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  • over 2 years [feature] mark stdlib entries distinctively
  • over 2 years [feature] "vim/compiler-like format" [-format=vim? =quickfix?]
  • over 2 years [feature] --only: show only the stacktrace lines, filter out the rest
  • over 2 years [feature] rank "unique snowflakes" higher
  • over 3 years convert stack/stack.go to a formal state machine

panicparse closed issues

  • over 2 years the rabbit
  • over 2 years panicparse mangles cgo stack traces.
  • almost 3 years Output modification fails on a Gin application
  • about 3 years Usage as a library?
  • about 3 years Support fish shell
  • about 3 years Add bool option to keep full path
  • about 3 years Improve color palette
  • about 3 years Using panicparse within a recover()
  • about 3 years More aggressive deduplication
  • over 3 years Opening "internal" to the world; export writer as an API
  • over 3 years Process the source files to deduce types and improve presentation
  • over 3 years Color does't work well on Windows
  • over 3 years goroutine with only stdlib code in it should be ranked down
  • over 3 years Package with '.' in its name shows up as %2e