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Title Conf Code Stars
Video-to-Video Synthesis NIPS code 4749
Deep Image Prior CVPR code 3451
StarGAN: Unified Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation CVPR code 3104
Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Dense Alignment with Position Map Regression Network ECCV code 2109
Learning to See in the Dark CVPR code 2033
Glow: Generative Flow with Invertible 1x1 Convolutions NIPS code 1862
Squeeze-and-Excitation Networks CVPR code 1263
Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameters Sharing ICML code 1189
Multimodal Unsupervised Image-to-image Translation ECCV code 1183
Non-Local Neural Networks CVPR code 859
Image Generation From Scene Graphs CVPR code 772
Can Spatiotemporal 3D CNNs Retrace the History of 2D CNNs and ImageNet? CVPR code 690
Single-Shot Refinement Neural Network for Object Detection CVPR code 668
GANimation: Anatomically-aware Facial Animation from a Single Image ECCV code 628
Detect-and-Track: Efficient Pose Estimation in Videos CVPR code 549
Relation Networks for Object Detection CVPR code 532
PointCNN NIPS code 506
Obfuscated Gradients Give a False Sense of Security: Circumventing Defenses to Adversarial Examples ICML code 491
Simple Baselines for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking ECCV code 488
Taskonomy: Disentangling Task Transfer Learning CVPR code 453
Which Training Methods for GANs do actually Converge? ICML code 453
Cascaded Pyramid Network for Multi-Person Pose Estimation CVPR code 447
Pelee: A Real-Time Object Detection System on Mobile Devices NIPS code 441
Generative Image Inpainting With Contextual Attention CVPR code 441
Neural 3D Mesh Renderer CVPR code 436
Look at Boundary: A Boundary-Aware Face Alignment Algorithm CVPR code 416
Zero-Shot Recognition via Semantic Embeddings and Knowledge Graphs CVPR code 412
End-to-End Recovery of Human Shape and Pose CVPR code 388
In-Place Activated BatchNorm for Memory-Optimized Training of DNNs CVPR code 388
ICNet for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation on High-Resolution Images ECCV code 372
The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Deep Features as a Perceptual Metric CVPR code 360
Distractor-aware Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking ECCV code 350
Frustum PointNets for 3D Object Detection From RGB-D Data CVPR code 346
Efficient Interactive Annotation of Segmentation Datasets With Polygon-RNN++ CVPR code 339
Gibson Env: Real-World Perception for Embodied Agents CVPR code 332
Transparency by Design: Closing the Gap Between Performance and Interpretability in Visual Reasoning CVPR code 309
Soccer on Your Tabletop CVPR code 308
Noise2Noise: Learning Image Restoration without Clean Data ICML code 304
GeoNet: Unsupervised Learning of Dense Depth, Optical Flow and Camera Pose CVPR code 301
GeoNet: Geometric Neural Network for Joint Depth and Surface Normal Estimation CVPR code 301
Neural Baby Talk CVPR code 292
Acquisition of Localization Confidence for Accurate Object Detection ECCV code 285
The Lovsz-Softmax Loss: A Tractable Surrogate for the Optimization of the Intersection-Over-Union Measure in Neural Networks CVPR code 283
PWC-Net: CNNs for Optical Flow Using Pyramid, Warping, and Cost Volume CVPR code 283
Fast End-to-End Trainable Guided Filter CVPR code 274
Adversarially Regularized Autoencoders ICML code 261
License Plate Detection and Recognition in Unconstrained Scenarios ECCV code 258
Supervision-by-Registration: An Unsupervised Approach to Improve the Precision of Facial Landmark Detectors CVPR code 257
Supervising Unsupervised Learning NIPS code 255
Pyramid Stereo Matching Network CVPR code 250
Convolutional Neural Networks With Alternately Updated Clique CVPR code 250
Deep Photo Enhancer: Unpaired Learning for Image Enhancement From Photographs With GANs CVPR code 241
Neural Relational Inference for Interacting Systems ICML code 240
Learning to Adapt Structured Output Space for Semantic Segmentation CVPR code 239
An intriguing failing of convolutional neural networks and the CoordConv solution NIPS code 230
Learning to Segment Every Thing CVPR code 227
LiteFlowNet: A Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network for Optical Flow Estimation CVPR code 223
End-to-End Learning of Motion Representation for Video Understanding CVPR code 222
Pixel2Mesh: Generating 3D Mesh Models from Single RGB Images ECCV code 219
Bilinear Attention Networks NIPS code 216
Iterative Visual Reasoning Beyond Convolutions CVPR code 213
Semi-Parametric Image Synthesis CVPR code 213
A Style-Aware Content Loss for Real-time HD Style Transfer ECCV code 201
Style Aggregated Network for Facial Landmark Detection CVPR code 192
Pose-Robust Face Recognition via Deep Residual Equivariant Mapping CVPR code 189
GraphRNN: Generating Realistic Graphs with Deep Auto-regressive Models ICML code 186
Referring Relationships CVPR code 185
MoCoGAN: Decomposing Motion and Content for Video Generation CVPR code 184
Compressed Video Action Recognition CVPR code 180
LayoutNet: Reconstructing the 3D Room Layout From a Single RGB Image CVPR code 178
ESPNet: Efficient Spatial Pyramid of Dilated Convolutions for Semantic Segmentation ECCV code 176
Latent Alignment and Variational Attention NIPS code 172
Multi-Content GAN for Few-Shot Font Style Transfer CVPR code 170
SPLATNet: Sparse Lattice Networks for Point Cloud Processing CVPR code 166
Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Raindrop Removal From a Single Image CVPR code 158
Single View Stereo Matching CVPR code 158
Unsupervised Feature Learning via Non-Parametric Instance Discrimination CVPR code 156
An End-to-End TextSpotter With Explicit Alignment and Attention CVPR code 156
Social GAN: Socially Acceptable Trajectories With Generative Adversarial Networks CVPR code 154
ST-GAN: Spatial Transformer Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Compositing CVPR code 153
Evolved Policy Gradients NIPS code 151
Optimizing Video Object Detection via a Scale-Time Lattice CVPR code 150
Large-Scale Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation With Superpoint Graphs CVPR code 150
Learning Category-Specific Mesh Reconstruction from Image Collections ECCV code 146
Group Normalization ECCV code 145
DeblurGAN: Blind Motion Deblurring Using Conditional Adversarial Networks CVPR code 142
MegaDepth: Learning Single-View Depth Prediction From Internet Photos CVPR code 142
ShuffleNet: An Extremely Efficient Convolutional Neural Network for Mobile Devices CVPR code 142
Deep Clustering for Unsupervised Learning of Visual Features ECCV code 139
BSN: Boundary Sensitive Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation ECCV code 139
Learning a Single Convolutional Super-Resolution Network for Multiple Degradations CVPR code 139
Facelet-Bank for Fast Portrait Manipulation CVPR code 138
Image Super-Resolution Using Very Deep Residual Channel Attention Networks ECCV code 137
ECO: Efficient Convolutional Network for Online Video Understanding ECCV code 137
PlaneNet: Piece-Wise Planar Reconstruction From a Single RGB Image CVPR code 137
Self-Imitation Learning ICML code 136
Residual Dense Network for Image Super-Resolution CVPR code 134
Embodied Question Answering CVPR code 132
Unsupervised Cross-Dataset Person Re-Identification by Transfer Learning of Spatial-Temporal Patterns CVPR code 131
Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Dynamic Texture Synthesis CVPR code 131
Densely Connected Pyramid Dehazing Network CVPR code 130
Camera Style Adaptation for Person Re-Identification CVPR code 128
Neural Motifs: Scene Graph Parsing With Global Context CVPR code 127
Weakly and Semi Supervised Human Body Part Parsing via Pose-Guided Knowledge Transfer CVPR code 125
Relational recurrent neural networks NIPS code 124
LSTM Pose Machines CVPR code 124
SO-Net: Self-Organizing Network for Point Cloud Analysis CVPR code 123
Image-Image Domain Adaptation With Preserved Self-Similarity and Domain-Dissimilarity for Person Re-Identification CVPR code 121
Context Embedding Networks CVPR code 120
Fast and Accurate Online Video Object Segmentation via Tracking Parts CVPR code 119
Cross-Domain Weakly-Supervised Object Detection Through Progressive Domain Adaptation CVPR code 119
Learning to Compare: Relation Network for Few-Shot Learning CVPR code 118
Recurrent Squeeze-and-Excitation Context Aggregation Net for Single Image Deraining ECCV code 116
Structure Inference Net: Object Detection Using Scene-Level Context and Instance-Level Relationships CVPR code 116
MVSNet: Depth Inference for Unstructured Multi-view Stereo ECCV code 116
Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation Using Class Peak Response CVPR code 116
L4: Practical loss-based stepsize adaptation for deep learning NIPS code 116
A Closer Look at Spatiotemporal Convolutions for Action Recognition CVPR code 115
Unsupervised Learning of Monocular Depth Estimation and Visual Odometry With Deep Feature Reconstruction CVPR code 114
Pix3D: Dataset and Methods for Single-Image 3D Shape Modeling CVPR code 114
MultiPoseNet: Fast Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Pose Residual Network ECCV code 113
Gated Path Planning Networks ICML code 113
PackNet: Adding Multiple Tasks to a Single Network by Iterative Pruning CVPR code 110
Decoupled Networks CVPR code 109
Video Based Reconstruction of 3D People Models CVPR code 109
CosFace: Large Margin Cosine Loss for Deep Face Recognition CVPR code 109
DeepMVS: Learning Multi-View Stereopsis CVPR code 108
Hierarchical Imitation and Reinforcement Learning ICML code 107
Real-Time Seamless Single Shot 6D Object Pose Prediction CVPR code 107
Adaptive Affinity Fields for Semantic Segmentation ECCV code 107
Long-term Tracking in the Wild: a Benchmark ECCV code 106
Realistic Evaluation of Deep Semi-Supervised Learning Algorithms NIPS code 106
Multi-Task Learning Using Uncertainty to Weigh Losses for Scene Geometry and Semantics CVPR code 104
Deep Back-Projection Networks for Super-Resolution CVPR code 104
3D-CODED: 3D Correspondences by Deep Deformation ECCV code 102
Recovering Realistic Texture in Image Super-Resolution by Deep Spatial Feature Transform CVPR code 102
Scale-Recurrent Network for Deep Image Deblurring CVPR code 101
PU-Net: Point Cloud Upsampling Network CVPR code 101
Noisy Natural Gradient as Variational Inference ICML code 100
Domain Adaptive Faster R-CNN for Object Detection in the Wild CVPR code 99
Rethinking Feature Distribution for Loss Functions in Image Classification CVPR code 97
DenseASPP for Semantic Segmentation in Street Scenes CVPR code 97
Quantized Densely Connected U-Nets for Efficient Landmark Localization ECCV code 97
Graph R-CNN for Scene Graph Generation ECCV code 96
Factoring Shape, Pose, and Layout From the 2D Image of a 3D Scene CVPR code 94
Density-Aware Single Image De-Raining Using a Multi-Stream Dense Network CVPR code 93
Deep Depth Completion of a Single RGB-D Image CVPR code 93
MAttNet: Modular Attention Network for Referring Expression Comprehension CVPR code 92
Style Tokens: Unsupervised Style Modeling, Control and Transfer in End-to-End Speech Synthesis ICML code 91
ELEGANT: Exchanging Latent Encodings with GAN for Transferring Multiple Face Attributes ECCV code 89
Neural Arithmetic Logic Units NIPS code 87
Perturbative Neural Networks CVPR code 86
Knowledge Aided Consistency for Weakly Supervised Phrase Grounding CVPR code 86
Repulsion Loss: Detecting Pedestrians in a Crowd CVPR code 86
End-to-End Weakly-Supervised Semantic Alignment CVPR code 86
Learning Blind Video Temporal Consistency ECCV code 84
PSANet: Point-wise Spatial Attention Network for Scene Parsing ECCV code 84
Piggyback: Adapting a Single Network to Multiple Tasks by Learning to Mask Weights ECCV code 83
Nonlinear 3D Face Morphable Model CVPR code 81
Deep Mutual Learning CVPR code 80
Image Inpainting for Irregular Holes Using Partial Convolutions ECCV code 79
BodyNet: Volumetric Inference of 3D Human Body Shapes ECCV code 78
Integral Human Pose Regression ECCV code 77
FSRNet: End-to-End Learning Face Super-Resolution With Facial Priors CVPR code 77
Attention-based Deep Multiple Instance Learning ICML code 77
LiDAR-Video Driving Dataset: Learning Driving Policies Effectively CVPR code 77
Multi-View Consistency as Supervisory Signal for Learning Shape and Pose Prediction CVPR code 76
Macro-Micro Adversarial Network for Human Parsing ECCV code 76
Multi-view to Novel view: Synthesizing novel views with Self-Learned Confidence ECCV code 75
LQ-Nets: Learned Quantization for Highly Accurate and Compact Deep Neural Networks ECCV code 75
Neural Kinematic Networks for Unsupervised Motion Retargetting CVPR code 75
Learning Spatial-Temporal Regularized Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking CVPR code 75
Synthesizing Images of Humans in Unseen Poses CVPR code 74
A PID Controller Approach for Stochastic Optimization of Deep Networks CVPR code 74
Tell Me Where to Look: Guided Attention Inference Network CVPR code 74
Multi-Scale Location-Aware Kernel Representation for Object Detection CVPR code 73
Recurrent Relational Networks NIPS code 73
VITON: An Image-Based Virtual Try-On Network CVPR code 73
VITAL: VIsual Tracking via Adversarial Learning CVPR code 73
Future Frame Prediction for Anomaly Detection A New Baseline CVPR code 72
Recurrent Pixel Embedding for Instance Grouping CVPR code 71
Learning Human-Object Interactions by Graph Parsing Neural Networks ECCV code 69
Repeatability Is Not Enough: Learning Affine Regions via Discriminability ECCV code 67
Visual Feature Attribution Using Wasserstein GANs CVPR code 67
Avatar-Net: Multi-Scale Zero-Shot Style Transfer by Feature Decoration CVPR code 66
Learning SO(3) Equivariant Representations with Spherical CNNs ECCV code 64
Factorizable Net: An Efficient Subgraph-based Framework for Scene Graph Generation ECCV code 64
SGPN: Similarity Group Proposal Network for 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation CVPR code 64
ScanComplete: Large-Scale Scene Completion and Semantic Segmentation for 3D Scans CVPR code 64
One-Shot Unsupervised Cross Domain Translation NIPS code 62
Pairwise Confusion for Fine-Grained Visual Classification ECCV code 62
Multi-Shot Pedestrian Re-Identification via Sequential Decision Making CVPR code 62
Generalizing A Person Retrieval Model Hetero- and Homogeneously ECCV code 61
Learning Depth From Monocular Videos Using Direct Methods CVPR code 61
Optimizing the Latent Space of Generative Networks ICML code 60
CSRNet: Dilated Convolutional Neural Networks for Understanding the Highly Congested Scenes CVPR code 59
Zero-Shot Super-Resolution Using Deep Internal Learning CVPR code 59
Learning Attentions: Residual Attentional Siamese Network for High Performance Online Visual Tracking CVPR code 59
PointNetVLAD: Deep Point Cloud Based Retrieval for Large-Scale Place Recognition CVPR code 58
Progressive Neural Architecture Search ECCV code 58
Generative Neural Machine Translation NIPS code 58
Learning to Reweight Examples for Robust Deep Learning ICML code 58
Object Level Visual Reasoning in Videos ECCV code 57
Generate to Adapt: Aligning Domains Using Generative Adversarial Networks CVPR code 57
Improving Generalization via Scalable Neighborhood Component Analysis ECCV code 57
Geometry-Aware Learning of Maps for Camera Localization CVPR code 57
Path-Level Network Transformation for Efficient Architecture Search ICML code 57
Decorrelated Batch Normalization CVPR code 57
Ordinal Depth Supervision for 3D Human Pose Estimation CVPR code 57
Disentangled Person Image Generation CVPR code 57
Regularizing RNNs for Caption Generation by Reconstructing the Past With the Present CVPR code 57
Diverse Image-to-Image Translation via Disentangled Representations ECCV code 56
Pointwise Convolutional Neural Networks CVPR code 56
Neural Program Synthesis from Diverse Demonstration Videos ICML code 56
Learning Less Is More - 6D Camera Localization via 3D Surface Regression CVPR code 55
Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Keypoint Estimation via View Consistency ECCV code 55
Learning Latent Super-Events to Detect Multiple Activities in Videos CVPR code 55
Depth-aware CNN for RGB-D Segmentation ECCV code 55
Crafting a Toolchain for Image Restoration by Deep Reinforcement Learning CVPR code 54
Unsupervised Discovery of Object Landmarks as Structural Representations CVPR code 54
Self-Supervised Adversarial Hashing Networks for Cross-Modal Retrieval CVPR code 54
Adversarial Feature Augmentation for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation CVPR code 54
SparseMAP: Differentiable Sparse Structured Inference ICML code 54
Fast and Accurate Single Image Super-Resolution via Information Distillation Network CVPR code 53
Neural Style Transfer via Meta Networks CVPR code 52
Deep Marching Cubes: Learning Explicit Surface Representations CVPR code 51
Shift-Net: Image Inpainting via Deep Feature Rearrangement ECCV code 50
Cascade R-CNN: Delving Into High Quality Object Detection CVPR code 50
Fighting Fake News: Image Splice Detection via Learned Self-Consistency ECCV code 49
Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation Network With Deep Seeded Region Growing CVPR code 49
Learning From Synthetic Data: Addressing Domain Shift for Semantic Segmentation CVPR code 49
Leveraging Unlabeled Data for Crowd Counting by Learning to Rank CVPR code 49
Hierarchical Long-term Video Prediction without Supervision ICML code 49
PDE-Net: Learning PDEs from Data ICML code 48
Discriminability Objective for Training Descriptive Captions CVPR code 48
Efficient end-to-end learning for quantizable representations ICML code 47
DF-Net: Unsupervised Joint Learning of Depth and Flow using Cross-Task Consistency ECCV code 47
Visual Question Generation as Dual Task of Visual Question Answering CVPR code 47
BlockDrop: Dynamic Inference Paths in Residual Networks CVPR code 47
Learning to Find Good Correspondences CVPR code 46
Conditional Probability Models for Deep Image Compression CVPR code 45
Pose-Normalized Image Generation for Person Re-identification ECCV code 45
Wasserstein Introspective Neural Networks CVPR code 45
Learning to Navigate for Fine-grained Classification ECCV code 44
Jointly Optimize Data Augmentation and Network Training: Adversarial Data Augmentation in Human Pose Estimation CVPR code 44
FOTS: Fast Oriented Text Spotting With a Unified Network CVPR code 44
Measuring abstract reasoning in neural networks ICML code 44
Unsupervised Attention-guided Image-to-Image Translation NIPS code 44
PlaneMatch: Patch Coplanarity Prediction for Robust RGB-D Reconstruction ECCV code 44
Fast and Scalable Bayesian Deep Learning by Weight-Perturbation in Adam ICML code 43
Learning towards Minimum Hyperspherical Energy NIPS code 43
Learning Pose Specific Representations by Predicting Different Views CVPR code 42
Learning Rigidity in Dynamic Scenes with a Moving Camera for 3D Motion Field Estimation ECCV code 42
Differentiable Compositional Kernel Learning for Gaussian Processes ICML code 41
Hierarchical Bilinear Pooling for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition ECCV code 41
Real-World Anomaly Detection in Surveillance Videos CVPR code 40
Exploit the Unknown Gradually: One-Shot Video-Based Person Re-Identification by Stepwise Learning CVPR code 40
DeepVS: A Deep Learning Based Video Saliency Prediction Approach ECCV code 40
Semi-supervised Adversarial Learning to Generate Photorealistic Face Images of New Identities from 3D Morphable Model ECCV code 39
Image Manipulation with Perceptual Discriminators ECCV code 39
RayNet: Learning Volumetric 3D Reconstruction With Ray Potentials CVPR code 39
Rotation-Sensitive Regression for Oriented Scene Text Detection CVPR code 39
Video Re-localization ECCV code 39
Learning Efficient Single-stage Pedestrian Detectors by Asymptotic Localization Fitting ECCV code 39
Learning Intrinsic Image Decomposition From Watching the World CVPR code 39
Coloring with Words: Guiding Image Colorization Through Text-based Palette Generation ECCV code 38
Learning Pixel-Level Semantic Affinity With Image-Level Supervision for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation CVPR code 37
Deep k-Means: Re-Training and Parameter Sharing with Harder Cluster Assignments for Compressing Deep Convolutions ICML code 37
Superpixel Sampling Networks ECCV code 37
CBAM: Convolutional Block Attention Module ECCV code 36
Self-produced Guidance for Weakly-supervised Object Localization ECCV code 36
Surface Networks CVPR code 36
SketchyGAN: Towards Diverse and Realistic Sketch to Image Synthesis CVPR code 35
Overcoming Catastrophic Forgetting with Hard Attention to the Task ICML code 35
Extracting Automata from Recurrent Neural Networks Using Queries and Counterexamples ICML code 35
PredRNN++: Towards A Resolution of the Deep-in-Time Dilemma in Spatiotemporal Predictive Learning ICML code 35
Neural Autoregressive Flows ICML code 35
Robust Classification With Convolutional Prototype Learning CVPR code 34
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