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IPFS Papers (not specs)

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IPFS Papers

IPFS Papers (not specs)

This is a repository with academic papers on IPFS. None of these are published on any journal yet, but once IPFS operates at scale we can do that.

For papers that you can read to understand IPFS and the underlying technologies, go to ipfs/reading-list.

This repo is primarily the work of @jbenet -- if you're interested in pursuing academic publishing of IPFS, parts of it, or relates systems, get in touch. There is a large constellation of research to be done around IPFS.

~~ this repo is hybernating until @jbenet gets time to work on it ~~

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  • about 3 years Missing word at the beginning of a sentence ("Industry..." line 37)
  • over 3 years IPFS does not take into account the psychology of hording
  • over 3 years Sentence ends early
  • over 3 years Write one sentence per file line
  • over 3 years 3.4 Block Exchange - BitSwap Protocol
  • almost 4 years Ongoing general review of white paper
  • almost 4 years PDF prints badly
  • almost 4 years Math wrong in Kademlia example
  • about 4 years [meta] paper pdf not openable, says pdf is corrupt
  • over 4 years Tampering by whom?
  • over 4 years define merkle dag
  • over 4 years cap2pfs: 3.7.1 ends abruptly
papers open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Improve formatting and remove temporary files
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • Add clickable references
  • Update ipfs-cap2pfs.tex
  • Academic "we"
  • Attribute name, not type
  • Corrected spelling
  • Corrected 'prespective' to 'perspective'
  • Fix typo
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