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pipreqs - Generate pip requirements.txt file based on imports of any project

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pipreqs - Generate requirements.txt file for any project based on imports

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pip install pipreqs



    pipreqs [options] <path>

    --use-local           Use ONLY local package info instead of querying PyPI
    --pypi-server <url>   Use custom PyPi server
    --proxy <url>         Use Proxy, parameter will be passed to requests library. You can also just set the
                          environments parameter in your terminal:
                          $ export HTTP_PROXY=""
                          $ export HTTPS_PROXY=""
    --debug               Print debug information
    --ignore <dirs>...    Ignore extra directories
    --encoding <charset>  Use encoding parameter for file open
    --savepath <file>     Save the list of requirements in the given file
    --print               Output the list of requirements in the standard output
    --force               Overwrite existing requirements.txt
    --diff <file>         Compare modules in requirements.txt to project imports.
    --clean <file>        Clean up requirements.txt by removing modules that are not imported in project.



$ pipreqs /home/project/location
Successfully saved requirements file in /home/project/location/requirements.txt

Contents of requirements.txt



Why not pip freeze?

  • pip freeze only saves the packages that are installed with pip install in your environment.
  • pip freeze saves all packages in the environment including those that you don't use in your current project. (if you don't have virtualenv)
  • and sometimes you just need to create requirements.txt for a new project without installing modules.
pipreqs open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • over 3 years Jupyter Notebooks support
  • over 3 years Creating Requirements txt for GAE Directory setup
  • almost 4 years zope issue
  • about 4 years Add an option to just print the output
  • over 4 years Missed psycopg2
  • over 4 years Dynamic module dependencies
  • over 4 years Use the version from local package if such package is installed
  • almost 5 years Error while creating requirements.txt
  • almost 5 years Proposal: input param for generate version between current and next major
  • about 5 years Clean up requirements.txt
  • about 3 years -bash: pipreqs: command not found
  • about 3 years Python 3.6 support?
  • about 3 years PyCrytoDome is not being recognized
  • about 3 years unwanted package
  • over 3 years Recursive dependencies of imported libraries
  • over 3 years TabError and SyntaxError when running pipreqs in downloaded repos
  • over 3 years <package>/<package>.egg-info directories cause bad versions in requirements.txt
  • over 3 years ERROR on creating requirements.txt - Probably problems with Meta classes
pipreqs open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Explicitly support Python 3.5
  • Add --print to README
  • Declare support for Python 3.6
  • bugfix: f.close() only required if open succeeded
  • add --ignore-cert-errors options
  • added support for >= in addition to ==
  • Implement `--no-pin` option.
  • Ordering imports by name
  • Add option to include imports from extensionless python files
  • Fix oauth and sort bugs
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