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Automatically add a progress bar to your site. #hubspot-open-source

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Statistics on pace

Number of watchers on Github 13350
Number of open issues 278
Average time to close an issue 2 months
Main language CSS
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 31+
Closed pull requests 19+
Last commit almost 2 years ago
Repo Created about 6 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 1.02 MB
Homepage http://github.hub...
Organization / Authorhubspot
Latest Releasev0.7.8
Page Updated
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Disclaimer, We no longer use this library internally and are focusing our efforts on open sourcing and maintaining projects that we do use and can meaningfully contribute to. Sorry for any frustrations with this project (we're happy to link to any fork that has an excited, commited maintainer).


An automatic web page progress bar.

Include pace.js and a theme of your choice to your page and you are done!

We also have a Wordpress Plugin.

Pace will automatically monitor your Ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state and elements on your page to decide on the progress.

If you use AMD or Browserify, require pace.js and call pace.start() as early in the loading process as is possible.




  <script src="/pace/pace.js"></script>
  <link href="/pace/themes/pace-theme-barber-shop.css" rel="stylesheet" />
pace open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Buffer is not defined
  • almost 3 years Get progress bar for every page using bootstrap pagination
  • almost 3 years Ajax requests does not display the boot
  • almost 3 years pace progress hangs at 98% when websocket open
  • almost 3 years Pace displaying the loader in bootstrap navbar
  • almost 3 years switch to ES2017/babel
  • about 3 years Synchronous AJAX requests are deprecated warning
  • about 3 years the progress bar is not displayed
  • about 3 years PACE + SharePoint 2013, Loading stuck 99% only on external user side!
  • about 3 years Is this SEO friendly?
  • about 3 years 1.0.2 Github release
  • about 3 years Compatibility issue for pace-theme-corner-indicator
  • about 3 years for downloading and uploading
  • about 3 years Progress bar in separate <div> Ajax
  • about 3 years your website color picker
  • about 3 years Angular 2 with typescript - kendo ui grid column template (click) event not working
  • about 3 years History.pushstate not being ignored
  • about 3 years Loading progress for single page app
  • about 3 years Firefox 48 on Windows working for long time
  • about 3 years Back button on Firefox
  • about 3 years deamdify transform breaks pace usage with browserify
  • about 3 years Issue with WordPress plugin
  • about 3 years Pace documentation website Typekit issue causes the logo animation to break
  • about 3 years Option to hide page content while pace is running
  • about 3 years Which version is the current/up to date?
  • about 3 years Pace conflict with CakeDebug
  • about 3 years Pace does not trigger on HTML5 media load?
  • about 3 years Angular2
  • about 3 years Pace conflict with OpenTok
  • about 3 years Firefox 47 on Windows working for long time
pace open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • don't depend on pace recursively
  • Removed unnecessary -webkit- tags from css properties
  • Plug memory leak with request interceptors.
  • Master
  • Fix barber shop template height in Firefox
  • Fix extra spaces in class names
  • Major update to version 2
  • fix addEventListener on IE10. closes HubSpot/pace#230
  • Fix the issue that the center-radar layout is awkward when box-sizing is set to border-box
  • changed exports variable name to module
  • Fixed a bug where the class attribute would grow every time pace ran.
  • Material theme
  • Create pace-theme-fullscreen-dark-indicator.tmpl.css
  • Added two new Material Design themes.
  • Remove all occurrences of the pace-running class instead of only one.
  • Add new theme 'Loading bar multi-color' :3
  • Add a theme "Simple on black"
  • bindActivityOnClasses option added
  • Fix unecessary modification of window global window.XMLHttpRequest
  • Update pace.js
  • Fix: compatibility with tracy/tracy
  • Fixed typos
  • Use the correct NPM name
  • Updated AMD define
  • Use anonymous define
  • Fixes #199
  • Add trigger for change
  • Add change demo
  • Updated AMD define
  • Don't restart when a socket's readyState is 1
  • Added className Option
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  • How to customize the ember-cli-pace loader in ember application?
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  • [SpriteKit Swift]Trying to spawn cars and move them down the screen at a pace that varies
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  • Running Pace Calculator in Swift
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  • How to get duration time, average pace, distance in GoogleMaps
  • increasing java heap size pace
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  • How to use Pace loader jquery plugin along with update panel?
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  • how to customize the gem: pace-rails default option startOnPageLoad in rails 4
  • How can I improve performance with angular ng-mouseover, loading templates at a fast pace?
  • pace.js "Hide everything but PACE until the page has fully loaded" local copy
  • Pace and ember, how do I make it work in all routes without repeating code
  • User pace test mix and constant load pattern
  • css flip counter - cannot set proper pace
  • How to stop pace js plugin to run on page load. I want to fix only on Ajax request
  • R: calculate just with times (to find for example a pace per km)
  • How to disable all automatic pace preloader event
  • How do I make python type something one number or letter at a time, or on a delayed pace?
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