A mobile-friendly website for finding human and social services in your community

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Ohana Web Search

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Ohana Web Search is the web-based search portion of the Ohana project. It requires connecting to your own instance of Ohana API, which will provide the data to Ohana Web Search.

This project was developed by Code for America's 2013 San Mateo County, CA, fellowship team. Thanks to a grant from the Knight Foundation, @monfresh, @spara, and @anselmbradford will continue to push code in 2014.

Ohana Web Search aims to make it easy to find available services in a community, and to provide as much pertinent information as possible, such as travel directions, hours of operation, other services residents in need might be eligible for, etc. You can see a live example for services in San Mateo County, CA, here: http://smc-connect.org

We gladly welcome contributions. Below you will find instructions for installing the project and contributing.


You can see a running version of the application at https://ohana-web-search-demo.herokuapp.com/.

Stack Overview

  • Ruby version 2.3.3
  • Rails version
  • Node.js 6.0.0+
  • Yarn 0.25.2+
  • Template Engines: ERB and HAML
  • Testing Frameworks: RSpec, Capybara, Poltergeist

Deploying to Heroku

See the Wiki.

Local Installation (for developers)

Follow the instructions in INSTALL.md.


Follow the instructions in CUSTOMIZE.md.

Running the tests

To test locally, you can run tests with this simple command:


To configure the way RSpec displays test results, create a file called .rspec in the root directory, and add the following to it:

--format progress

The --color option allows you to see passing tests in green and failing ones in red. Otherwise, by default, you would just see a series of dots for passing tests, and the letter F for failing ones.

Parameters for the --format option are: progress (default - shows a series of dots), documentation, html, or textmate. More information can be found on the RSpec website.

To see the actual tests, browse through the spec directory.


We'd love to get your help developing this project! Take a look at the Contribution Document to see how you can make a difference.


Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Code for America. See LICENSE for details.

ohana-web-search open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Application process field (aka How to apply) should not be shown if not returned by API
  • over 3 years Return search results for partial terms in "Organization name search"
  • over 3 years Update jsdocs to conform with usejsdoc.org
  • over 3 years Simplify map
  • over 3 years Rails engine
  • almost 4 years Allow the number of items shown on a page to be selected by user
  • about 4 years Update phone formatter to use built-in Rails number_to_phone method
  • about 4 years Consider creating a new page to display additional Organization info
  • about 4 years Hide defunct and inactive services
  • about 4 years Remember map settings in a cookie
  • over 4 years Placeholder text and search terms from lists not translated
  • over 4 years Clickable phone links on mobile site
  • over 4 years Add some kind of "not on map" visual indication to search result list entries that are not on the map
  • over 4 years Provide upgrade message for IE8 users
  • over 4 years Safari Mobile has different padding for clear buttons than other browsers
  • over 4 years Create custom static HTML error pages to replace the Rails default pages.
  • over 4 years Autocomplete highlight gets stuck in Chrome when clearing fields.
  • over 4 years Markdown support for complex data fields
  • over 4 years Investigate font requirejs plugin
  • over 4 years Update search results button should highlight when an update is needed
  • over 4 years Clear search should be disabled when not needed
  • over 4 years Map address should be clickable to bring up map app on mobile
  • over 4 years Location address city should be clickable for location search
  • over 4 years Major components of the site should be easily added/removed through configuration
  • over 4 years Style detail view infowindow to mimic current infobox styling
  • over 4 years Add retina display optimizations
  • over 4 years Experiment with whether high waitSeconds in requirejs is needed
  • over 4 years Location details page is not displaying certain phone number attributes
  • over 4 years Floating header kicks in at top of header, which leads to a gap in some layouts
  • over 4 years Consolidate greyscale color scheme in SASS
ohana-web-search open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Adds a civic.json file
  • map size is saved between page changes
  • Fixes #415 - adds vanity number
  • Fixes 517 - makes zip code on results search term
  • Fixes #573 - Browser upgrade alert
  • Adds language links to footer
  • Update URL for Google Translate Docs in settings.yml
  • Replace requirejs-rails with webpacker
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