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  • over 2 years Warn on unhanded handle_info in channel
  • over 2 years mix phoenix.digest should base the hash of a CSS file on the digested_contents after linked assets have been replaced
  • over 2 years It is impossible to broadcast to channel without the Phoenix.Socket.Broadcast struct
  • over 2 years Documentation Feature Request: Secure Transport for Channels
  • over 2 years Remove force_ssl option
  • over 2 years Phoenix.ChannelTest __stringify__/1 fails when the value is a struct (like Ecto.DateTime)
  • over 2 years Consider dynamic check_origin
  • over 2 years Improve Phoenix.Token verify examples
  • over 2 years Model generators not consistent with given command
  • almost 3 years Provide send_attachment/3
  • almost 3 years Add Presence.get_by_key
  • almost 3 years Erlang 19 Causing Compile Error
  • almost 3 years Use the new calendar types in Ecto generators
  • almost 3 years Investigate performance regression when running inside releases
  • about 3 years Asset paths are wrong when forwarding in router
  • about 3 years Invalid migration generated by gen.model and run-time errors after omitting `_id` postfix in association column name
  • about 3 years Generated controller tests with namespaced models have wrong path
  • over 3 years Update Phoenix website

phoenix closed issues

  • over 2 years Sessions are missing when requesting via XHR
  • over 2 years It would be nice to be able to assert the topic within assert_broadcast
  • over 2 years Phoenix.Token.sign use json payload
  • over 2 years Include arities and segment names in router helpers reports
  • over 2 years Errors when repeatedly reloading the "default" application
  • over 2 years Code reloading in umbrella app
  • over 2 years Channel logging is insufficient to understand source of errors
  • over 2 years Improve Ecto Model Relationship Guide
  • over 2 years search LOWER(anyone column)
  • over 2 years Compilation error on file web/gettext.ex
  • over 2 years force_ssl redirects to endpoint hostname instead of using Host header
  • over 2 years Problems with the sockets work when proxy nginx on sub location
  • over 2 years what can I do with phoenixframework?
  • over 2 years How to change the default config in cowboy
  • over 2 years How to cache fragments of a view in phoenix templates
  • over 2 years Support for html5 web components, html imports and polymer
  • over 2 years mix phoenix.gen.html better contains validation states in template
  • over 2 years change default test alias to reset db with seed
  • over 2 years Provide --no-gettext option for
  • over 2 years Could not compile dependency :phoenix_ecto, "mix compile" failed
  • over 2 years plug json_decoder customization not used in tests
  • over 2 years TypeError: require(...).App is undefined
  • over 2 years error spinning up server
  • over 2 years Check_origin fails when endpoint is configured with environment variable
  • over 2 years ErrorView attempting to render HTML when specified format is non-HTML
  • over 2 years Ignoring unmatched topic "rooms:lobby" in HelloPhoenix.UserSocket?
  • over 2 years multiply slashes
  • over 2 years mix phoenix.digest should handle source maps
  • over 2 years When I am trying to use mix deps.get..I am getting the below error..