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Tor networking plugin for Docker containers. Route all container tcp traffic through Tor.

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Travis CI

Tor networking plugin for docker containers



Via Go

$ go get


NOTE: Make sure you are using Docker 1.9 or later

WARNING: Use with caution this is still under active development

WARNING: By default all outbound udp traffic in the network should be blocked because it will not be routed through tor.

Start the tor router

NOTE: in the future it should be easier to start any container to route and have the plugin be smart about finding it, but for now.... deal with it.

$ docker run -d \
    --net host \
    --name tor-router \

# follow the logs to make sure it is bootstrapped successfully
$ docker logs -f tor-router

Run the plugin container

$ docker run -d \
    --net host \
    --cap-add NET_ADMIN \
    --name onion \
    -v /run/docker/plugins:/run/docker/plugins \
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \

Create a new network

$ docker network create -d tor vidalia

Test it out!

$ docker run --rm -it --net vidalia jess/httpie -v --json

Running the tests

Unit tests:

$ make test

Integration tests:

$ make dtest


Thanks to the libnetwork team for writing the networking go plugin and of course the networking itself ;) Also a lot of this code is from the bridge driver in libnetwork itself.

Also huge thanks to the Tor project for protecting the internet.


  • the tor router should be discoverable as any docker image or container name etc and the ports for forwarding should be able to be found through that
  • the tor router should not have to be run as --net host
  • moar tests (unit and integration)
  • exposing ports in the network is a little funky
  • saving state?
  • make deny all udp traffic configurable
  • udp integration tests suck
  • unit tests
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