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Text and exercises for the PureScript book

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purescript-book open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Updates for `0.10.2` are available
  • over 3 years 2.10 output is 5.0 not 5
  • over 3 years Chapter 8.19, Ex3 - Data.AddressBook.UI no longer exists
  • over 3 years Check shapeBounds is consistent
  • over 3 years Chapter 9 - Random example
  • over 3 years Data.Array.Unsafe dependency
  • almost 4 years Chapter 8 should give full build instructions
  • almost 4 years repeatAction instance broken: Exercise 1 - Chapter 6.10 - Superclasses
  • almost 4 years New dependencies not documented (control + lists)
  • over 4 years `f` used to represent both function and functor in the same paragraph, sort of confusing
  • about 3 years Typo in code example in section 7.9
  • about 3 years Invalid reference to "parentheses" in Typeclass definition in section 6.5
  • about 3 years Maybe Monoid instances removed from `purescript-monoids`.
  • about 3 years Fix traverse and sequence signatures
  • about 3 years Order chapters lexicographically
  • about 3 years Text 8.16 - return is not longer used in PureScript
  • over 3 years Chapter 8, `(b : bs)`?
  • over 3 years Chapter 3 Math.pi exercise – Unkown value Math.pi
  • over 3 years Typos and feedback
  • over 3 years Chapter 3 - need to import (:)
  • over 3 years Chapter 7 Build Issue
  • over 3 years Suggestions by @cmdv
  • over 3 years Chapter 3 - Diagonal example missing logShow import
purescript-book open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • typo Simulate' must use Int to work with simulate
  • Replaced return keyword with pure.
  • Fixed typo in Chapter 8?
  • Fixed typo in name of address field for Person record in Chapter 7.
  • Code updates for 0.11.3
  • Move Maybe's Monoid instances to purescript-maybe
  • fix unpure leftover commas
  • configuration for Travis CI
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