0 API
  • The sqlite history now uses write-ahead logging which should be a performance and stability improvement.
  • When an editor is spawned with :open-editor and :config-edit, the changes are now applied as soon as the file is saved in the editor.
  • The script now only imports URL schemes qutebrowser can handle.
  • Deleting a prefix (:, / or ?) via backspace now leaves command mode.
  • Angular 1 elements and <summary>/<details> now get hints assigned.
  • :tab-only with pinned tabs now still closes unpinned tabs.
  • The url.incdec_segments option now also can take port as possible segment.
  • QtWebEngine: :view-source now uses Chromium's view-source: scheme.
  • Tabs now show their full title as tooltip.
  • When there are multiple unknown keys in a autoconfig.yml, they now all get reported in one error.
  • More performance improvements when opening/closing many tabs.
  • The :version page now has a button to pastebin the information.
  • Replacements like {url} can now be escaped as {{url}}.


  • QtWebEngine bugfixes:
    • Improved fullscreen handling with Qt 5.10.
    • Hinting and scrolling now works properly on special view-source: pages.
    • Scroll positions are now restored correctly from sessions.
    • :follow-selected should now work in more cases with Qt > 5.10.
    • Incremental search now flickers less and doesn't move to the second result when pressing Enter.
    • Keys like Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert are now correctly handled/filtered with Qt 5.10.
    • Fixed hangs/segfaults on exit with Qt 5.10.1.
    • Fixed favicons sometimes getting cleared with Qt 5.10.
    • Qt download objects are now cleaned up properly when a download is removed.
    • JavaScript messages are now not double-HTML escaped anymore on Qt < 5.11
  • QtWebKit bugfixes:
    • Fixed GreaseMonkey-related crashes.
    • :view-source now displays a valid URL.
  • URLs containing ampersands and other special chars are now shown correctly when filtering them in the completion.
  • :bookmark-add "" foo can now be used to save the current URL with a custom title.
  • :spawn -o now waits until the process has finished before trying to show the output. Previously, it incorrectly showed the previous output immediately.
  • Suspended pages now should always load the correct page when being un-suspended.
  • Exception types are now shown properly with :config-source and :config-edit.
  • When using :bookmark-add --toggle, bookmarks are now saved properly.
  • Crash when opening an invalid URL from an application on macOS.
  • Crash with an empty completion.timestamp_format.
  • Crash when completion.min_chars is set in some cases.
  • HTML/JS resource files are now read into RAM on start to avoid crashes when changing qutebrowser versions while it's open.
  • Setting bindings.key_mappings to an empty value is now allowed.
  • Bindings to an empty commands are now ignored rather than crashing.


  • QUTE_SELECTED_HTML is now not set for userscripts anymore except when called via hints.
  • The qutebrowser_viewsource userscript has been removed as :view-source --edit can now be used.
  • The tabs.persist_mode_on_change setting has been removed and replaced by tabs.mode_on_change.
v1.1.2 v1.1.2


  • Windows/macOS releases now bundle Qt 5.10.1 which includes security fixes from Chromium up to version 64.0.3282.140.


  • QtWebEngine: Crash with Qt 5.10.1 when using :undo on some tabs.
  • Compatibility with Python 3.7
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