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Free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework.

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Rated 4.67 out of 5
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Statistics on october

Number of watchers on Github 6779
Number of open issues 268
Average time to close an issue 7 days
Main language PHP
Average time to merge a PR 4 days
Open pull requests 171+
Closed pull requests 149+
Last commit over 1 year ago
Repo Created over 5 years ago
Repo Last Updated over 1 year ago
Size 30.4 MB
Homepage http://octobercms...
Organization / Authoroctobercms
Page Updated
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Laravel based


October is a Content Management System (CMS) and web platform whose sole purpose is to make your development workflow simple again. It was born out of frustration with existing systems. We feel building websites has become a convoluted and confusing process that leaves developers unsatisfied. We want to turn you around to the simpler side and get back to basics.

October's mission is to show the world that web development is not rocket science.

Build Status License

Learning October

The best place to learn October is by reading the documentation or following some tutorials.

You may also watch these introductory videos for beginners and advanced users.

Installing October

Instructions on how to install October can be found at the installation guide.

Quick start installation

For advanced users, run this in your terminal to install October from command line:

php -r "eval('?>'.file_get_contents(''));"

If you plan on using a database, run this command:

php artisan october:install

Development Team

October was created by Alexey Bobkov and Samuel Georges, who both continue to develop the platform.

Foundation library

The CMS uses Laravel as a foundation PHP framework.


You can communicate with us using the following mediums:


The OctoberCMS platform is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


Before sending a Pull Request, be sure to review the Contributing Guidelines first.

Coding standards

Please follow the following guides and code standards:

october open issues Ask a question     (View All Issues)
  • almost 3 years Multidimensional tabs not rendering properly
  • almost 3 years Will there be any support for LetsEncrypt SSL
  • almost 3 years OctoberCMS NetworkError: 406 Not Acceptable
  • almost 3 years Add magic method using add dynamic method doesn't work when extend model
  • almost 3 years [feature-request] make `combine` cacheable
  • almost 3 years Encoding problem with jsonable attributes
  • almost 3 years DataTable event on new rows
  • almost 3 years Sortable Trait only works with "sort_order" fieldname
  • almost 3 years General error: 1364 Field 'disk_name' doesn't have a default value
  • almost 3 years Rich Editor Improvements #2005 - can't apply the style on the front-page
  • almost 3 years PHP Unit received status code [404] on exists page.
  • almost 3 years Repeater with hasMany relation - Backend
  • almost 3 years Unable to install October CMS from Wizard
  • almost 3 years The checkbox value is false instead of true
  • almost 3 years Extending Rainlab\User controller gives error due to Capital letter in getConfig path
  • almost 3 years Cannot extend controller using `addDynamicMethod`
  • almost 3 years Flash only returns first message of each type, and displays last message received
  • almost 3 years file upload on frontend using ajax
  • almost 3 years 404 when changed directly to localized URL with enableRoutesCache => true
  • almost 3 years Rain library updater error
  • almost 3 years Extensibility bug
  • almost 3 years Call to undefined method October\Rain\Database\DataFeed::paginate()
  • almost 3 years Using date filters on a page with multiple lists
  • almost 3 years Labels wrapped with anchor tag in reporting charts.
  • almost 3 years Backend submenu not rendering
  • almost 3 years In richeditor, code view option disables full screen option on toolbar - Richeditor/Froala
  • almost 3 years Backend session expiration
  • almost 3 years Assets combiner can't handle query string
  • almost 3 years Error in october installer
  • almost 3 years Theme customization form fields with default value 0 not working
october open pull requests (View All Pulls)
  • Add a new event on login - backend.user.login
  • add makeCacheId Event
  • Update FrameworkNode.php
  • Support access parameter in partial onStart and fix css in form relation with repeater
  • Preserve redirect response attributes
  • Workaround for Microsoft SYLK bug
  • Deepen nesting limit of CmsObjects up to 4 directories (up from 2)
  • Feature component autowiring
  • Add new option to the rich text editor form widget
  • Add morphic relations to backend
  • Add vim and emacs keybindings support to CMS
  • Make sure Project ID is always included in POST
  • Convert number field in repeater to float
  • Feature to allow filtering lists by date scopes (single date or range) + pikaday translation
  • Files in the media library can now contain two dots
  • Add events for sign in and out backend user.
  • fix bug with crop text in richeditor
  • Fix "Unsupported operand types"
  • Custom filename for thumb images
  • Make record finder configurable to allow for only displaying related …
  • Remember previous page in list view
  • Added a check for the Failed Jobs table, in case you have already cre…
  • Access management controller
  • Add ``conditions`` config to RecordFinder
  • Fix csrf in framework js
  • applying relation scope model in RelationController
  • Open the author's website in a new window
  • Added missing backend translations (German)
  • Add event to extend relation form widget query
  • Bug: Fix for components that support autowiring
  • UI fix for multiple dropdowns inside the same context
  • Config option to specify combined assets path
  • Add url input to fileupload
  • Improve code of Backend Behavior FormController
  • Fix for issue #1905
  • Quoted strings are more polite
  • add the Unzip feature to assets manager
  • Add newline conversion to code data section too
  • Fixed german translation in backend module
  • October sql server capable
  • Fixes #1826 (htaccess rewrite recursion in folders/files whitelist)
  • Make available to extends Lists records
  • Allow ajax framework to handle File download response
  • Fix close button color modal headers and repeaters
  • Translation improvements
  • Fixes issue with backend list filter #1918
  • Added web.config for IIS, includes URL rewrite
  • :fr: updated
  • :fr: updated based on the :uk: version
  • Update pt-br lang
  • Fix fileupload image css on sidebar
  • Fix searching in non text fields under Postgres
  • New translation attachment_url
  • Command for changing configuration to env syntax
  • Changed and remove some english words in Swedish translation file
  • Added path
  • Critical bugFix in themeData.php
  • Update the jQuery
  • Adding Ukrainian translation of back-end
  • Add danish translation
  • morphMany Relation support
  • morphMany support
  • Update pt-br lang
  • Load the theme preview image from different folders and extensions
  • asset cache fix
  • Improve pt-br translation
  • Update the Hungarian translate
  • Provides event to extend relation's configuration
  • Create client.php for chinese.
  • Add 'normal' field preset type
  • Show 404 page when directly visiting /error
  • Reorder partial should use the model key name attribute to display the ID
  • Fixed double escaping
  • Fix readOnly initialization for RelationController when using options
  • Fixed typo in Chinese translation
  • Added support for Many To Many polymorphic relations.(morphToMany and…
  • The sorting error in preview context
  • Add & to the default theme variables
  • input: on paste
  • Update the Hungarian translate
  • language zh-cn of changes
  • Format the formatted tab for mail logs
  • This updates the swedish language file
  • add zh-cn lang
  • Autoredirect option added to main menu items in plugins
  • Pass current model to record finder scope method
  • Support readOnly extra config as string
  • Add current url to ajax requests in requestOptions used in XHR full pageloads
  • Improve the Plugin details page
  • fix - spaces in |media filter
  • Hiding empty block, if there are no buttons
  • Updates Norwegian language file for backend
  • Hide pagination, when the number of records is zero
  • Fix filter search function under postgres
  • Remember current page in Lists
  • Add 7.1 and nightly
  • Fixing default import template doesn't extract columns from the latest uploaded file.
  • Set the path of theme preview image manually
  • Cache flush problem
  • Extend the licence file name list
  • Fix for postgresql: you cannot compare a boolean column with integers
  • Update Filter.php
  • Typo in RelationController.php
  • Fix list searching with additional scope
  • Added new configuration for the text in switch form field
  • Using flexbox on login and reset page.
  • Add support for hasManyThrough in the RelationController
  • Support Bootstrap field error state
  • Update lang.php
  • If the relationModel is empty it still is "true"
  • If CMS module is loaded (and MediaManager exists) bind it
  • Belarusian Localization
  • Add keyboard shortcut to close tabs
  • Improved `getConfigured` method logic
  • Keep change event intact
  • Update ace editor 1.2.3 to 1.2.6
  • Setup => Installation
  • Respect database tables config.
  • Fix typo
  • customViewPath in relationConfig
  • Don't search relations with empty relationObjects
  • issue 2609
  • Filter layout by ignored file names
  • Use FormData in AJAX framework to allow file uploads
  • Add Number Range Filter
  • Update AuthManager.php
  • Ability to add field after another field when extending a backend form
  • Fix inflexible relation toolbar
  • Ajax options for backend dropdowns.
  • Fixed undefined property when setting minmaxDate
  • Hotkey improvements
  • Adding an option to make the Search widget fire on enter key
  • add driver & builder to installer
  • Ensure Richeditor loads correct value when it's within MLRepeater
  • Typo
  • Made checkboxlist quick selection configurable
  • Preparing for Plugin Management UX
  • Use config variable for data cache key.
  • Twig environment "strict_variables"
  • Develop fix type juggling, strings to ::class accross all project, flow structs
  • Replace URL parameters dynamically without needing a list in advance
  • Fix operations to uploaded files such as deletion
  • Prevent duplicate urls of the pages
  • Adding Arabic language
  • Fix error code
  • Update es-ar/lang.php
  • support min items on repeater
  • Store preview thumbnail to configured storage
  • Fix #3109
  • [Backend] In preview mode Date with a "Null" value return the current date
  • Support for nested objects in FormData
  • Select from framework asset options for #2753
  • Updated jQuery from V2 to V3.2.1 and added jQuery Migrate
  • fix froala input hidden
  • fix issue #3064 froala selection text works
  • Purge flash messages after using {% flash %} tag
  • Optimize theme recognition
  • Fixes #2888. Set max url length to 8000
  • Check admin permissions before displaying global media buttons in Rich Editor
  • Fix checkboxlist triggers for #2861
  • Make inline CSS for email layouts optional
  • Add getters for relation widgets
  • Fixes #3119
  • Call getSaveValue() of custom widgets in repeater
  • Add form option for mediafinder for default cropping of images
  • MediaManager - Basic SVG preview support for grid and sidebar views
  • Plugin Management UX Improvements
  • RichEditor Page Links, don't update Froala's link.popup text if it is already filled.
  • Added trigger change event
  • Add support for more than one nested folder in the CMS file browser #3382
  • Fix incorrect usage of the count() function
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  • October CMS / Materialize CSS - charts.js not appearing when embedded in collapsible element
  • How can I test a PHP script for first Saturday of October?
  • October CMS - sorting records - example of the partial for the toolbar icons?
  • DatePicker does not allow to choose October dates
  • Bug in Java Calendar / Date for 2nd October 2010?
  • October CMS Reflection Exception on Z-Ray
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  • October CMS Install As A Subdirectory - /backend Not Found, Nginx Configuration Issue?
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