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PRAW, an acronym for "Python Reddit API Wrapper", is a python package that allows for simple access to Reddit's API.

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Average time to close an issue 7 days
Main language Python
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PRAW: The Python Reddit API Wrapper

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PRAW, an acronym for Python Reddit API Wrapper, is a python package that allows for simple access to Reddit's API. PRAW aims to be easy to use and internally follows all of Reddit's API rules <>_. With PRAW there's no need to introduce sleep calls in your code. Give your client an appropriate user agent and you're set.

.. _installation:


PRAW is supported on python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5 and 3.6. The recommended way to install PRAW is via pip <>_.

.. code-block:: bash

pip install praw

To install the latest development version of PRAW run the following instead:

.. code-block:: bash

pip install --upgrade

For instructions on installing python and pip see The Hitchhiker's Guide to Python Installation Guides <>_.


Assuming you already have a credentials for a script-type OAuth application you can instantiate an instance of PRAW like so:

.. code-block:: python

import praw reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id='CLIENT_ID', client_secret=CLIENT_SECRET, password='PASSWORD', user_agent='USERAGENT', username='USERNAME')

With the reddit instance you can then interact with Reddit:

.. code-block:: python

# Create a submission to /r/test reddit.subreddit('test').submit('Test Submission', url='')

# Comment on a known submission submission = reddit.submission(url='') submission.reply('Super rad!')

# Reply to the first comment of a weekly top thread of a moderated community submission = next(reddit.subreddit('mod').top('week')) submission.comments[0].reply('An automated reply')

# Output score for the first 256 items on the frontpage for submission in print(submission.score)

# Obtain the moderator listing for redditdev for moderator in reddit.subreddit('redditdev').moderator: print(moderator)

Please see PRAW's documentation <>_ for more examples of what you can do with PRAW.

PRAW Discussion and Support

For those new to python, or would otherwise consider themselves a python beginner, please consider asking questions on the r/learnpython <>_ subreddit. There are wonderful people there who can help with general python and simple PRAW related questions.

Otherwise, there are a few official places to ask questions about PRAW:

/r/redditdev <>_ is the best place on Reddit to ask PRAW related questions. This subreddit is for all Reddit API related discussion so please tag submissions with [PRAW]. Please perform a search on the subreddit first to see if anyone has similar questions.

Real-time chat can be conducted via the praw-dev/praw <>_ channel on gitter.

Please do not directly message any of the contributors via Reddit, email, or gitter unless they have indicated otherwise. We strongly encourage everyone to help others with their questions.

Please file bugs and feature requests as issues on GitHub <>_ after first searching to ensure a similar issue was not already filed. If such an issue already exists please give it a thumbs up reaction. Comments to issues containing additional information are certainly welcome.

.. note:: This project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct <>_. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


PRAW's documentation is located at


August 2010 <>_: Timothy Mellor created a github project called reddit_api.

March 2011 <>_: The python package reddit was registered and uploaded to pypi.

December 2011 <>_: Bryce Boe took over as maintainer of the reddit package.

June 2012 <>_: Bryce renamed the project PRAW and the repository was relocated to the newly created praw-dev organization on GitHub.

February 2016 <>_: Bryce began work on PRAW4, a complete rewrite of PRAW.


PRAW's source (v4.0.0+) is provided under the Simplified BSD License <>_.

  • Copyright (c), 2016, Bryce Boe

Earlier versions of PRAW were released under GPLv3 <>_.

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  • about 4 years Voting should return a client exception if the given post / comment is archived
  • about 4 years More info on #519 + inconsistency with the refresh method on comments due to reddit behavior
  • about 4 years Add support for Subreddit-owned multireddits Multireddits
  • over 4 years Refresh method exception
  • over 4 years `comments` of the `submission` property does not give the full submission object
  • over 4 years Use `raw_json=1`
  • over 4 years submission_stream and comment_stream only get new data every second request
  • over 4 years An api for getting the parent comment's id, the body and the username of the commentor.
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  • over 4 years add_moderator() doesn't support non-full permissions
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  • Add `store_json` property to keep json response from Reddit
  • Added Emoji Support to PRAW
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