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A Python library to emit Sensu events that the Yelp Sensu Handlers can understand for Self-Service Sensu Monitoring

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pysensu-yelp is a python library designed for interacting with the custom Yelp sensu-handlers.

This allows developers to get notified in the method of their choice, on arbitrary events that might happen in their code.

Only a very specific type of situation calls for this kind of monitoring, it does not replace general active checks against webservers and stuff.

See the docs for more information about the use-cases for this and examples on how to use it.




If you need to send an event, use pysensu_yelp.send_event:

import pysensu_yelp

result_dict = {
    'check_name': 'my_cool_code',
    'runbook': 'http://lmgtfy.com/?q=my_cool_code',
    'status': 1,
    'output': 'CRITICAL: My code broke! Check the logs!',
    'team': 'backend', 
    'tip': 'This happens sometimes when you frobulate the flux restraint cannon',
    'page': True,
    'notification_email': None,
    'irc_channels': None,
    'alert_after': '5m',
    'check_every': '1m',
    'realert_every': -1,
    'ttl': None

More Docs!

Documentation Status

Full autogen docs are on ReadTheDocs.


Apache 2.


Open an issue or fork and open a Pull Request

Please do not attempt to use pysensu-yelp without Yelp's sensu_handlers unless you intend to write your own custom handlers.

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  • over 4 years The 'output' parameter to send_event is not documented
  • over 4 years release 0.2.3 to public pypi
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