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Extraordinary insight into your users and background jobs

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:star2: Extraordinary insight into your users and background jobs

Wouldnt it be great to see when one of your users encounters an error, timeout, or validation failure? Now you can - directly in your admin pages.

Introducing Notable

Notable tracks notable requests and background jobs and stores them in your database. What makes a request or job notable? There are a number of default situations, but ultimately you decide what interests you.

By default, Notable tracks:

  • errors
  • 404s
  • slow requests and jobs
  • timeouts
  • validation failures
  • CSRF failures
  • unpermitted parameters
  • blocked and throttled requests

You can track custom notes as well.

:tangerine: Battle-tested at Instacart


Add this line to your applications Gemfile:

gem 'notable'

And run:

rails generate notable:requests
rails generate notable:jobs
rake db:migrate

For a web interface, check out Notable Web.


A Notable::Request is created for:

  • errors
  • 404s
  • slow requests
  • timeouts
  • validation failures
  • CSRF failures
  • unpermitted parameters
  • blocked and throttled requests

For timeouts, use Slowpoke.

For blocked and throttled requests, use Rack Attack.


Wouldnt it be great to have a record of exact jobs that fail?

A Notable::Job is created for:

  • errors
  • slow jobs
  • validation failures

Manual Tracking

Notable.track(note_type, note)


Notable.track("Auth Event", "Signed In")


Disable tracking in certain environments

Notable.enabled = Rails.env.production?


Set slow threshold

Notable.slow_request_threshold = 5 # seconds (default)

Custom user method

Notable.user_method = -> (env) {
  env["warden"].try(:user) || env["action_controller.instance"].try(:current_visit)

Custom track method

Notable.track_request_method = -> (data, env) {

Skip tracking CSRF failures

skip_before_action :track_unverified_request


Set slow threshold

Notable.slow_job_threshold = 60 # seconds (default)

Custom track method

Notable.track_job_method = -> (data) {


  • ability to disable features
  • add indexes


Everyone is encouraged to help improve this project. Here are a few ways you can help:

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