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plug open issues (View Closed Issues)
  • over 2 years cowboy/plug throwing alternative 400 on request.
  • over 2 years Introduce runtime_plug
  • about 3 years Cowboy throws "400 Bad Request" but nothing logged in logger
  • over 3 years HTTP/2 support

plug closed issues

  • over 2 years Cannot use dotFolder (like .well-known) as static resource
  • over 2 years Plug.Static - only serves files under "priv" directory
  • over 2 years Plug.Conn.put_resp_header doesn't allow multiple headers with the same name
  • over 2 years Supporting of dynamic segments with format extensions
  • over 2 years asd
  • over 2 years Add support for setting `expires` attribute of response cookies
  • over 2 years read_length and read_timeout in Plug.Parser not propagated to cowboy
  • over 2 years resp_body is always nil after sent with cowboy adapter
  • over 2 years Extend router macros to accept a plug and options
  • over 2 years Forwarding dynamic segments
  • over 2 years Plug.Builder inserts line: -1 which is an invalid line (location) in OTP-19+
  • over 2 years Add init_test_session to Plug.Test
  • over 2 years Conn.read_body errors are not handled in parsers
  • over 2 years Allow option for encrypted file upload temp files
  • over 2 years Unknown status codes raise an error in cowboy
  • over 2 years Plug Exceptions should be able to set error response headers
  • over 2 years (UndefinedFunctionError) undefined function Base.url_encode64/2
  • over 2 years Response body is documented to be iodata | nil, but it can't be nil
  • over 2 years Plug.ErrorHandler always reraises, but maybe we can make the reraising optional
  • over 2 years Customize CSRF token name in cookie?
  • over 2 years validate_header_key! in Plug.Conn only requires lowercase headers for Plug.Adapters.Test.Conn
  • over 2 years Specify that `host` is optional for SSL
  • over 2 years Multiple plugs for different types of images and files
  • over 2 years Plug.Upload returns incorrect path?
  • over 2 years Support storing request body option in urlencoded and json parsers
  • over 2 years Missing documentation for otp_app in Plug.Debugger
  • over 2 years Cannot use encoded characters in path when using forward
  • over 2 years Bug in lists with maps with more than one key in Plug.Conn.Query.encode/1