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Ties together streaming image encoders and decoders with a nice API

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Ties together streaming image encoders and decoders with a nice API. It handles the following concerns:

  1. Probing images for their file format on the first chunk and proxying to the correct decoder.
  2. Finding and initializing image encoders based on mime type.
  3. Performing the necessary color conversions to encode an image, depending on the supported color spaces of the image format. This includes quantization in the case of indexed image formats such as GIF.


npm install pics


The following example registers some image codec plugins, resizes a PNG file, and converts it to a JPEG.

var pics = require('pics');
var resize = require('resizer-stream');

// register some image codecs

// convert a PNG to a JPEG
  .pipe(resize({ width: 300, height: 300, fit: true }))

Notice that nowhere is a PNG decoder explicitly created: it is created for us automatically by probing the first few bytes of a file. You could just as easily pipe a GIF to pics.decode() and convert it to a JPEG with no code modifications.



Registers a image codec plugin. Should be an object with the following properties:

  • Decoder - the image decoder class. Should be a transform stream.
  • Encoder - the image encoder class. Should be a pixel-stream.
  • mime - the mime type for this image format.

You can register only a decoder by including only a Decoder property. To register only an encoder, include the Encoder and mime properties.

The Decoder class should have a static probe method that accepts a buffer and returns a boolean to determine whether the image format can be handled by that decoder.

The Encoder class should have a supportedColorSpaces property, which is an array listing the color spaces supported by this image format. Color space conversion using the color-transform and neuquant modules may be performed prior to data being passed to the encoder if the input color space is not one of the supported color spaces of this encoder.

For examples of image codecs, check out the following modules:


Returns a decoder stream that probes the image to find an available decoder for the file. The options are passed to the underlying decoder class.

pics.encode(mime, options)

Returns an encoder stream for the given mime type. The options are passed to the underlying encoder class. Depending on the input to this stream, color space conversion or quantization may be necessary, and will be performed before the data is sent to the underlying image encoder.



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